Notice Writing for class 6,7, Tips, Topics, Notice Format, Examples, Questions

What is notice Writing?

Definition: A notice is a written to give information to a larger number of people together by putting up the information on the noticeboard. It is usually meant to display information about an event or a programme. It can also be used to locate lost property.

Notice Writing Tips CBSE 

While writing a Notice, Remember:

  1. Writing the notice in a box.
  2. Put the word ‘NOTICE’ in BLOCK and bold letters at the top center.
  3.  Write the notice in third person. (Avoid the first person.)
  4. Mention date and name/designation of the issuing authority.
  5. Include all important details such as time, place and date of the event.
  6. Adhere strictly to the word limit as given in question paper. 

Notice Writing Topics class 6, 7

Notice writing Topics for class 6

Notice Writing Format and Marking Scheme

Notice Writing format

Examples / Samples questions for notice writing for class 6, 7

Hello, students here you have 3 sample questions for notice writing for class 6. Read Samples / Examples carefully and improve your skill for a better score in your exams.

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Example 1

Prepare a notice, as the students Editor o the school magazine, inviting students to write articles for the magazine ‘Sagarika’.




28th January 20XX

Talent Hunt

All aspiring writers and poets are hereby invited to write original, interesting articles, poems,

Stories, jokes, etc. for the school magazine ‘Sagarika’ and hand them over to the undersigned, latest by 7th February 20xx. The articles must be written in neat handwriting only on one side of white sheets in black ink.

Signature ………………


Student Editor

Example 2

A painting competition is to be organised in the school on the occasion of ‘Children’s Day’. Students of classes VI to VIII can participate in it. As the Art Teacher of Ganga Public SChools prepare a notice informing students about the same, giving the relevant details.




10th October 20xx

Painting  Competition

A painting competition will be organised for the students of classes VI to VIII, to celebrate the Children’s Day.

Date: 13 November 20xx

Time : 9.00 a.m – 12.00 Noon

Venue: School Playground

The students have to bring their own art materials. The topic will be given on the spot. Attractive prizes will be given to the winners. For more information, contact the undersigned.

Signature ……………


Art Teacher

Example 3

Read the following dialogue between a teacher and a student.

Astha: Good morning ma’am, you called for me?

Teacher: Oh yes, come to Astha. I wanted to see you for something important.

Astha: What is it about ma’am?

Teacher: Astha as you know that this year our schools are organizing a CULTURAL WEEK and as noticeboard information about it.

Astha: Sure ma’am. But what should I write in it?

Teacher: Well, kindly mention that those who are interested shall present themselves for the auditions in the conference hall on the 10th of this month between 8a, – 8.30am for dance, singing and theatre.

Astha: That is fine, but to whom shall the volunteers give their names?

Teacher: Ask the volunteers to submit their names along with details of their name and the activity they want to participate in their respective house captions. 

Astha: Ok ma’am, I will do that. 

On behalf of Astha, write the notice. Invent the necessary details.




2nd November 20xx

Cultural Week

It is to inform the students of class VI-XII that the schools are organizing a week-long Cultural Extravaganza for which the auditions will be held in the Auditorium on 10 November 20xx between 8:00 am 8:30 am. Students interested in dance, singing, and theater should submit their names to their respective House-Captains. 



Cultura Captain


Question 1

You are Pradeep/Pradeepti Mehta, a student of class VI, Venkateshwar International School. Draft a notice to be put up on the school noticeboard inviting students to buy your old textbooks which are in excellent condition.

Question 2

 You are Arush/ArushiTandon, the Head Boy/Girl fo CPH Public School. YOur school is hosting an Inter-House English Poetry Competition. Draft a notice to be put up on the school noticeboard information students about it. Invent all the necessary details. 

Question 3

You are Raghav Pandey, VI standard students of AVB Public School, Delhi. You have to put up a notice, informing the students of class VI-VIII about the forthcoming winter festival which is to be organised in your school. Draft the notice

Question 4

As Mrs. Namrata, the School Librarian of Bal Bhavan School, inform the students that a sale of old books will be held in the A.V. Room on the coming second Saturday during the school hours. Parents, who wish to buy books, are also welcome. Draft a notice on behalf of Mrs. Namrata giving all necessary details.

Question 5

A lot of students of the Gravity International School, Pune, are retreading to bunking activity. As Jai Gupta, Head boy of the school, draft a notice strictly warning them to abstain from such activity or face a severe consequence.

Question 6

You are Mohit/Mahika Gupta, the Cultural Caption of N.P. School. Draft a notice inviting the school prefectorial team for a meeting to discuss Teacher’ Day celebrations. Invent all the necessary details.

Question 7 

You are Ashish Jain of VI-C Exford Public School, Gaziabad. While playing in the basketball court, you lost your Science practical register. Drat a notice, regarding the same and announce a suitable reward to the finder.  

Question 8 

Your school, Rose Valley High School, Nainital, is organising an Inter-School Speech Competition on the topic ‘India’. As Chitra Nagpal, secretary of the school literary club, draft a notice for the students of classes VI to VIII to participate in the competition.

Question 9

The annual inspection for middle classes of M.B. International School will be held on August 18, 20xx. The vice-chairman of the education board will be inspecting the classes. Draft a notice, intimidating the students about the same and ask them to be prepared for this inspection. You are Tushar/Tiah, Head Boy/Girl.

Question 10

Owing to a change in the Eid holiday, the datasheet for half yearly examination of the middle classes of Bal Bharati Public School, Kolkata, has been slightly changed. As Siddarth/Shivani Lahoti, School Prefect, draft a suitable notice for the same. 

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  1. I want to write a notice for the people in my locality announcing when where and how they can get their provisions including milk in there and medicines during lockdown period

    1. Notice

      Our locality has been lock down for 21 days due to covid 19 apedemic. Everybody is requested to please stay at home and don’t worry about covid 19. Basic service will be provided to everyone. Shops of essential services, hospital banks, should always be open. So there is no need to worry. You can get milk, medicines and other necessary things from your near shop or you can order online. You can only come out of your home if it is important, otherwise you can be punished by the police constables. Charges can be also be applied to them for not obeying the order.

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