Prepositions for kids

Prepositions Definition for kids: A preposition is a word that occurs before a noun (or a pronoun) and which expresses the relation between it (noun or pronoun) and some part of the remaining sentence.


Another Definition: A Preposition is a word that is used before a noun or a pronoun to show its relation with some other words in the sentence.

Read the following examples –

  1. There is a bridge over the river.
  2. I am afraid of lizards.

In the above sentences, the underlined words show the relation of the noun or the pronouns with the person or thing.

  1. Where is the bridge? over the river.
  2. What am I afraid of lizards.

Prepositions for kids

List of Prepositions for kids


Some Useful Prepositions

Here we have a list of prepositions according to Time and date, Travel and movement, Place.

Time and Date:

In, on, at, by, from, to, till, until, during, for, since, before, etc. at dawn, at bed time, at dinner time.

Example: The train leaves at 10 a.m.

On Wednesday, on Diwali, on August 15th,

Example: All the guests arrived on Christmas Eve.

In August, in summer vacation, in the morning

Example: I’ll be able to finish my work in an hour’s time.

Travel and Movement:

from, to, by, on, in, into, onto, at, out, etc.

We travel by bus, by car, by boat, by air, on a bicycle, on foot,

Example: We travelled from one place to another by bus.


at, in, over, under, above, between, towards, among, behind, across, along, etc.

We live in a country, at a small village, on a farm.

At is used with places usually small towns and villages. In is used with countries and large towns,

Examples: Radha lives in England at Suburban town.

Preposition Exercise

Exercise 1

Amit is a careless boy and has made a number of mistakes while copying the following passage for the book. There is one mistake in each line. Underline each error and write the corrections in the space provided.

  • One day Vimal stepped with a chemist’s shop and said, _____.
  • “Do you have something by cure a headache?” _____.
  • The chemist took a bottle into a self _____.
  • He held it in Vimal’s nose and removed the cork. _____.
  • The smell was so strong that Vimal could not bear it.
  • “What have you done?” he asked. “It has nearly choked me.”
  • “But hasn’t the medicine cured you at your headache?” _____
  • “You fool! It was my mother who was suffering on headache” _____

All the words you have replaced above are prepositions.

Exercise 2

Underline the prepositions in the sentences given below-

  1. Kolkata is situated on the banks of river Hooghly.
  2. He was among the crowd.
  3. We took shelter under the tree.
  4. Divide the chocolate between the two girls.
  5. The old man lies in bed all day.
  6. I am fond of ice cream.
  7. They visited Paris during the summer holidays.
  8. They are talking about the football game.
  9. India is playing against Pakistan in the World Cup.
  10. We rowed across the lake.

Exercise 3

Underline the correct prepositions –

  1. Our plane is flying (around, above) the clouds.
  2. There is a new bookshop (across, between) the street.
  3. Tom is running (with, after) his dog.
  4. Shekhar is walking (with, along) the sea shore.
  5. The snowball is rolling (up, down) the hill.
  6. He got a bicycle (by from) his parents on his birthday.
  7. The mouse was killed (with, by) our servant.
  8. The stool stands (between, among) the two tables.
  9. Pour the soup (in, into) the jug.
  10. He belongs (to, form) a poor family.

Exercise 4

Fill blanks with the prepositions-

  1. I am sorry _____ the delay.
  2. He comes _____ a poor family.
  3. He walked _____ the bank of the river.
  4. Take _____ some sugar _____ from the large tin.
  5. He walked _____ the bank of the river.
  6. I shall start my new job _____ tomorrow.
  7. She lives _____ Dadar _____ Mumbai.
  8. Take _____ your coat.
  9. Her birthday is _____ Monday.
  10. Priyanka bought a dress _____ herself.

Exercise 5

In the following sentences, one word has been omitted from each line. Write the words in the space provided.


Rana Sanga was the King / Mewar (OF)

  1. I greeted him / folded hands.
  2. My parents have given me permission / the party.
  3. Aunt Polly asked / a silk thread.
  4. I have invited my friends / dinner.
  5. One day Rahul went / the park / his dog.

Exercise 6

Atul – Where are you going Kapil?

Kapil – I am going _____ the market.

Atul – What will you buy _____ the market?

Kapil – I will buy a pair _____ jeans _____ my younger sister.

Atul – What is the name _____ your sister?

Kapil – My sister’s name is Archana. She studies _____ Class IV. She is fond _____ dancing. She is very good _____ studies.

Atul – Convey my greetings _____ your sister.

Kapil – I will, but she doesn’t talk _____ strangers.

Prepositions for kids PDF

Prepositions for kids PDF

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