Conjunctions for kids

Conjunction definition for kids: A conjunction is a word that joins words, groups of words or sentences together. It is a joining word.

Conjunctions examples:

  1. Rahul passed because he had worked hard.
  2. I waited until the train arrived.
  3. Dheeraj is clever but lazy.

In these sentences because, until and but are used to join words or groups of words or two sentences.

Conjunctions list for kids

TooSimilarlySuch as
BesidesComparableFor one thing
FinallyAs withFor instance
LastAnother .... likeFor example
FurtherIn the same waythat is
additionallyA similarIllustrated by
thenlikewiseIn particular
BeyondIn briefCurrently
Opposite toIt seemsIn the past
ThereClearlyIn the meantime
HereIn shortMeanwhile
In the backIn sumFinally
Adjacent toAfter allAt least
Next toIn generalPresently
NearbyIn other wordEventually
At that pointAnywayImmediately

Lis of conjunctions that are used in pairs.

  1. Both – and = He is both healthy and wealthy.
  2. Either – or = You either take it or leave it.
  3. Neither – nor = The milk is neither hot nor cold.
  4. Whether – or = I don’t know whether I will go to Australia or not.
  5. Not only – but also = He is not only foolish but also lazy.

Kinds of Conjunctions for kids

There are three types conjunctions

  1. Correlative conjunctions
  2. Coordinating conjunctions
  3. Subordinating conjunctions

1. Correlative Conjunctions list for kids

List of correlative conjunction for kids 

either - orEither behave or leave the room
neither - norShe can neither read nor write.
both - andIra is both a doctor and a politician.
not only - but alsoShe not only dances well but also sings beautifull.
though - yetShe not only dances well but also sings beautifully.
so - thatHe addressed the meeting so loudly that everyone could hear him clearly.
hardly - whenHardly had he left the house when it started raining.
whether - orI do not care whether he attends the meeting or not.

2. Coordinating conjunctions for kids

Conjunctions joining the same type of grammatical units are called coordinating conjunctions. They are never used in the beginning in the end.

Some important coordinating conjunctions are and, for, but, or, nor, so, yet.

The sentence must contain two statements of equal rank or importance.

  • Noun with noun
  • Adjective with adjective
  • Phrase with phrase
  • Clause with Clause


  1. Many boys and girls went for the show. (noun with noun)
  2. He is slow but steady. (adjectives with an adjective)
  3. You should hire a cab otherwise you will be late. (clause with clause)
  4. I relied completely on him but in vain.

3. Subordinating conjunctions for kids

Subordinating conjunctions join a subordinate clause to a principle clause.

The sentence must contain two statements from which one is dependent on the other for its complete meaning.


  1. She ran away because she was afraid.
  2. You will get through the examination if you work hard.
  3. He will not clear the dues unless he is compelled.
  4. Make hay while the sun shines.
  5. Answer the first question before you go to the next.

Conjunctions Practice worksheet/exercise for kids

Here are some Exercise/worksheets for practice related to conjunctions that will help you to understand the topic better.

Exercise 1

Underline the conjunctions in the following sentences

  1. Nilam is not only pretty but also proud.
  2. The maid did not come for work because she is ill.
  3. Alexander came to India and conquered it.
  4. Do you want to buy fruits and vegetables from the market?
  5. Either you or your neatly or don’t do it at all.
  6. Sanjana and Preeti have come to the party.
  7. They are poor yet cheerful.
  8. Since Nikhil is short, he could not join the army.
  9. If it does not rain, the crop will fail.
  10. Dhruv lost the match although he played well.

Exercise 2

Use suitable conjunctions to fill the blanks in the following sentences.

  1. The mother asked her daughter to wait _____ she returns. (till, before)
  2. Mr. Samuel is old _____ strong. (although, if, but)
  3. Hurry up _____ you shall miss your flight to Dubai. (so, because, or)
  4. _____ he is clever, _____ he is lazy. (but, so although)
  5. _____ Vanilla and chocolate are my favourite ice creams. (and, so, both)
  6. The deer will run away _____ you make so much noise. (if, so, yet)
  7. The baby fell down _____ he did not cry. (so, if, but)
  8. _____ you have a partner,  you cannot dance. (yet, because, unless)
  9. We should get up _____ sunrise. (after, before)
  10. I know _____ he will not come for the movie. (that, but, if)

Exercise 3

Join the following sentences by using appropriate conjunctions:

  1. Rahul picked up the ball. He threw it to Sanju.
  2. Umesh is tall. Mohit is short.
  3. The baby began to cry. The baby had dropped the toy.
  4. Yash went to the cinema hall. The tickets were sold out.
  5. Our team lost the match. Our team had practiced hard.

Conjunctions Pdf for kids

Conjunctions for kids Conjunctions for kids Free PDF download (3633 downloads )

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