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‘APPEAL ADVERTISEMENT’ If you are searching for Appeal advertisement writing Definition, Format Examples for students of CBSE class 9, 10, 11, 12. This is the right place for you to cover all classified advertisement format and examples ask in the exam. Here you have all types of classified advertisement such as Situation wanted, Situation vacant, Lost and Found, Sale and purchase, Accommodation wanted, To Let, Matrimonial, Appeal, Missing Person. We hope this material will helpful for you to score more in the exam.


Appeal advertisement definition

Appeal advertisement Elements and Format

Read the following elements before writing an Appeal advertisement.

Appeal writing elements


Appeal writing format

Appeal advertisement examples

Here you have 3 different examples of appeal advertisement for class 9, 10, 11, 12. Hope helpful for your exam read and score better in the exam.

Example 1

You are Anita/Arun, the secretary of the Students Union of your school. Write an appeal to the students requesting them to donate for the martyrs killed during the Indo-Pak War. You appeal should not exceed 50 words.



Thousands of our brave soldiers have sacrificed themselves at the border to save the honor of our motherland. It is our moral duty to collect funds for their aggrieved families in this hour of need. All the students are requested to donate money at least Rs. 50 within three days and deposit to their class teachers so that the same can be sent to the Prime Minister’s Relief Funds immediately.




Example 2

The Prime Minister of India has made an appeal to the nation to donate liberally to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund to help the fold, earthquake victims of Rajasthan. You are Pushpa, Pupil leader of Raiseena Public School, Birla Mandir, New Delhi. Draft an appeal In about 50 words for a national daily



Dear Colleagues,

All of you are aware that nature disturbs the peace and tranquility of people every year in one or the other part of India. This year floods/earthquakes have brought immeasurable damage to the people of Rajasthan. It is our sacred duty to rehabilitate our brothers. So I appeal all of you to donate generously Rs. 50/-each by 15th ultimo in the Principal’s office towards the Prime Minister’s

Relief Fund to ameliorate their sufferings. Your help can prove a boon for them.


Pupil Leader

Example 3

You are Rajan/Rajat, residing at 30A, Munirka. Your friend had to undergo an operation for which he needs rupees two lakhs. Some generous people have donated some money but that is not sufficient. Draft an appeal which will be published in a local daily to generate money for the operation. Do not exceed 50 words.



It is earnestly appealed to kind people of the society that one Mr. Sunderram aged 35, father of two small kids is on his last legs since he cannot afford money amounting Rs. Two lakhs for his heart transplantation/kidney failure. Some donors have contributed but the amount is quite insufficient Please help by sending a part of your hard-earned money immediately at the following address:

Medical Superintendent


Mathura Road, New Delhi


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