Letter on Inauguration of Science Exhibition

You are Kamala/Rajan, President of the Youth Club, Kanpur. You are organizing a Science Exhibition for the college students in Kanpur. Write a letter to the Minister for Science and Sports requesting him or her to be the Chief Guest and inaugurate the exhibition. Do not forget to mention the activities of your club.

Youth Club, Kanpur
5th January 20xx
The Minister for Youth and Sports
Government of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow

Subject: Inauguration of Science Exhibition.

Sir, Since its inception from 1995, the Youth Club, Kanpur is a leasing institution in participating in different activities of national interest and other useful events for the benefits of the youths. Very often it organizes camps on Health and Hygiene, National Service Scheme, and new inventions going in the field of science, engineering, and medicine. Only last month its ‘Blood Donation Bank’ was inaugurated by the Chief Justice of India. The Club aims at to :

  1. Organise and channelize youth energy in character-building activities.
  2. Develop consciousness among youth about uprooting social evils.
  3. Organise activities for preserving our culture heritage
  4. Providing facilities for developing rural sports at grass root level.
  5. Enable the youth to develop awareness of environment, culture and ownself.

In order to develop research attitude among the talented youths, the club has organized a Science Exhibition for the college students of this stage in Shivaji Stadium, Kanpur. Students will exhibit Their models and renovated scientific items. This exhibition will remain open for all from chief Guest on 25th ultimo at 10.00 a.m. Please enlighten and encourage the modern youths on this yours faithfully


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Letter on Inauguration of Science Exhibition
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