Tenses for kids

Tenses for kids: If you are in class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, you are at the right place. Here we have types of tenses for kids that are explained in an easy way.

Definition: The tense of verb is that form of a verb which tells us about the time of an action and whether that action is complete or not.

Tense is the form taken by the verb to indicate the time of the action. Tenses are used to express different times. An action (or an event) may have taken place in the past or it may take place in the present or future.

Tenses for kids

Kinds of Tenses for kids

  1. The Present Tense
  2. The Past Tense
  3. The Future Tense

Simple Present Tense

The Simple present tense is used to

  • Express and indefinite action, activity or state of being.
    Example: Rohan reads in class four.
  • Express a habitual or routine action or activity.
    Example: It rains everyday in the Andaman and Nicobar islands.
  • Express the present state of the action.
    Example: She looks beautiful in her new dress.
  • Express a universal truth.
    Example: The earth is round.

It has a base form of a verb but adds ‘s’ or ‘es’ for the third person singular (he, she, it) and other singular nouns.

Simple Present tense worksheet for kids

Exercise 1: Write the simple present tense of the verbs given in brackets.

  1. My father _____ to hire a maid. (wish)
  2. Krishna’s birthday _____ on Janamashtami. (fall)
  3. Blood _____ red because of Haemoglobin. (appear)
  4. A person who _____ coins is a Numismatist. (collect)
  5. He _____ English. (know)

Exercise 2: Make a list of a few things that you and your classmates do in your leisure time.

  1. I play football at my leisure time.
  2.  My friend Rohan ___________ .
  3. Archana __________ .
  4. Rohit __________ .
  5. Arun __________ .

Present Continuous Tense

The Present Continuous tense is used to

  • Express and action taking place at the present moment.
    Examples: Books are lying on the shelf.
    My gold fish is swimming in the aquarium.
  • Express the cause of action or lack of it in the simple present tense.
    Examples: He does not talk when he is taking his meals.
    I look through the window when it is raining outside.
  • Express events or activities that are going to take place shortly.
    Examples: My elder brother is coming from Australia tomorrow.
    Our examinations are starting next Monday.

Present continuous tense worksheet for kids

Exercise 1: Fill in the blanks with verbs in their present continuous form.

  1. We _____ (enjoy) ourselves in the park.
  2. A lunar eclipse _____ (take) place next year.
  3. He _____ (play) the same tune again and again.
  4. We _____ (go) to hold a charity show for the poor orphans.
  5. Rain water _____ (trickle) down the leaves of trees.

Exercise 2: Form Pair. Write down in the present continuous form. Suppose you are chatting with your friend, see that she/he answers in the present continuous form, then write the answer.

  1. Where are you going this evening?
  2. Are you going alone ow with some friends?
  3. How are you going?
  4. Are you taking your camera with you?
  5. Besides taking photographs, what else are you doing to do there?

Simple Past Tense

The simple past tense is used to

  • Express some indefinite action or activity in the past.
    Examples: Mohan was a poor man.
  • Express the completion of an action or activity in the past without saying anything about the time it started.
    Examples: The train halted all of a sudden.
  • Express some past habit.
    Examples: I used to go for a walk in the morning.
  • Expressing imaginary or impossible conditions.
    Examples: If I were a bird, I would fly high in the sky.

Simple Past tense worksheet for kids

Exercise 1: Fill in the blank with simple past tense of the verb given in the brackets.

  1. The children ______ to have a birthday party. (decide)
  2. Pawan ______ hard from his tests. (study)
  3. I ______ off the lights in the bedroom. (turn)
  4. He ______ for the radio. (sing)
  5. He ______ in her own room. (play)

Exercise 2: Write the answers to the following questions in simple past tense.

  1. I am 10 year old.
  2. Jack is a poor man.
  3. She looks beautiful in pink dress.
  4. He reads her mind.
  5. She knows German.

Past Continuous Tense

The past continuous tense is used to:

  • Denote the continuity of some action in the past.
    Examples: Mrs. Gupta was planting trees during the rainy season.
    The flowers on the roadside park were withering due to pollution.
  • Denote the continuity of an action at the time another action took place.
    Examples: When the guests came, we were having dinner.
    I was flying a kite on the terrace when mother called me downstairs.
  • Denote the continuity of two past actions at the same time.
    Examples: The audience was laughing while the actor was performing on stage.
    Shyam was dancing while Manish was playing the flute.

Past Continuous tense worksheet for kids

Exercise 1: Fill in the blanks with the past continuous tense of the verbs in brackets.

  1. The teacher _____ (teach) the second lesson when I entered the classroom.
  2. It began to rain when our bus _____ (pass) over the bridge.
  3. Mother _____ (knit) while the baby _____. (sleep)
  4. Mother _____ still _____ (read) when the clock struck eleven.
  5. When the teacher entered the class the students _____. (write)

Exercise 2: Complete the news report with past continuous form of the above verbs.

Example: The student were preparing for the annual day.

Last year there was heavy flood in River Sone of Bihar, due to excessive rains. Water _____ _____ (overflow) its banks and _____ _____ (enter) the cities, towns and villages. The entire village _____ _____ (look) like a canal with water everywhere. People _____ _____ (climb) upto their roofs and _____ _____ (try) to save their lives. The Government _____ _____ (make) efforts to control the situation.

Simple Future Tense

The simple future tense (the future indefinite tense)

The simple future tense is used to:

  • Express an indefinite supposed action or activity in the future time.
    Examples: Miss Anita will sing a song at the cultural programme.
    Sahil shall play cricket in the evening.
  • Express determination, promise, order or command.
    Examples: We will serve our country, come what may.
    You shall keep quite in the class.

Simple Future tense worksheet for kids

Exercise 1: Fill in the blanks with the future indefinite tense of the verb given in the bracket.

  1. He _____ (like) to have a cold drink instead of coffee.
  2. They _____ (purchase) a new air-conditioner next month.
  3. The train _____ (star) at its scheduled departure time.
  4. The children _____ (swim) in the pool till 8 o’clock.
  5. Mr. Paul _____ (give) some coins to the beggar.

Exercise 2: Fill the blanks with simple future of the verbs in the bracket:

  1. We _____ _____ (visit) my grandparents in Srinagar.
  2. Seema _____ _____ (cut) some vegetables with a knife.
  3. You _____ _____ (fail) if you do not work hard.
  4. The baby _____ _____ (cry) if he drops his toy.
  5. The deer _____ _____ (run) away if you make so much noise.

Future continuous Tense

The future continuous tense is used to:

  • Express the continuity of a supposed or expected or expected action in the future.
    Examples: We shall be waiting for the train at the platform.
    It will be snowing heavily tomorrow morning.
  • Denote the possible continuity of a habit.
    Examples: She will be studying all day today.
    Grandfather will be going out for his regular morning walks.
  • Indicate the continuity of a supposed or expected action in the future when the second action in the future has taken place.
    Examples: When we reach Neha’s house, she will be learning her lesson.
    Pussy, our old cat, will be licking milk when I go home.

Future Continuous tense worksheet for kids

Exercise 1: Fill in the blanks with future continuous tense. 

  1. The smoke _____ (rise) from the chimney in the factory.
  2. The mother _____ (pray) for her sick child.
  3. The taxi driver _____ (blow) the horn frantically in the traffic.
  4. We _____ (take) an elephant ride in the zoo.
  5. You _____ (enjoy) yourself at the party.

Exercise 2: Complete the paragraph in the future continuous form of the verb.

My friend, Pawan _____ _____ _____ (open) a chain of restaurants all over Delhi. They _____ _____ _____ (sell)  all kinds of fast food like Chinese, Italian, Mexican etc. They _____ _____ _____ (serve) hot and delicious food. They_____ also _____ _____ (serve) all types of shakes and juices. They_____ _____ _____ (give) free gifts with every child’s meal. Their smiling, friendly staff _____ always _____ _____ (welcome) you.

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