Pronoun for kids

Pronoun definition for kids: “A pronoun is a word used in place of a noun in order to avoid unnecessary repetition”

Examples for Pronoun for kids:

  1. Rohan is my friend. Rohan is very intelligent.
    Rohan is my friend. He is very intelligent.
  2. Mayank lives in Mumbai. Mumbai is a big city.
    Mayank lives in Mumbai. It is a big city.

Another definition ” Pronoun are the Words that are used instead of a noun or noun phrase, they refer noun has already been mentioned in sentence or noun (Noun for kids) that does not need to be named specifically.”

5 Types/Kinds of Pronoun for kids

There are 5 types of Pronoun in English grammar.

  1. Personal pronouns
  2. Reflexive pronoun
  3. Possessive Pronouns
  4. Demonstrative Pronouns
  5. Interrogative Pronouns

Pronoun for kids

1. Personal pronouns for kids

Those pronouns are used in place of the subject or object of the sentence. Personal pronoun describes the person speaking (I, me, we, us), the person spoken to (you), or the person or thing spoken about (he, she, it, they, hi, her, them). 


  1. The pronouns which refer to the person or person speaking are called Pronouns of the first person, that is – I, we, me, us, mine, ours.
  2. The pronouns which refer to the persons spoken to are called Pronouns of the second person, that is – you, yours.
  3. The pronouns which refer to the person or thing spoken of are called Pronouns of the Third Person, that is he, she, him, her, they, them, their, it.

Personal Pronoun Exercise/worksheet for kids

  1. Mrs. Verma is ill. _____ is on medicines.
  2. This is Mrs. Sharma _____ is very beautiful.
  3. Tell those girls that _____ must go.
  4. Has Mr. Shah gone? _____ think this bag is _____ .
  5. _____ and sorry if _____ have hurt _____ .
  6. _____ like Rupal because _____ feel _____ can trust _____ .
  7. Is this your bat or _____?

2. Reflexive Pronouns for kids

The pronouns – myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, themselves, behave like objects to verbs, but they refer to the same person as the subjects to the verbs. These pronoun are called Reflexive Pronouns.

Reflexive Pronoun Exercise/worksheet for kids 

Use suitable reflexive pronouns to complete the sentences.

  1. The old man often talks to _____.
  2. Have you looked at _____ lately in the mirror?
  3. Anjul does all her household chores _____.
  4. The horse has hurt _____.
  5. I enjoyed _____ when I went to Goa.
  6. The sons fought amongst _____ after the death of their father.
  7. The old lady looked after _____ as she lived alone.

3. Possessive Pronouns for kids

Possessive Pronouns are those pronouns that indicate Possession or Relationship.

Example: Mine, ours, yours, his, hers, its, their are Possessive Pronouns.

Possessive Pronouns are sometimes confused with possessive adjective. However, possessive adjectives come before a noun and qualifies it.

Possessive noun Exercise/worksheet  for kids 

Fill in the blanks with possessive Pronouns:

  1. I own that kitten. It is _____.
  2. He owns that house. It is _____.
  3. You own that car. It is _____.
  4. She own that CD-Player, It is _____ a.
  5. We own that farm. It is _____.
  6. They own that factory. It is _____.

4. Demonstrative Pronouns for kids

Read the sentences:

  • This is my computer.
  • That is my bike.
  • These are my glasses.
  • Those are your CD’s.

In the above sentences this, these, that, those are used to point out the objects for which they are used. This and these are used to refer things near at hand, whereas that and those are referred to things at a distance They are called Demonstrative Pronouns.

Demonstrative Pronouns Exercise/worksheet for kids 

Fill in the blanks with demonstrative Pronouns:

  1. _____ is Rasika’s car.
  2. _____ are Mr. Burman’s dogs.
  3. _____ is my video camera. _____ is yours.
  4. This cat is white, but _____ is black.
  5. _____ is Gautam’s pen, _____ is yours.

5. Interrogative Pronouns for kids

Read the sentences:

  • Who made that noise?
  • what shall we do today?
  • which is your bike?
  • Whom do you want to see?

Pronouns who, what, which, whom are used for asking questions. Those pronouns that are used for asking questions are called Interrogative pronouns.

Who, Whom and whose are such types of pronoun that are used for asking questions about persons.

Interrogative Pronouns Exercise/worksheet for kids 

Read the conversation and fill in the blank with the help of pronouns:

Pronoun conversation exercise for kidsv

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