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Short Definition: Notice is basically meant to impart information

In an institution, school or an industrial or corporate set up, it is very important for information to be rightly imparted. A notice is a formal means of communication that involves a public announcement made about an activity scheduled in the future. It is brief and crisp; directed straight to be the target audience.

Tips for write an effective notice

  • Name of the organization/Institution/School
  • The word NOTICE ( in the second line and in the center)
  • Date of issuing the notice
  • A suitable Caption / Headline/ Title
  • Purpose of writing the notice
  • Details of schedule ( date, time, venue, duration)
  • Signature, name, and designation of the person issuing the notice.

Format of Notice for class 8 and 9



Date of Issue

  1. Caption/Headline/ Title
  2. Purpose/ Event for whom the notice is written
  3. Date, Time, Venue of the event
  4.  Who, to contact

Name /Signature 

Designation of the person who has issued the notice. 

Notice Writing format for class 8 and 9

Types, Topics and Different Purposes of a Notice Writing

Notices serve different purposes. Read and understand.

  • Appeal Notice
  • Lost Notice
  • Found Notice

Types or Different Purposes of a Notice writing

Appeal Notice

Such involves the announcement of an event and clearly provides the details regarding the name of the event, organizer, occasion, date, time, place, activities, contact address, etc.

 Write a notice for the school notice board regarding a four-day trip to Madhya Pradesh. Consider the specifications.

Silver Place School


15 September 20xx

Four-Day Trip to Madhya Pradesh

The school is organizing a four-day trip to Madhya Pradesh for Classes VIII to XII, form 15 October 20xx to 18 October 20xx. Submit the letter and cheque to the undersigned.

Amrita Sanyal

Head Girl

Lost Notice

Such a notice informs about a lost item with details of the article including the date when it was lost, identification marks (if any), whom to contact, when and where.

You are Jasmine of Clas VIII B. You have lost your wallet with some money and ID card in it. Write a notice to be up on the school notice board requesting the finder to return it to you. Promise an assured Prize. 


Strawberry Fields School


8 October 20xx

Purse Lost

A pink leather purse, rectangular, 8cms by 10 cms has been misplaced. It contains important documents along with money up to Rs. 550, and ID card. The finder shall be suitably rewarded with a treat in the school canteen. Finder, please contact the undersigned.

Jasmine Sharma


Found Notice

Such a notice informs about an article found and provides details such as the place where it was found, the purpose of the notice (for identification and claim the article), whom to contact, when and where Complete details about the found articles are not given otherwise everyone will come to claim the article.

You are Rajnish of Class VIII A. You have found a pencil box in the school library. Write a notice to be put up on the school notice board asking the real owner to come and collect it. 

Pinewoods Public School


4 September 20xx

Pencil Box Found

A wooden pencil box has been retrieved from the school canteen. It contains some, pencils, an ink rubber, a scale, a protractor, and a compass. The owner is requested to come and collect it but only after providing sufficient proof that it belongs to him/her. Please contact the undersigned.

Rajnish Singh


Notice Writing Questions for class 8 and 9

Question 1

A health camp has been organised by your school. Write a notice informing the other students about it.

Question 2

In your school, the Drama Club is organizing a drama. Write a notice to be put up on the school notice board inviting students to participate in the drama. Sign yourself as the secretary of the Drama Club.

 Question 3

Your school is organizing a Social Service Camp in the first week of November. You are supposed to impart education to adults. Write a notice to be put up on the school notice board inviting students volunteers. 

Question 4

Invite people to play organised by the Drama Club of your school on the Annual Day Function. Invent the necessary details.

Question 5

Your school is organizing a carnival. Write a notice inviting students to donate their old pieces of clothing, books, and other articles to be sold in the carnival. Sign yourself as a member of the social club of your school. 

Question 6

You have found a school blazer lying in the playground. Its pockets contain some money, handkerchief, and a watch. Write a notice to be put up on the school notice board asking the owner of the blazer to collect it. 

Notice writing pdf for class 8 and 9

Download pdf (1153 downloads) notice writng for class 9, 8 pdf download

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