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Man, the most revered child of Creation, has fought battles between them to fulfill his selfish desires or satisfy his ambitious intentions. In the process of gradual evolution, many products have emerged.

War is the final result of these products. This man has, at times, made this world scene patiently. He has thrown down the Asherahs that he has made with his hands to dust and has put his hands on the holy blood of his brothers. He sometimes plays with life as if it were a small thing. But peaceable people do not want war; they want peace and happiness.

Naturally, man is thirsty for peace. He believes in peace. But why are there wars? Perhaps a person gained some brutality in the struggle against wildlife and natural disasters in ancient times. Or maybe some people are just like animals.

But whatever the reason, although they want to hide their beastlike nature under the guise of modern education and modest manners, their actual condition is sometimes revealed. Then we see an old beast that will never change. Such people are always in love with violent games. And war is the inevitable result of their willful thoughts and desires.

The earth could have become a beautiful paradise because of the gifts given by the industrial revolution in Europe. To the surprise of many, however, the greed of a few greedy individuals in Europe spread to other parts of the world through the power of the revolution.

There was a rush of blood. They began to use scientific power to further their evil ends. Not only did they rob people of their wealth, but they sucked their blood, killed them, and tortured them, and sadly, they are at war here and there with problems in the distribution of power and wealth to rivals. Thus, war broke out like a plague on a global scale. The current trend in the world is merely an extension of the evils of history.

War means destruction, genocide, and recession. People rejoice at the devastation and destruction taking place in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thousands of innocent men, women, and children who thrived in the free environment of nature had to die an untimely death. Therefore, war is a curse.

No party benefits from it — neither the winner nor the loser. Dangerous dangers to war have been seen in the Gulf war, the Chechen liberation struggle, the Bosnian and Afghanistan civil war, the Palestinian liberation struggle, and countless other wars.

From the history of myths and legends, we hear of the devastating wars of Lanka, Troy, and Karbala. None of these wars have brought any good to any individual or nation or nation. Undoubtedly, it is always dangerous.

Where is the world going at this time? Where can we hunt for the golden deer of peace? If we look at developed countries, we have little hope to see them exist. We indulged in arms competition. Underneath the veil of false brotherhood and reverence flashes terrible teeth of doubt and disbelief.

The fundamental philosophical conflict between socialism and democracy exacerbates the ongoing perpetual war between nations. However, the people have taken the initiative to capture the golden calf of peace by establishing the United Nations. There are now many official Geneva chat rooms for peace talks. One scholar during World War II made this statement about Geneva.

Perhaps the same comment, at least to some extent, could be made with today’s UNO.

Peace is like happiness — the more generous it is, the more at stake. And perhaps that is why there is a shortage of both of them in today’s world. Many people, at least most of those who lead other people, are jealous, self-centered, or selfish.

Each of them has different goals, different goals, and different approaches. But if there were one common goal for everyone — peace on earth, there would be only peace. Regardless of the differences between the various values ​​or the philosophical concepts, we can quickly turn our backs on a truly peaceful world.

We must ensure resilience and tolerance. The UNO must now move forward with more power and freedom. We have built our civilization through thousands of years of effort. Therefore, we should not harm it, nor should we let anyone do it just because we are angry with one another. “We must love one another or die.”

Pdf of Argumentative Essay on War and Peace

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Argumentative essay on War and Peace Pdf
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