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Watching TV has become a bad habit among people. Young children like to spend time in front of the TV. Adults find it difficult to imagine their own lives without their favorite TV shows, programs, and movies they enjoy before going to bed or after waking up. That is a fact of life – television is one of the most important inventions. It is a great way to transform information, but it is also excellent communication, news, and entertainment source.

Through television, more and more people are gaining direct access to a wide variety of information. With a quick click of remote control, you quickly realize all the historical facts, political news, culture, and details of a place that has never been so easily accessible before. Besides, modern TVs have some additional features. For example, many smart TVs can function like computers. They have so-called HD screen resolution and run many different applications. While these devices often keep us voluntarily locked in our homes, the heated debate was whether watching TV is a good thing or not.

The fact is that too much of anything is useless. Many television programs are harmful to young children as their brain develops. Often, young people watch horror movies and cartoons that profoundly affect their mental health. In addition, they tend to sit too close to their TV, making their eyes look bad. As they grow older, they like to watch TV while doing chores. As a result, their attention has been focused on cartoons, TV programs, and films that, in turn, have had a profound effect on their education and general educational progress. Besides, adult themes of violence and sex can easily be accessed by them at any time. And all of this together can cause brain damage at a young age. This, in turn, results in a series of different social problems.

Today’s addictive TV generation can be seen here and there attached to their TVs and iPhones, PC games, and more. These people prefer to use their gadgets instead of going out with friends who have a three-way street. There is no doubt that it is easier to sit in a comfortable chair and switch channels on your TV than to do any other physical activity. This leads to a severe health problem called obesity. In other words, the number of calories they eat exceeds the amount they eat. Then see the consequences of misconduct.

There must be some ethics to educating people when watching too much TV. We have lost our old legacy of meeting people the way we did before. Watching TV does not involve active personal participation. We keep looking at the topic without affecting our active minds with some knowledge and also lose social functions and external ones, which have a growing impact on our minds.

We need to make people aware of the dangers of watching TV. While this significant scientific discovery has played a substantial role in human life to provide the extra comfort and knowledge one needs, corruption has also played a key role in destroying the legacy of aging. It has been scientifically proven that outdoor activities guarantee iron and body satisfaction. We are well aware that our ancestors felt the sensitivities of distant lands. This happened because people were training hard so that their minds could see and visualize something before it happened. However, excessive TV watching may cause people to lose this critical skill.

Watching TV makes it impossible for people to communicate with people. It has become a bad habit that causes TV fans to withdraw from social media and seek the attention of family and friends. They choose to stay home and lack the confidence to start or maintain an interesting conversation. Television is everything they need and love.

Another disadvantage of watching TV is that most ads appear on the screen. This, in turn, causes a sense of inadequacy among the people. They see clothing, cars, houses, treasures, and many other things on television and feel frustrated because they cannot afford them.

There is no denying that television often portrays immoral and violent behavior, and it promotes racist ideology and reinforces the role of sex. We see perfect bodies and good health in all channels that often impact and ultimately destroy our confidence. At the same time, the violence and suffering reported daily by TV newscasts have devastating effects and can lead to depression, anxiety, and depression, and increased feelings of insecurity and danger. Also, the sexually explicit material presented in TV programs and movies can give rise to the belief that certain forms of conduct are acceptable and normal.

Back to the kids again. Many parents fear that excessive TV watching may distract children from shopping. The point here is that 100% of advertisers are targeted at children, and on average, they will see more than 35,000 ads a year, most of which are unhealthy foods and alcoholic beverages. Your primary motivation here is to make people buy more.

If you watch too much TV, it may encourage new conflicts and arguments in your family. Many programs and movies are a source of conflict that often wreaks havoc on human relationships. Some TV programs affect your thinking, and because of these changes in the minds of both men and women, a lot of controversy arises here and there. People are arguing about politics, gender, religion, and many other issues contained in our daily lives. By failing to respect the opinions of others and being deceived by false information, people often undermine the relationships they have been working on for years. Usually, this relationship cannot be restored.

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