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Today, there are a lot of women who work outside the home, which can affect many people positively or negatively. In one of her interviews, Australian gynecologist Germaine Greer stated, “Many women still need their room, and the only way to find it would be outside their home.” A working mother can positively impact the family as her children learn to be independent, help raise incomes, and make a name for themselves.

People who do not want mothers to work say that if both mom and dad work all day outside the house, they cannot stay with their children long enough, which can hurt their children, and they may even treat their parents as strangers. On the other hand, children will learn to be independent of infancy, and when a mother is at work, her children will be in school. Many working mothers care for their children and are very close to them, depending on how the mother spends her time. Another critical factor in parenting is quality and not quantity, not just how much time you spend with them, but how much you raise or spend just two hours with them.

Opponents also claim that Childcare is expensive, so most of the money a working mother earns will be spent on newborns. Most women keep their babies in their mother’s homes, so they do not spend money on child care. And nurseries are now ubiquitous and cheaper; the higher ones will cost 1000 riyals. So if my mother were earning 4000 riyals, 3000 would be left, making a difference. Because the economy today affects many people, and in many cases, the family cannot rely on a single husband’s income because it is not enough to cover all the household expenses. Hence, women had to work to earn more money.

Their third excuse is that a working mother will have two jobs instead of one. The first job will be the one he will have in the office, the other one when he returns home because he has to look after the house with his children in his spare time, which worries him. To some extent, they are correct, but the working mother was more confident than the housemaid; she would also have her own identity, and she would be known by her name, unlike a working woman. For example, in his house, a woman who works in her house will be known as “Mohammad’s wife” or “Abdullah’s mother.”

In short, being a working mother is rewarding and exciting. By working, a mother can enjoy a morning workday with her colleagues and spend the rest of the day with her family. In addition, working mothers support their husbands financially by providing for the family. Most importantly, a working mother has a positive experience that enables her to raise her children properly, deal with her husband, deal with family problems with her experience, and thus lead the family to a better life.

Pdf of Argumentative essay on working Mothers

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Argumentative essay on Working Mothers Pdf
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