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Gender inequality is a social problem that creates unfair social treatment between the sexes. These differences vary in biological aspects, especially in the different reproductive roles in life. This misconception comes from a misunderstanding of individual sexuality in life.

These days, the dilemma that causes women to suffer and to put women in an awkward position is evident in all walks of life. However, the nature of sexism in one area differs from that of others. For example, gender inequality is faster in the workplace when you enter the job market, not just the unequal pay; employment inequality is reflected in the difference between gender and the amount paid. On the academic side, men tend to have more opportunities to go to school than before. Young women seem to have fewer opportunities for higher education than young men.

Regarding the causes and origins of gender inequality, it can be seen that Asia would be a place where gender discrimination seems to be “cultural.” According to the General Office of Family Planning, the idea of ​​segregation of men from women came from the effects of Confucianism and public awareness. Men were thought to have a role in the ancestry of their ancestors. Being barren was a sign of contempt for the ancestor in that society. Continuing with this pessimistic view, women are more likely to lose their role in society.

How does gender inequality affect lives?

Initially, gender inequality has implications for the scale of the population. According to statistics from the General Office of Family Planning, due to gender discrimination, the number of newborn boys and girls is unequal. For some people, the prospect of having a son loses the balance between the two sexes. Unfortunately, this situation has been going on for so long, so its impact on people is enormous. According to a report by the Department of Public Health, it is estimated that, despite efforts to reduce the incidence of congenital disabilities in boys and girls, by 2020, there will be 4.3 million men over women.

A statement from the Minister of Public Health said that if the situation continues, it will lead to fewer consequences for public safety and order before the age of child marriage because there will be a shortage of brides due to many young people – boys born girls. Now we can see the apparent effect on the Chinese. According to the Blue Paper on Society published by the China Academy of Social Science, there will be a shortage of brides in ten years due to the extreme gender inequality among young people, especially those under 19.

Second, gender discrimination leads to some problems in education. Education is a vital tool, the key to human growth. And regardless of gender, a person has the right to be exposed to education as everyone else. Some researchers said that “there is ample evidence that the increase in women’s education is improving the effects of human development such as child health, health, and learning.” However, “women’s lower education has harmed economic growth as it has reduced the general population.” The World Bank 2001 stated that there is a high tendency for educational implications for gender inequality in almost every developing country. In poverty, girls are more likely to be influenced to get closer to education.

Finally, the economy is an affected sector because there is a link between education and the economy. The impact of gender inequality on the economy is felt in the number of male and female students in primary and secondary schools, which is harmful. And some researchers say that “the huge gap in school for men and women may be a reflection of backwardness and therefore may be associated with slower economic growth.” Let’s take China – a country known for its global solid gender inequality – as an example. As mentioned earlier, China is facing a 10-year shortage of brides, and this trend leads to problems for women who buy crimes. has grown, says the deputy director of the China Population Association-Tian Xueyuan.” Another economic impact of gender discrimination is unequal income between men and women. a professor at Renmin University, women’s salaries are much lower than men’s despite the same position level.

How to solve gender discrimination problem?

Ninety-three years ago, people in some parts of the world officially celebrated International Women’s Day. In the ninety-three years, many changes have changed attitudes toward gender inequality. These days we live in a developed world dominated by men and women, so why should women suffer in this way of unfair treatment?

In general, this type of inequality has been around for a long time and in all parts of the world, no matter where it is. Now it is time for the world to come together and end this obsolete vision. The Nobel Committee has stated that we will not be able to achieve democracy and peace unless we provide equal opportunities and opportunities for women. To boost the economy, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said encouraging women to participate in the economy and growing their products is key to economic growth because it will impact “our competitiveness and economic growth.”

In the relationship between economics and education, people cannot underestimate the value of education. To improve the economic system, people must make an effort to learn in school. In terms of solutions to this, setting up gender-responsive schools is essential in creating a conducive environment for learning and teaching. To help women feel more confident in education, developing a gender-sensitive curriculum that reflects the national gender equality policy that should be taught is also needed.

Conclusion on Gender Discrimination

In all of the above discussions, gender inequality is a global problem. Even though its volume is significantly reduced, it still exists and causes many people to suffer from its daily effects. And several factors contribute to unresolved sexual harassment. However, with the education and progressive thinking of the people, there are reasons to trust in the future that gender inequality will be eradicated. Then, hopefully, people can live equally well regardless of their gender.

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