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In modern times, the media has become a major source of information and entertainment. However, the media influence social, political, and cultural factors. Recent advances in technology and communication technologies have ensured that information is transmitted faster than ever before. The development of communication technologies directly affects the speed at which society and cultures emerge.

It is estimated that adults spend about half of their working life with the media. In the US, a person begins his day by watching TV news or watching a newspaper, going to work, communicating with other people by phone and making decisions based on information gained from other people. The public trusts the information you get from the media. Most social media outlets affect their daily lives — socially, economically and culturally.

Television is undoubtedly the most powerful media channel. Through television, the public can access audio and visual information about lifestyles, news and advertisements.

One of the positive effects of the media is to increase government transparency worldwide. Governments today are able to inform citizens about changes in government policies and the reason for these changes. On the other hand, people want the government to be more transparent, especially when it comes to service delivery. Authorities are also able to send information about social issues quickly through a few media channels.

The media have led to an increase in information leading to a more enlightened society. Advances in technology have made it possible for information to be readily available no matter where it is located. Today, Internet search engines have ensured that people can find needed information from a variety of sources at any time of the day. Additionally people have purchased mobile devices that enable people to access information easily. The Internet allows authorities and members of the public to disseminate information to the general public through blogs, websites, emails and collaborative conferences.

Demerits of Mass media 

On the other hand, the Media Mass has increased the availability of information related to violence and pornography. Today many young children are exposed to thousands of sexually explicit images. Children who play violent video games and watch violent movies are more likely to become aggressive. In the US, some children have carried guns in schools and injured other students. The rise of technology and globalization has made it difficult to monitor the information presented to vulnerable groups as young people. For example, part of the content offered in the media today promotes sex among teenagers leading to an increase in unprotected sex incidents.

It is estimated that children receive about 40,000 ads a year. Although these ads bring in huge sums of money to media houses, they may not be suitable for young children.

For example, fast food advertisements encourage children to eat junk food on a daily basis that can lead to obesity. It has been proven that ads influence the purchasing decisions of consumers. Advertisements about tobacco use and alcohol may lead to drug abuse. There are restrictions on the advertising of alcohol and tobacco, however, children can see these drugs being used on mainstream television programs. Excessive use of these substances can cause serious health consequences.

As discussed earlier, the media shapes public opinion because most members of the public rely on the information disseminated to the media. The media can spread false information that may be true about members of the public. Some of the information available online is also false. So people who want important information online may end up finding unreliable information. For example, many of the health information and advice available online may not be true. However, people use online health information to make decisions that may affect their health.

Excessive use of the media, such as television and the Internet, has led to an increase in obesity. This is because people do not participate in physical activities while watching TV or using the Internet. Much of the teen’s time is spent watching television or browsing the Internet.

The media has also played a major role in portraying “fit” women as thin. This image has been advertised in print and audiovisual media. This has resulted in women losing weight to look like celebrities and / or supermodels. In doing so, these women developed poor eating habits and often developed eating disorders that often lead to malnutrition and other health problems.


The media is an important tool in our society because it enables us to communicate easily. The media is also important in disseminating information to the general public. However, the public should understand the evils of using the media to avoid potential negative consequences.

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