Argumentative Essay on Animal Testing

Undoubtedly, animal testing has been an emotionally charged subject with many ethical, ethical, medical debates and controversies for decades. We all need to ask, Does the compensation that humans receive for animal testing justify the evil and harm caused by animals? Billions of animals worldwide are being killed in research facilities. Most animals die during medical research, cosmetic tests, and commercial research. Therefore, animal testing is dangerous, brutal, and cruel and should be avoided.

Reasons why animal testing should be banned

Undoubtedly, if animal testing works wonders, why are there so many ineffective drug effects in the industry. Many doctors argue that many medical advances are the result of animal experiments. Arguments are not allowed, making it inappropriate to use animals for testing. Blood transfusions and animal blood groups are incompatible with human blood. Therefore, when research works on animals, it is not guaranteed that they will be successful in humans either. Consequently, we should stop using animals for medical examinations.

In the 21st century, technology has advanced dramatically; therefore, tests should be used to perform experiments rather than animals. It is unnecessary to use animals for research, but there is an effective and original way to do it. Human blood can be tested with advanced technology, resulting in actual results. For example, Corrositex tests are performed using a protein membrane instead of animal skin. Additionally, using technology is cheaper than using animals for testing. Animals are used in testing household cleaners, cosmetics, and cleaning products, which is not appropriate in the medical field. Tests for such cleaners could not be performed in any other way. When animals die in a study, it is not very similar to killing in a human race, making it morally wrong. It is inappropriate to use millions of animals with the ability to think and reason in experimental research. It is essential to understand that animals have the same human emotions; therefore, we should not make animals feel lonely, scared, and in pain in the laboratory environment. Perhaps, animal research is undoubtedly an incomplete science.

Other ways to test animals

Most drugs and dietary supplements have been reported to have side effects or fail to work well in humans. Animal testing alleviates suffering and human pain and wasting resources that could have been used to diagnose humans successfully. To eliminate the use of animals in experiments, scientists and researchers need to use alternative testing methods. These alternatives include computer models (PBPK), physical-based pharmacokinetics, human volunteers, and other technologies. If it is necessary to use animals in research, three principles should be addressed, namely modification, reduction, and refinement. Changing means using non-animal alternatives, reducing standards using fewer animals to improve knowledge, and ultimately sophistication means using methods that reduce suffering, stress, and pain.


A complete animal examination should be strictly prohibited, and no animal should suffer from cruelty, torture, and pain. In fact, in today’s world, non-animal experiments are more sophisticated, less time-consuming, less expensive, and more accurate. Apart from the fact that change is slow, most studies must switch to advanced testing methods using technology. Animal testing prevents research from gaining relevant information while killing and causing harm to humans and animals. Companies and other organizations need to fight for animal rights and avoid animal suffering. Therefore, in my opinion, animal testing should be banned.

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