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Everyone living in a dream world thinks everyone is equal, and there is no such thing as a tournament or a loser. Everyone is considered a winner, and no one should endure the shame of being the last person or should endure any hardship. Don’t you think that this one is too right? After all, we do not want anyone to be superior to someone else, do we? Competition is a well-known and widespread phenomenon today. It is not only concentrated in school but everywhere in the world. However, have we ever considered whether competition is good for us?

A little competition between us is not only a good thing, but it is a good thing for us that can have a very positive impact. One of the reasons it shows competition is that it encourages growth. It is natural to want something; you have to compete with other people, and to compete, you have to grow. Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning is not everything, but wanting to be.” To be a better person, you have to find someone already good at it. In this situation, looking for better people and competing with them helps you grow, leading to great friendships.

Apart from that, competition also forces us to be more creative. The competition encourages us to be more creative to be better than other people. We have to think outside the box and develop a new idea that may be different from the others. If only everyone were free from the spirit of competition, the world would be a different place. New technologies such as iPhones, laptops, automobiles, or handwriting will never be the same, and Malaysia will never develop into a global one.

Apart from that, competition also encourages you to prepare for the real world. The education system in Malaysia emphasizes the ‘Decrease in Grade R,’ which causes the average grade for children to increase every year. This is not because the child is bright but because the teachers are insulting. Some teachers give A’s and B’s to their students as it makes their students also look better. The big problem is that they do not prepare children for the real world. You have to face many competitions as you are not the only one applying for a job. Many of our competitors have high standards just like you, so it is not only a matter of success but also a spirit of competition and determination.

In short, competition is a positive factor that helps us become better people and independent in achieving something. Some quotes can inspire all of us, “Prepare for the worst and work for the best.” Despite working to become leaders, we also dare to prepare for the worst that can happen at any time. Losing a race is not a failure, but it is the beginning of something new.

Pdf Argumentative essay on Competition

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Argumentative essay on Competition Pdf
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