Paragraph writing

Paragraph writing in English requires knowing how to write a great topic sentence, using supporting details and transitional words as well as finding a strong concluding sentence.Paragraph writing in English

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What is paragraph writing?

A paragraph is a group of sentences that, in totality, introduces, develops, and suns up an idea.

As we have already learned, a paragraph consists of a topic sentence, a few supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.

What is paragraph writing in English explain

A paragraph is a composition designed to assess the creativity and organisational abilities of a student. A paragraph is a group of sentences written on a topic. In writing a paragraph, the writer should first collect his ideas on the given topic and then organise them in a fluent and grammatically correct order. A paragraph must contain a key sentence that introduces the topic in one line. (Paragraph writing in English) One must ensure coherence in the organisation of sentences so that the thoughts and ideas are presented in a united manner, with an eye organisation of sentences so that the thoughts and ideas are presented in a united manner, with an eye for fluency. A simple format can be observed to make the paragraph effective. 

How to write a paragraph in English?

It is very important that while writing you do not repeat your ideas. (CBSE) Hence, you haven’t introduced many more points to support the main idea of your paragraph.Paragraph writing, How to write paragraph in english

However, the basic structure remains the same.

The Topic Sentence

It is the first sentence of the paragraph that introduces the topic. In a way, it conveys the overall theme of the paragraph. This sentence is very important as it introduces to the reader the subject matter of the paragraph.

A top sentence needs to catch readers’ attention in order to make them want to continue to read. The topic sentence should also give readers an idea of what is to follow.

The Supporting Sentences

These sentences are used to support the main idea stated in the topic sentence. These sentences are used to elaborate on what the topic sentence says in brief. They give more information about the main idea through examples.

Without strong and clear supporting details, a strong topic sentence can’t survive. It is the supporting details, in the form of facts, descriptions, and examples, that back up the claim made by the topic sentence.

1. Transitional words

Using transitional words between sentences builds the unity and clarity of paragraphs. Transitional words like next, similarly, or for instance make sentences flow together, showing

2. The Concluding Sentence

This is usually the last sentence of your paragraph that sums up what the topic sentence and the supporting details talk about. This sentence is used to tie up all the loose ends and give a logical end to your paragraph.

It is very important for students to know how to write a conclusion. The writing conclusion confirms everything mentioned in a paragraph. A conclusion usually restates the claim in the topic sentence.


Let us take up a topic, for example, ‘Sending Cards’, and jot down the ideas as they occur, randomly.

  • Especially sent on certain occasions
  • Different kinds of cards are available
  • Most popular occasions
  • Miscellaneous cards
  • E-cards are popular now
  • Hand-painted cards are treasured
  • A card can cheer up

Now expand the ideas into complete sentences. You can change the order if need be.

Sending cards

All cover the world, people send cards to one another on special occasions. There are many kinds of cards available in stores for every occasion. However, birthday cards are the most popular ones. Other than occasion cards, there are also miscellaneous, like get well soon cards, thank you cards, congratulation cards, etc. However, these days, e-cards have become very popular with the advent of the Internet. Most e-cards are available free on select sites. These days, very few people take the paints to send hand-painted cards. Nevertheless, a hand-painted card not only brings a smile but is also treasured by the receiver as it shows the effort the sender has taken to cheer him/her up. Any kind of card with beautiful words written inside is a wonderful way of greeting someone.

Salient features of a paragraphTypes of Paragraph in english

Before you actually begin to write, you should have a clear understanding of the subject at hand. Remember, just as a sentence deals with one though, a paragraph deals with one topic or idea.

First, write down the main idea or topic. Paragraph writing in English, It can be a single word, more than one word, or a short phrase. Build on the words or short phrases to come up with additional ideas that support the main idea. You may change the order of the points or supporting ideas according to their occurrence or importance when you actually begin to write your paragraph.

What are the steps in writing a good paragraph?

Before you start writing your paragraph, jot down points that are related to the subject matter at hand.

  • The topic sentence is the introductory statement of your paragraph as it introduces the main idea. Keep in mind, that the readers will greatly rely on what it says to decide if the paragraph is worth reading or not.
  • Develop the main idea with the help of relevant details, examples, etc.
  • Do not write unrelated sentences. One idea should lead to the other.
  • Try to come up with a concluding sentence that is thought-provoking or appealing so that it lingers on the reader’s memory.
  • Every sentence in the paragraph must be closely related to the main idea or topic. Do not write sentences which are not in any way  related to the topic
  • Ensure that the structure of your detailed sentences is such that there is no logical gap in the sequence of thoughts or development of the main idea.
  • Remember to write complete sentences.
  • Re-read all that you have written, and if need be, change the order of the sentences.
  • Once you have completed your paragraph, revise for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.

Types of Paragraphs in English

Here we study three types of paragraph:

  1. Literacy paragraph
  2. Narrative paragraph
  3. Persuasive paragraph

1. Literacy paragraph

Topic Sentence: The fairy golden hair did not like rain

Paragraph writing in English

Whether it rained, dark clouds would cover the sky and block the sun, making the entire day seem deary and gray. If it rained on a chill day, then the day seemed even colder and more miserable than before. Moreover, regardless of the temperature, rain meant that the fairy’s hair would get frizzy and messed up no matter how much time she spent on it. Even a few raindrops were enough to undo an entire morning’s worth of styling.

As far as the fairy was concerned, the rain was not certain her friend.

Note: Moreover is an example of a transitional word.

2. Narrative paragraph

Topic sentence: My hometown is known for its several wonderful natural features. First, it is 

Famous for the Vandana River which is very wide and beautiful. Also, on the other side of the town is Vandana Hill, which is unique because it is very steep. The third amazing feature is the big old Banyan Tree. This tree stands two hundred feet tall and is probably about six hundred years old.

Concluding sentence: These three landmarks are truly amazing and make my hometown a famous place.

Note: Also is an example of transitional words.

3. Persuasive paragraph

Instead of staying at home during professional activities days, students in grades six and above should be fixed to do some volunteer work in their community. For one thing, there are a number of worthwhile agencies that are in need of extra help. Also, volunteering would get students out of the house and active, which is much better for them than sitting on the couch playing video games. Finally, volunteering would teach students responsibility and commitment to someone/something other than themselves. Paragraph writing in English, Overall, professional activities days spent in this way would be a win-win situation for both students and their communities.

Format for paragraph writing

  1. Introduce the topic in one or two sentences so that the reader immediately comes to know what the paragraph is about.
  2. Put all your thoughts, ideas, and information about the topic in a logical and organized fashion.
  3. Conclude the paragraph in a suitable manner.

Points remember: While writing a paragraph

  1. Follow the word limit given in the question paper.
  2. Avoid using irrelevant information.
  3. Be careful about grammatical accuracy.

Example of a paragraph with a topic sentenceParagraph writing Solved example

Example 1

Write a small paragraph on “the importance of books in the Life of a Student’ Paragraph writing in English.


  • A medium that cuts across times by presenting the views of people of yesterday’s times
  • A vista of how the world has been the collection of knowledge and gain of various subjects to date.
  • Undoubtedly the best friend for a person
  • A guiding light
  • Initiates and stimulates thought processing on a subject.


Books are often mistaken to be a burden by a lot of students. On the contrary, they come to our rescue in our dire need. They are a window to our big world and present it from different times on a whole variety of subjects. They let us see how mankind has progressed over its long journey. And until we go through that, we can’t know how the future world would shape up for us. Books give a jumpstart to a professional in his field, as he can go through all that has been achieved in that field and save his time and effort by avoiding the repetition of the same task. Books, as a guiding light, initiate and stimulate thoughts on various subjects. They are a milestone of the journey mankind has covered and the details of it. 

Example 2

Discuss the ‘Negative Aspects of Television in a Child’s Life’ in the form of a paragraph.


  • Excessive strain on eyes.
  • Multiple channels promote surfing endlessly.
  • Wastage of time
  • Academics take a back seat
  • ‘200 channels but nothing on’ is the common complaint of a viewer
  • Promotes violence, aggression, immorality, etc. in young nimble minds
  • Reality shows go beyond the possible limits to gain viewership
  • Kids have often suffered dire consequences due to reality shows
  • Parents, children and the media need to exercise restraint on what is being aired and what needs to be watched


Television has become one of the most important sources of entertainment in the modern scenario. It occupies a central position in the homes of almost all strata of society with children forming a major part of its spectators. On one hand, if it is one of the greatest sources of knowledge and general awareness, it has, on the other hand, become a medium to show programs that most of the time are not suitable for children. The minds of young children are like raw slates in the deterioration of moral values. With the advent of cable and satellite television available twenty-four hours a day, literally, hundreds of programs cannot be viewed by all the family members sitting together. As a result, television, ultimately, has more negative aspects and thus TV viewing must be limited and selective for children.

Example 3

Paragraph writing in English, Most the students usually find writing skills difficult. Write a paragraph describing ‘Ways to Improve Writing Skills in English’.


  • Take notes in class and always complete homework
  • Don’t get discouraged by red-ink marks in your note-book, keep trying 
  • Read as many books, short stories, magazines, and newspapers as you can 
  • Interactive websites provide online practice and correction
  • Always make an outline, listing items/events/paints you need to include
  • Rank these points in order of importance and expand on each
  • Attempt spell-bee, crosswords, word scrambles, etc.
  • Use a dictionary often
  • Practice writing in English on any topic


Writing expression is a must to score good marks in English. IN order to acquire good writing skills one should always take notes in class and should try to complete homework time maintain a steady always take notes in class and should try to complete their homework on time to maintain a steady pace. One shouldn’t get discouraged with the red-ink marks in the notebooks as they are mere reminders. One shouldn’t lose hope and should keep trying. Developing a reading habit, be it short stories, magazines or newspapers is a must to acquire a vast vocabulary and improve spelling, these days several interactive websites on the internet provide online practice worksheets and correct them too. While writing a piece of information, one should always draft a word sketch or outline of points to be included. After that, these points should be listed in descending order of importance. Some fun ways to keep yourself busy are spell-bees, crosswords, word search puzzles, and scrambles. Using a dictionary also helps in improving vocabulary and the most try writing in English a few lines on any one topic of your choice.

How to begin your paragraph using words/ideas

Now, observe the following examples, see how you can begin your paragraph using words/ideas, and then expand or build on these to come up with effective sentences that will form the paragraph. Then write the paragraph.


Words You Know

  • Done on snow
  • Winter season
  • Famous skiing grounds in India
  • Skiing competitions
  • Skilling instruct instructor


  1. Skiing is an exhilarating sport practiced on snow.
  2. However, skiing can be done only during the winter season when the layer of ice is thick in mountainous regions.
  3. Gulmarg and AUli are the most famous skiing grounds in India.
  4. Skiing competitions are held there during the winter months.
  5. Even if you are a beginner, you can find a skiing instructor who can train you.

Best Holiday Destination

Words You know

  • Goa-best place
  • Sunny and warm
  • Blue waters and balmy beaches
  • Water sports
  • Fine restaurants 


  • Goa is the perfect place for a vacation.
  • It is always sunny and warm
  • The deep blue sea and the balmy beaches are beautiful.
  • People can avail themselves of various water sporting activities like speed boats, parasailing, water scooters, etc.
  • It has many fine restaurants where you can gorge on a variety of dishes, the origins of which can be traced to various parts of the world.

Airplanes and the Modern Day

Words you know

  • Airplanes changed human lives
  • Traveling is much faster
  • You can travel to distant places 
  • Delivery of goods has improved
  • The world seems smaller


  • Airplanes are a boon to modern man as they have made traveling much faster and easier.
  • Airplanes have made distant places accessible.
  • Now, delivering goods to remote corners of the world is not a problem as cargo planes ensure smooth and hassle-free delivery.
  • Because of airplanes, the world has shrunk and distance no longer matters.

Paragraph writing examplesParagraph writing Examples

Paragraph writing 0n ‘Important of Fruits and Vegetables in Our Daily Diet’

Vegetables and fruit are an important part of a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals that help to keep our body functioning smoothly. It gives us the energy and strength to lead a healthy and active life. In addition, they have lost of fiber to help our digestive system work properly. Finally, it has been scientifically proven that the nutrients in fruits and vegetables can help fight diseases. If we take a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, we’ll be on the road to better health.

Paragraph writing 0n, Important of Fruits and Vegetables in Our Daily Diet

Paragraph writing 0n ‘Sense of Humour’

Laughter is an expression of joy and happiness. Man alone, among countless creatures of God, has the capacity to laugh. Life, indeed, would have been very dreary without humour and laughter. The ability to laugh relieves man of stress and enables him to see the brighter side of life. A man with a good sense of humour is welcomed at every gathering – he often enlivens a dull conversation with his sparkling wit and jokes. Humour in many ways helps people not to lose their temper. It helps to maintain mental equilibrium even, as it helps to attract friends. A man devoid of a sense of humor always remains tense and unhappy. He is unable to see the lighter side of life. Hence, humor has great practical value in an individual’s life.

Paragraph writing 0n, Sense of Humour

Paragraph writing 0n ‘The Art of Conversation’

The manner in which a man speaks and communicates his ideas sets him apart from the rest. The art of conversation is one of the most distinctive features of human personality. It is aptly said that a man reveals himself through his conversation. A man, who has mastered this art, can make a great impact on people. He can enliven a social gathering with his wit and gain popularity among friends and colleagues. We may strive for perfection in the art of dressing well but tend to be rather sloppy when it makes his presence felt. He exudes confidence and poise. The ability to speak well is undoubtedly an art and like all other art forms, it can be acquired with practice.

Paragraph writing 0n, The Art of Conversation

Paragraph writing 0n ‘Time is Money’

Life a journey traveled on the highway of time. Therefore, time is precious. Every moment in life should be properly utilized, as time, once lost, can never be recovered. And there is no way to stop should be properly utilized, as time, once lost, can never be recovered. And there is no way to stop the hands of time from ticking. Hence right from childhood, one should learn to appreciate the value of time. Just as one should learn to make the best use of money, Should learn to make the best use of time, too. It has been rightly said, ‘Time and tide wait for none.’ People who realize the value of time, believe in action rather than procrastination. They use it to acquire knowledge and various useful skills.Paragraph writing 0n, Time is Money

Practice questions for paragraph writing

Write a paragraph on each of the following topics. Pointers have been given for each topic.

Question 1: Conversation of natural Resources


  • Several ways to conserve natural resources
  • Turn off lights and other appliances when not in use
  • Use lights that consume less power
  • Drive less – adopt carpooling distances
  • Use recycled items
  • Don’t waste-water
  • Don’t waste-water
  • Use waste-water for watering your plants
  • Each of us should do our bit

Question 2: Knowledge is Power


  • Man is a social animal who can think
  • Despite being physically weak, he rules over all other animals
  • Man has knowledge which makes him powerful
  • Even among men, the ignorant bow before the knowledgeable
  • Philosophers, scientists, religious leaders, etc. have great influence over others
  • Thus, knowledge is power
  • However, knowledge cannot control the natural processes

Question 3: Our Cultural Heritage


  • A rich and unique cultural heritage
  • Religious tolerance is an important aspect of our cultural heritage
  • Unique works of sculpture, painting, and architecture
  • There are negative aspects of our culture, too
  • Western culture should not be followed blindly
  • Preserve what is good and discard what is bad

Question 4: Write a paragraph on ‘Friendship – A Beautiful Relation’.


  • Provides comfort and peace
  • True friends help you through tough and testing times
  • A good friend is honest, trustworthy and caring
  • Accepts you unconditionally
  • Not governed by caste, creed, colour, blood or status
  • Always there to give advice and share the best and the worst without hesitation

Question 5: Write a paragraph describing how you celebrated Diwali without crackers.


  • Distributed sweets and gifts among the needy
  • Helped mother clean the house
  • Organised a cultural festival in locality
  • Learned to cool a sweet dish
  • Initiated a signature campaign requesting everyone to celebrate a ‘cracker-free’ Diwali 
  • Used the money (received for crackers) to purchase Clothes/Shoes/Games/gadgets etc.

Question 6


  • Describing your aspirations.
  • How do you plan to achieve it?
  • Which individual or incident inspired you?
  • Who is helping you to achieve it?

Important topics for Paragraph writing

Write persuasive paragraphs on the following topics: Paragraph writing in English.Paragraph writing Topics

  1. Longer recesses in schools
  2. More holidays during  the year
  3. Online learning
  4. Recycling
  5. School uniform – an evil
  6. E-mail
  7. Population-Free towns

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