Punctuation for kids

Compare the following sentences 

  1. Ravi says, “Rahul is a fool.”
  2. “Ravi” says Rahul, “is a fool”.

From these two sentences, it is clear that punctuation marks may alter the sentence.

Punctuation is used to show clearly, the meaning of a sentence and the pause that should be used while speaking or reading the sentence. It emphasizes the meaning of a sentence.

Punctuation is the right use of the various stops in writing.

Punctuation marks for kids

Full stop (.)
Inverted commas ("")
Exclamation Mark (!)
Sign of Interrogation (?)

We will now study the commonly used punctuation mark.

  • The full stop (.)

The full Stop indicated the longest pause. It should be used at the end of an Assertive or Imperative Sentence.

Examples: Shut the door.

Today is a beautiful day.

  • The Comma (,)

The comma indicates the shortest pause in a sentence.

Examples: – Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Hyderabad are metropolitan cities.

  • Inverted Commas (“”)

Inverted commas are used to mark the exact words of the speaker, or a quotation.


  1. “Sit down”
  2. Mother Said, “Come and have your dinner”.
  • Exclamation Mark (!)

The sign of exclamation is used after interjections, exclamatory phrases and sentences.

Examples: Alas!, Bravo!, Ah!, How it rains!, Well done!

  • Sign of Interrogation (?)

The sign of interrogation is used to mark direct questions.


  1. What do you want?
  2. Maulvi asked if I have visited the Qutub Minar?
  • The Apostrophe (‘)

The apostrophe is used to show possession.


  1. The boy’s father.
  2. Sandeep’s pen.
  3. Priyanka’s lunchbox.

Use of Capital Letters (ABC)

The capital letter is used –

  • To begin a sentence.
  • The first word of every line of a poem.
  • To being all proper nouns.
  • To begin the first word within the inverted commas of direct speech.

Punctuations pdf for kids

Punctuation for kids
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