Notice Writing For class 4 and 5 Examples, Questions, Format

Definition: Notice is a short, printed or handwritten article, which one can observe or take note of.

The following points should be followed –

    1. It should be written in neat, clear and in bold writing.
    2. It should be brief and to the point.

  1. The person reading the notice should know exactly what you want and it should be in a few sentences as possible.

In every school, there is a notice board where the Principal, Teachers and even the students put up Notices. These should be written on a neat piece of paper in bold writing.

Format for class 4 and 5 CBSE

Notice writing for class 4 and 5 format with image help you to understand, how to write a notice for Lost and found, In image second you have notice example in a girl Ankita lost her tiffin box in the ground, So she writes a notice if anyone finds her tiffin return to her.

Notice writing format for class 4 and 5

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