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SITUATION WANTED ADVERTISEMENT’ (For class 9, 10, 11, 12, CBSE) Definition, Format, and examples in English grammar for students. Situation Wanted AdvertisementSituation vacant, Lost and Found, Sale and purchase, Accommodation wanted, To Let, Matrimonial, Appeal


SITUATION WANTED. In the category of classified advertisements. Situation wanted It is given by a job seeker himself for publication in the newspaper in which he shows his willingness to give his service. In this part, you are an advertiser who is offering service to the people or organizations those who need your service or the name of the pages in a newspaper, on a website, etc. The following are the key points for helps you for a better score in your exam without cross the word limit. If you are in class 11 and 12 this post is helpful for you here you have a sufficient number of examples which help you to understand the topic clearly.

Format for Situation wanted advertisement

The following points should be kept in mind before drafting this step of advertisement:

Step 1 – Post to which a candidate is required

Step 2 – Qualifications, experience, age, date of birth and sex.

Step 3 – Salary offered and perks promised

Step 4 – Scope for promotion

Step 5 – Mailing address and contact number

Step 6 – Interview schedule, etc.

Step 7 – Begin with wanted to be required

Step 8 – Mode of applying

Step 9 – Any other relevant and important information.

Situation wanted advertisement format

Situation wanted Examples

  • (Example 1) Tourist Guide.
  • (Example 2) A full-time computer engineer seeks a job.
  • (Example 3) Experienced in the art of dance and music in western culture.
  • (Example 4) You are a retired lecturer.
  • (Example 5) You set up aquariums and sell different types of fish for ornamental fish tanks.
  • (Example 6) You are interested in giving tuition in Maths to one or two students of class xxx.

Example 1

  1. Arun Gupta of M-3, Neel Kamal Apartment, Shimla, had a very sound knowledge of tourist palaces in Shimla. He wants to work as a Tourist Guide during the winter break Write out a suitable advertisement for publication in the Tours and Travel Section of a local newspaper in about 50 words.


(Tour and Travel Section)

A widely traveled well-acquainted tourist guide, expert in hilly and historical places round about Shimla seeks a part-time job during the winter break. He is a stout, experienced person perfect in mountain climbing problems. He is well versed in English, Hindi, Punjabi and hilly language. Desirous travelers may contact Arun Gupta M-3, Neel Kanal Apartment, Shimla at any time or ring 22241880. Payment after sightseeing and full satisfaction.

Example 2

  1. A full-time computer engineer seeks a job. Write out a suitable advertisement for entry in the situation wanted column of a local newspaper. Your answer should be within 50 words. Invent detail yourself.


A well –qualified, experienced and expert postgraduate computer engineer after teaching in Nigeria had returned India and seeks full-time/part-time job. He is well-versed in software-hardware & data-based programmed. He is running his own center at 10, Maurice Nagar, University Campus, Delhi. Interested persons may seek his guidance and services in all computing work Payments and other benefits are negotiable. Please contact Piyush Gupta of 30, Hakikat Rai Road. Adarsh Nagar, Delhi or ring: 43921676.

3. You are Muskan of 29/11, new Friends Colony, New Delhi. You are very much qualified and experienced in the art of dance and music in western culture and are over-anxious to teach this art of the girl students. Draft and advertisement on this account for publication in a local daily in about 50 words.


A well qualified and experienced professionals, with a Post-Graduate degree in western music and dance, is much anxious to teach her art to the girls in the evening between 5 P.<. To 7 P. <. There is a special laboratory for teaching work. Groups are in full swing during the morning session. Very moderate charges. Interested candidate may contact Miss Muskan, Director, Western Musical Art 29/11, New Friends Colony, New Delhi & ring: 25958211.

Example 4

  1. You are a retired lecturer in Physics and you have started a coaching center. Side by side you need part-time tuitions. Write out an advertisement in about 50 words for entry in the ‘Situation Wanted’ column of a local daily. Give relevant details.


An experienced and result-oriented lecturer in Physics seeks private tuitions to teach physics to the students of 12, and college-level students. Those who wish to compete for medical examination may contact Mr. Arun of 225 Aram Bagh Clolny, Pahar Ganj, New Delhi. The groups for the competition are other medical papers are in full swing. Reasonable charges and free printed material. Ring 228921.

Example 5

  1. You are Mani/Mansi. You set up aquariums and sell different types of fish for ornamental fish tanks. Draft a suitable advertisement in not more than 50 words to be inserted in the classified columns of a local daily. Offering assistance to set up aquariums on a small and large scale and to provide different kinds of fish on payment.


A very solid, expert, healthy and profit earning assistance is at your hand not set up aquariums & other ornamental fish tanks on a small and large scale. Fish of different qualities form the interior depth of the foreign origins are available at the most affordable rated. Interested persons can contact or see personally in this regard to Mani/Mansi, Director, Aquariums of Sona Lake Husdon Lines, Delhi or Ring: 27417652 or 9893139500.

Example 6

  1. You are Ramanujam/Revathim a student of Class XII, St. Zavir’s School, Jhansi. You are interested in giving tuition in Maths to one or two students of class VIII. Draft an advertisement in not more than 50 words for a local newspaper.


A meritorious student of class XII in a Public School is available for renovated teaching in Maths to one or two students of Class VIII. Home tuition classes will be taken on alternate days in the evening hours. Reasonable, moderate and be negotiable remuneration acceptable. Interested parties may contact Ramanujam/Revathi, class XII, St.Zavier’s School Jhansi or ring 9818669988 between 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

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  1. I want an advertisement on the topic” Manoj Gupta has a good knowledge of the tourist places in jaipur and wants to work as a tourist guide. Write a suitable advertisement for situation wanted column of local daily.

    1. Situation Wanted
      A Tourist Guide widely travelled, well acquainted with hill and historical places around Shimla. Well-versed in English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Local Language seeks a job in the Local Tours and Travels. Desirous Party may contact Arun Gupta. M-3, Neel Kamal Appartement Shimla or Call at 9868….(M).

      1. A well qualified,experienced and retired teacher age 45 years,minimum 10years experience,Post graduate in maths and English ,bilingual,pleasing personality seeks a part time Job. expected salary 50k. Desirous coaching centres may contact within 1month.

        1. Here is your answer

          Looking for a well-qualified and experienced teacher? We have the perfect candidate for you!

          Meet our retired teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience, specializing in Maths and English. With a post-graduate degree and bilingual skills, they are equipped to cater to the needs of Class 11 and 12 students.

          Not only are they highly qualified, but they also possess a pleasing personality, making learning engaging and enjoyable for their students.

          If you’re a coaching center in search of such a dedicated and experienced teacher, look no further! This candidate is actively seeking a part-time job and can be contacted at xyz@gmail.com. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have this exceptional teacher on your team!

          Contact them within the next month to discuss further details and secure their services.

          Best regards,

  2. You are a s Gupta of 10 Murli enclave Chhattisgarh wants to give private tuitions in maths and English for senior classes he draft and advertisement to publication in the tutor available column of a newspaper giving the location rates and contact address etc right advertisement not more than 50 words

  3. You are Aman /ammesga charter account you need a part time job write an advertisement for times of India seeking job

    1. We have posted some of the advertisement samples on the websites. Please go through them once. Thank you for visiting our blogs and dropping your query. Never hesitate to ask your doubts in the comment box.

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