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Parents are the backbone of our lives. They are the light that makes the dark tunnel of life shine. They guide us through the tunnel, teaching us how to distinguish right from wrong, right and wrong. Together, mom and dad work hard to provide their children with a better life and to maintain a healthy sense of self-worth. They both leave a deep impression on the lives of their children, but whose deep mark? Who makes a better parent? Many people believe that the mother, in her love and compassion, is superior to the father, while others believe that the father, in his stature and stoicism, is superior to the mother. Although the father is the breadwinner of the family, the love and responsibility of the mother ensure that he is a good parent.

       First, mothers are soul-feeders who nurture their children with love, kindness, and care. The word mother is a dictionary of a person who feeds, cares for, cares for and protects. From the first day of pregnancy, a mother is concerned about how she will keep her unborn child safe, happy, and healthy. He develops a sacred relationship with his little angel who will basically go to the ends of the earth to provide for his needs. It is only natural for her to love and care for her children. Also, a mother is always there to correct her children’s physical and emotional pain whether they are injured by a bicycle accident or a serious fracture or a friend’s disappointment. Legally, a mother puts her children’s happiness at the top of her list when she is ready to indulge in unconditional love for the rest of her life until they reach that point of happiness. Sigmund Freud, who was instrumental in shaping the traditional traditions of the 20th century as a parent, believed that as mothers generally fed and cared for their children, they were naturally better suited to be parents.

In addition to giving their children endless love and reassurance, mothers are also responsible and responsible parents. Girls are raised on the basis that they should be active mothers. They are taught, from an early age, how to clean, cook, and take on many responsibilities. They are also trusted to look after their younger siblings as a way to participate in the children’s commitment to the future. Girls carry a lot of pressure in their teens which makes them grow into real and responsible mothers. They recognize the right ways to raise their children and guide them in the right way, in addition to ruling their own government without fail. For example, if a child rebels against his mother, he will never stop and just pick her up. He would support her by her actions, not out of hatred, but to teach her the evil she had done.

   Some people say that it is up to the fathers to be a better parent. It is true that the father is the breadwinner and the breadwinner of the family. It is his job to take care of his finances and to give his family the support they need. Nowadays, however, mothers are also involved in financial decisions. In fact, if not all, of course, the process of equitable sharing between mother and father, not to mention the mother’s ability to manage finances in some cases. The facts show that 84% of women feel that they are equally qualified or better suited to manage financial decisions given that they are more responsible.

In short, the mother wins the battle for the “best parent” with her unwavering love and commitment to her offspring. Mother is a straightforward expression of compassion, dedication, and hard work. He is the anchor of our ships, and without him we would not have sunk.

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