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The year-round school is similar to the regular school program. The only difference is that students in a year-round school get ordinary leave, but their rest is shorter, and they do not get three to four months of traditional summer vacation.

The negative impact of this school year-round is that on families. Having good family time is essential to a child’s emotional well-being and development. Not having summer vacations can make it challenging to have this family time and learn personal values.

A year-round school is a bad idea. Summer is a fun time, and kids should enjoy their summer holidays. Many families can only plan vacations for summer vacations. Year-round schools cancel this summer family holiday.
And the summer season is the hottest weather in India. And many schools do not have the right fans and other equipment to keep the classroom cool. Therefore, it is difficult for students to focus on their studies in hot weather.

Students cannot enjoy summer camps or do summer activities to earn money for the future. Many school vacations throughout the year disrupt learning. Because of the short breaks often, teachers cannot focus on the topic for extended periods; these breaks break long lessons. In schools with long summer vacations, subjects are not separated by regular intervals and are continuously taught. Teachers should also not be concerned about breaks. And students stay focused on their studies.

Lastly, traditional summer holidays can offer you many learning opportunities that you can find in the classroom as family treasures. There is no summertime, which means children will miss out on art, culture, and special events that can only take place during the long summer holidays.
According to some academics, the summer vacation is very long, and students do not easily remember all the lessons learned from the previous year when they returned from vacation. While some people think there should be schools all year round, where children get a little break in the summer, a winter break, and a week off in the spring.

But I believe that a year-round school is a bad idea because summer break is when teachers and students get a break to rejuvenate and rejuvenate after working hard for nine to ten months.
Teachers want to turn the education system, a 10-month program, into an all-year education system. This change is due to concerns about the loss of summer education.

A year-round school is a bad idea because it does nothing to combat the summer learning loss and eliminates summer vacation, an integral part of having a healthy baby. Summertime is essential for healthy children’s development. Students like to spend their summer holidays attending many after-school classes, going to youth camps, running, or going to the pool. These activities are essential for staying healthy and do not happen during school hours. The summer holiday season is a stress-free time with no educational burden so that children can prepare for various activities and enjoy quality family time.

Summer holidays are a time when students like to do out-of-school activities. But year-round school students cannot enjoy certain outdoor activities such as summer sports teams or camps because of school hours.

Annual education The school is a bad idea because it not only makes us feel worthless to switch to year-round schooling, it also makes the lives of students, parents, and families as a whole wait for the summer holiday season. Many students use this low time to take on a summer job to help and support their families. Taking an extended summer vacation will deprive you of this opportunity to earn a living.

Every new year brings a lot of hope and enthusiasm among the students. It allows students to get used to new processes and learn new schedules. And many new opportunities.

Another feature of the school year-round is cost. The cost goes up to run the school year-round. Teacher staff, non-teaching staff, school buildings, transportation facilities will all require additional maintenance funding that will directly increase parental responsibility.

All of this shows that it is not just the whole school year that is a bad idea and is hard to do, and it is useless. It simply makes life difficult for children, parents, teachers, and families. In addition, it removes crucial rest periods for the healthy development of children.

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