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Report writing examples list

  1. Report on the cultural exchange programme
  2. A report on the impact of reality shows on the younger generation
  3. A report on the impact of reality shows on the younger generation
  4. How to prevent cruelty towards animals
  5. A report on road accident
  6. A report on road accident
  7. Rising prices create a crisis
  8. Celebration of international year of chemistry
  9. Report on bomb blast
  10. First aid training camp
  11. CBSE football tournament
  12. A report about cbse quiz competition
  13. CBSE chess tournament
  14. Broad-day robbery gas-filling station
  15. Report on “no tobacco campaign”
  16. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation
  17. Facing the examination with confidence
  18. International trade fair
  19. Job fair
  20. Report on Job fair
  21. Collect funds and clothes especially for old widows living in abject poverty at such places as vrindavan etc.
  22. Neglected freedom fighters
  23. Report on increasing crime rate in india
  24. A report
  25. A snacky treat
  26. An educational tour/trip
  27. Report on historical tour
  28. The school organised an exhibition-cum-sale of the items prepared under work experience by your school for a local daily.
  29. Van Mahotsav and environmental week in dalmianagar
  30. Maryland school, Gurgaon, Haryana.
  31. Performance of disabled persons on zee tv.

Report writing examples, For class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, for students, CBSE

Example 1

You are Shekhar/Tripta a student of A.P. public School. Principals of two schools from Bhutan visited your school as part of a cultural exchange programme. Students of the school put up a cultural show in their honor. Write a report about it for your school magazine. (100-125 words)


During a recent cultural exchange programme our school got the honour of host in two principals of public schools of Bhutan. Mr. Sahib Alam of Sam Public School and Begu, Taira Bano of Vardhman Public School were received by the principal of our school. It was really a moment of great pride for A.P. Public School.

To show ore respect a guard of honour was presented to the visiting dignitaries by the senior students of our school. They were led to the school auditorium where they were given a very warm welcome. In her welcome speech, our principal Ms. Sunia Chaudhary expressed that she hoped that their visit would motivate the students to work for peace and harmony between the two neighbors.

The programme began by a Gazal sung by Ahoy Shrivastava of class Xii. Then followed folk dances from the provinces of India and Bhutan. The school choir ended the show by singing a song with the passion of secularism and brotherhood. Both the visiting principals were moved by the performance of the students and were grateful for the grand reception they got during their stay. They hoped that such cultural exchanges would continue in future also and invited over principal and representatives of our school to Bhutan. It was really a great moment for our school.

Example 2

You are Cultura Secretary of PND Xavier School, Jamshedpur. Your school organized a debate on the topic, “the impact of reality shows on the younger generation’. Write a report in 100-125 words to the published in ‘The Times of India’, Jamshedpur.



Jamshedpur – 18th March 20xx                                                                       By Nikunj Sharma, Cultural Secretary

Our school organized a debate on the topic ‘The Impact of Reality Shows on the younger generation last week. It was highlighted that Television is a popular means of entertainment as well as attaining knowledge. The reality shows named Dance India Dance, Little Master, Jhalak Dikhla Ja, Kya Baat Hai, Sa – Re – Ga- Ma- Pa, Bournvita Quiz, Dus Kadam, Kaun Banega Crore Pati, etc., have won the hearts and minds of the children’s knowledge. The sons, serials, dramas, movies, etc. entertain them. They enjoy live telecasts of matches and sports. These were the views of the supporters.

Children waste their time and health when they become addicts and watch such serials in excess. They become outspoken and abusive. These were the views of the rival debaters. Their studies are hampered. They fail in their moral conduct. It also spills their character and turns them non-serious.

Example 3

Recently on Children’s Day, you visited a children’s ward in a government hospital. The hospital was very neat and clean and the postural’s maintenance was excellent. Write a report of your visit to the hospital in 100-125 words to be published in Deccan Herald, Bangalore. You are Vipul/Vibha, a reporter. (Report writing examples)



Bangalore, 19th November, 20xx                                                                -By Vipu, A Reporter

I happened to visit a children’s ward in the government hospital in Bangalore recently. It was 14th November and the birthday of Lte Pr. Jawaharlal Nehru. The beloved ‘Chacha’ of the children had named his birthday as ‘Children’s Day’.

I found the hospital very neat and clean. The children’s ward was tastefully decorated. I was deeply impressed by the excellent maintenance of the hospital. New clothes were supplied to the children. They were carrying banners (tri-color flags) in their hands. Toffees and toys were distributed to the children. The nurses and doctors were enjoying the company and games of children.

Example 4

Your school conducted a seminar on ‘How to prevent cruelty towards animals’, in which 40 city CBSE schools took part. As Co-coordinator of the programme, write a report in 100-125 words for the school magazine. You are Vikram/Vidhi of C.P.S. Senior Secondary School, Bangalore.

Report writing examples


Bangalore, 4th March, 20xx

C.P).S. Senior Secondary School, Bangalore conducted a seminar o ‘How to prevent cruelty towards animals’ last week. The Health Minister was the Chief Guest. About 40 city CBSE schools participated in the seminar. Most of the participants felt concern about the miserable plight of the animals. A peace rally was organized for preventing cruelty towards animals since they too have life and them. It was highlighted by all the speakers that animals are or best friends but we are their worst enemies. Pamphlets classifying the importance of animals were distributed. The seminar created awareness not to treat the animals ruthlessly. They should not be over-loaded and maltreated. The good speakers were awarded.

Example 5

You witnessed a road accident near Balbandh Chowraha at Agra in which a bus and a scooter were involved. Write a report for Amar Ujala in 100-125 words. Sign as Vivek/Vimala, Special Correspondent.

Report writing examples


Agra: 5th My, 20xx

I witnessed a road accident near Nalabandh Chowraha at Agra yesterday in which a bus and a scooter were involved.

I was returning to groom my office yesterday at 5.30 p.m. I was driving my car. I stopped my car on seeing the red light. A young man was driving the scooter at breakneck speed. He did not apply brakes but kept on driving his scooter. A blur-line was coming from the right side. The driver was trying to overtake another bus. His bus dashed heavily against the scooter/scooterist. He fell down and started bleeding. The bus driver stopped the bus. He got ready to run away but the crowd nabbed him. Some passengers of the bus got minor injuries. The police came thereafter fifteen minutes. In the meanwhile, the scooterist had died. It was a horrible and fatal accident. The drivers who are found drunk should be heavily fined to prevent such accidents.

Example 6

A new indoor gymnasium has recently been constructed and inaugurated at APJ International School at Goa. As a special correspondent of ‘The Hindu’ draft a report in 100-words on the hyamnasuum and he inauguration ceremony.

Report writing examples


Goa: 4th March, 20xx

I happened to visit APJ International School at Goa yesterday. A new indoor gymnasium has recently been constructed there. The Minister of Sports was the Chief Guest at the inaugural ceremony.

Crores of rupees have been spent over the construction of the building. The following are the most useful machines that have been installed there:

(I)                  Trend Mill, (ii) Dumb Bell , (iii) Weight lifting bars, (iv) Weight benches, (V0 Waist twisting machine (vi) Ergometerm (vii) Foot Massager, (iii) Rowing machine (ix) Body massage (x) Exercising cycle and (xi) back stretcher balloons’.

In short, the above machines will be of utmost help in strengthening all the muscles of the body.


Example 7

Your school Commerce Association organized a seminar for Class XII students or the school of your zone on the topic, ‘Raising prices to create a crisis’. As coordinator of the programme, write a report in 100-125 words for your school magazine. You are Piyush/Priya of ABC School, Agra.



Agra, 4th March, 20x

The Commerce Association of ABC School, Agra organized a seminar for class XII students of the schools of our zone on the topic ‘Rising Prices Create a Crisis’ last weeks. The Finance Minister was the Chief Guest. About 50 schools of the zone participated in the seminar. Most of the speakers felt concern about the rising prices.

It was highlighted that the price hike and caused a threat to the survival of people belonging to the low-income group. The petty vegetables, pulses, and other necessary items, of daily use like flour, rice, ghee, oils, gas and petrol are becoming costlier day by day. Hoarders and black marketers are getting richer day by day. An appeal was made to the Chief Minister to penalize the parasites.

Example 8

Your school celebrated the International Year of Chemistry. 36 schools from Delhi participated in various competitions. Chairman, CBSE was the Chief Guest. As Co-ordinator, draft a report in 100-125 words for your school magazine. You are Ram/Ramya of G.B. Senior Secondary School, Delhi.


Celebration of International Year of Chemistry


Delhi, 4th March, 20xx                                                                                   by Ram / Ramya, Cultural Secretary

The International Year of Chemistry was celebrated in our school last year. 36 schools from all the districts of Delhi participated in various competitions. Various scientific discussions, queries, seminars, presentations and other ceremonies were held.

The day started with a lamp-lightening ceremony by the Chairman of CBSE (Honored Chief Guest) It was followed by a welcome speech by our Principal. Then all the dignitaries were presented with bouquets of flowers. The various event was organized on the specific venues. The different schools presented their posters in the lobby. The lecturers of the removed scientists based on research were very informative. Almost all the school’s tool parting the science quiz. It was quite a tough competition. The day ended with the prize distributing ceremony at ht hands of the Chief Guest.

Example 9

You witnessed a bomb blast in a Delhi market when you went there for shopping along with your parents for Diwali purchases. Write a report in 100-125 words for your school magazine.


Delhi: 30th October, 20xx                                                                                            by Roopangi Sharma, Dwarka

Being an eye witness to a terror attack is the utmost horrible experience for any human being. Earlier, I had heard about terror attacks like bomb blasts, etc. I had also read about them in newspapers and sympathized with the suffers.

A few days before the Diwali festival, I happened to go to Sarojini Nagar for shopping with my family. We had parked our car outside the may market. We entered a shop to buy some readymade clothes. Just then a sudden and very loud noise pierced our ears and we got shocked and unnerved. In a hurry, we stepped out of the shop leaving behind our purse containing rupees face thousands. We heard heartrending cries and deafening shouts of people crying for help from the other side of the market the police had also reached the spot of bomb blast and had cordoned the area. We saw many men, women, and children covered in blood and lying on the ground. We also saw some shattered vehicles and dead bodies. The police and the bomb squads evacuated the spot and took the injured people to the nearby hospital. We thanked our stars for saving us. We simply used the terrorists.

Example 10

You are Jay/Jaya, studying in Shyamala Memorial Hall, Trichy. Some students of our school attend a first aid training camp for a week at Red Cross Headquarter of our state. Write a report for your school magazine in 1k00-125 words on the events of the campo and your participation and performance.


Report by —- Jaya, student trainee

Recently a First Aid Training Camp was held at Trichy Headquarter of Red Cross. Our school students too participated in this week-long camp. There were doctors called from hospitals to give children the practical demonstrations how First Aid to the person is to protect or save life and help him/her recovery. But at the same time, we must keep ourselves cool. A small first aid box was also taught to be made and what important things should the box contain. At the end of the workshop, everyone felt of herself confident enough to provide first aid to the person in need.

Example 11

You are Keshave/Karuna, Sports Secretary of Vidhyapeet, Bengaluru. Your school was the venue for the national level CBSE Football Tournament this year. Write a report for your school magazine, in 100-125 words on the programmed and its highlights.


Report by – Karuna, Sports secy., Vidyapeet , Bengaluru

Delhi: 5 Sep., 20xx

The finals of the national level CBSE football tournament were held at our school playground last week. About twenty teams of various schools in different states participated in the tournament week. About twenty teams of various schools in different states participated in the tournament. Our school team and the team of Springdale’s School, New Delhi reached the final. It was a close and cutthroat contest. Luck favored our school. Our team played vigorously and won the championship. Nikunj Sharma of our tea won the singles championship. The glittering ceremony ended with the garlanding of the team players and its captain. The thanks-giving ceremony and singing of the national anthem were the concluding items of the function.

Example 12

You are Keshav/Karuna, Head Boy/Girl of Vidyapeeth, Bengaluru. You and two more students represented your school at the national level CBSE Quiz Competition at Delhi recently. Write a report for your school magazine, in 100-125 words on the programme and your team’s performance.

Report writing examples


Delhi: 11th August 20xx                                                                         By Keshav. Karuna, Head Boy/ Head Girl

It is a matter of great joy and pride that our School Quiz Team won the CBSE Contest at the national level. A quiz contest was organized in Sarvodaya Vidyalaya Delhi on 10th August, 20xx. More than 12 teams participated in the contest.

This contest was to test the general knowledge of the school children of Secondary and Senior Secondary level. One was to speak in its favour and the other side in its opposition. There was a panel of three judges to announce the result. The questionnaire ha a variety of questions on science, literature, music and general knowledge. The students of the rival team had a tough very sharply and answered almost all the questions. Thus they secured 75 points while the rival team could get only 60 points. The judges declared the result and offered the trophy to our team. It gave me immense pleasure to b a part of the winning school Quiz Team. It was a great event.

Example 13

You are Keshav/Karuna, Sports Secretary of Vidyapeet, Bengaluru. You participated in the national level CBSE Chess Tournament at Delhi recent. Write a report for your school magazine, in 100-125 words in the programme and your team’s performance.


Report by – ……………

The National level CBSAE Chess Tournament was organized at KNV School, Delhi. About twenty schools participated in the tournament. The tournament was started from 5th March and continued till 15th March.

The preliminary rounds were elimination rounds as well. Our team combines well and came out unscathed. After winning the preliminary rounds, we plunged into the quarter-finals and semi-finals and stormed into finals. Our team played well. Our rivals caught the foolish bait of ‘guesswork’ and lost heavily. We won the trophy and the chief guest gave Rs. 200/- to each participant of the team.

Such contests increase our interaction, mental alertness and strengthen our thinking ability.

Example 14

You are Anil/Anvita, a journalist with ‘The Times of India’. You were at a gas filling station when you saw armed robbers firing at the managers and running away with a bag full of cash. Write a report in 100-125 words for your newspaper.


Report by – ……………

Delhi: 22nd July, 200…..

Yesterday, I happened to visit a gas-filling station in outer Ring-Road near Kingsway Camp, Delhi. I washed to see the manager. Hardly had I reached the premises of the gas-filling station when I saw about a dozen armed robbers entering the gas-filling station. They were to hand over their mobile phones to them. They warned them not to talk among themselves to avoid being killed. Report writing examples, It was stunning but helps.

The robbers were armed with pistols. One of them nabbed the manager and fired at him. The terrified manager handed over the keys of ht safe to hi. One of them ran away with a bag full of cash. The matter has been reported to the police.

Example 15

Write a report in 100-125 words on ‘No Tobacco’ campaign organized by your school in the academic session 2010-11. You are Deep/Deepa Cultural Secretary, Anupam Senior Secondary School, Meerut.

Report writing examples




Report by – ……………

14TH January, 20….

Our school organized a ‘No Tobacco’ campaign last month. All the students of class XII joined the campaign. They carried placards in their hands. The place cards bore slogans like:

·         Smoking saps your strength, stamina, and energy.

·         Smoking is the messenger of cancer.

·         Smoking brings ruin and death.

·         Every cigarette cuts your life short by 5 minutes.

·         Save your purse and precious life.

·         Say ‘NO’ to tobacco.

·         All types of tobacco are injurious for health.

Many songs were sung condemning the use of tobacco. All the students took how jointly that they would never touch or use tobacco in any form in their life. The shopkeepers were also advised not to sell gutkhas or chewing tobacco (kheni) forthwith.

Example 16

The Debating Society of your school has recently held a workshop on ‘Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation’ (CCE) introduced for the students of Class X in all schools. The students discussed the assessment made by the school on the basis of their participation in various activities and the system of grading. Report writing examples, Write a report I 1001-125 words for your school magazine. You are Parveen/Payal, Secretary of the Society.


Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Report by – ……………

New Delhi: 18th March 20xx,

The debating society of SV(B) Rajouri Garden, New Delhi had held a workshop last week on continuous and comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in the first week of March. It has been introduced for the students of Class X in all schools. There was a warm discussion on its pros and cons. The supporter’s o CCE was of the view that it refers to a system of school-based evaluation of students that covers all aspects of students’ development. It gives weight to students’ performance both in curricular and co-curricular activities, attitudes and values. Marking will be done on a unit basis (system of grading).

The opponents of CCE were of the view that the system of evaluation is hollow, unhealthy and problems monger. It is not a fair and just system but is based on nepotism, the students and teachers will become inactive and indolent.

In the end, the debate ended in a healthy tone.

Example 17

You are Akash/Ambika. You attended a Seminar arranged for class XII students by AMC School, Chennai on the topic “How to Face the Examination with Confidence”. Write a report in 100-125 words for your school magazines. Invent the necessary details.


Report by – ……………

Chennai: 5th Jan 20 . . .

A seminar on “Facing the Examination with Confidence” was organized in AMC School, Chennai, It was a day-long programme and the students of X and XII from a different school of the district participated in the Seminar. These were five experts from the Bureau of Career and Counseling who enlightened the students with varied modalities, needed to be adopted during the examination time. They stressed the point that examination should not be taken as a bugbear but it paved the way to evaluate one’s capabilities and capacities. It emboldens one to face the hand eventualities of life. For solving the question paper, they pointed out the need for patience, understanding and the mode of remaining, healthy during the examination days. Prior to the examination, they pointed out the importance of discussion with their class fellows and the guidance of their subject teachers. The seminar had good success and a say of hope and happiness was visible on their witnessed faces.

Example 18

Recently you visited the International Trade Fair held in your city and saw many pavilions of foreign countries and those of the states in India. Write a report in 100-125 words. Describe what you saw there, purchase made if any, and also how these fairs not only enhance your knowledge but also help in improving relations with other countries. You are Rakesh/Rachna.

Report writing examples


Report by – ……………

New Delhi: November 30

The Trade Fair Authority of India organises International Trade Fair, from November 14th to 28th every year. This year the focus at the fair remained on the automobile industry. Numerous International players were on the forefront. They have set their pavilions. Giants such as General Motors, Tata Motors, an Mercedes were all set with their new products. The five-seater luxury car Neno by Tata thronged a huge rush. The international stalls had their artifacts including technical wares. The food festival at the Trade Fair had a remarkable experience. At the international stalls people were seen purchasing the items in bulk. In the evenings there were fashion shows hosted by leading fashion houses of the country. The Indian states’ stalls are very knowledgeable and help us enrich our relations with other countries. These are the sources of open to business visitors. The afternoon and evenings were for the general public. The Trade Fair bears a festive look for a fortnight and the streets of Delhi get choked with people making a beeline to reach the venue.

Example 19

You visited j Job Fair organized by Ability Foundation at Chennai recently. You were impressed to see that nearly 55 companies from various sectors such as information technology, telecommunication, electronics, etc., offered jobs to the final year students of colleges. As a reporter of ‘The Deccan Times’, Chennai prepare a report m 100-125 words. You are Peeyush/Priya.



Report by – ……………

Chennai: 27th March 20xx

I’m a staff reporter of the Deccan Times visited a job fair organized by Ability Foundation at Chennai last week. There were nearly 55 companies from various sectors. The prominent companies.

Information Technologies Telecommunication Electronics
Genpact, J.B.M., Infosis, Oracle Nokia, CISCO, Delton

Reliance Communicating,

Tata Consultancy Service

Micro Soft, Wipro, KDDI



These companies were offering jobs to the final year student of colleges.

The job fair was inaugurated by the Employment officer of Chennai. The participants were the youth who were in search of meaningful jobs in various sector.

Example 20

To promote healthy eating habits amongst school children, Vaibhav Public School, Hastinapur, recently organized a ‘Nutrition Food and Snacks Competition’. The encouraging. The famous nutrition expert, Dr. Shikha Sharma was the Chief Guest. As Archana/Arjunm the local student reporter for the Young India newspaper, write a report about this event in 100-125 words. Do not forget to give your report a catchy heading.



Report by – ……………

New Delhi: 5th March . . .

On 3rd March, ‘A Nutrition Food and Snacks Competition ‘ were organized by the students of Vaibhav Public School. Hastinapur in the school auditorium. The competition was open to both the students as well as their parents. The competition started at 10.00 am. sharp and It became encouraging from the very beginning. The participants had taken specific care in preparing their snacks having used in the respective snacks. A variety of mouth-watering, easy to make, sandwiches soups, low The famous nutrition expert Dr. Shikha Sharma went around and interrogated the participants. After the competition was over, Dr. Sharma addressed the students, teachers, and parents on ‘Healthy Eating and Keeping the Body Fit.” She condemned the growing craze for fast food and cola drinks. The competition was praised by all and sundry.

Example 21

The Social Club of Chitra Senior Secondary School Sahibabad organized cultural activities to collect funds and clothes especially for old widows living in abject poverty at such places as Vrindavan etc. Write a report in 100-125 words for you school newsletters about the activities and down your utilized the funds. Report writing examples you are Secretary of the Club.



Report by – ……………

New Delhi: 5th March . . .

The social club of our school organized several cultural activities to collect funds and clothes especially for an old widow living in abject poverty.

It is a matter of shame that old windows are either sheltered in shabby corners or are sent away to old people’s homes. They remain ill-fed and ill-clad. The old widows lead a hellish life in places like Vrindavan, Mathura, Agra, Kanpur, etc.

The artist presented a colorful variety of items like dances, dramas, orchestra, and songs, etc. The dress act play based on Tagore’s story ‘Post Office’ attracted everyone’s attention. The fancy dress shows added colour and liveliness to the programme.

The entire amount collected will be sent to the old widows and orphans.

The chief guest congratulated the students for doing commendable service to the cure of sufferers.


Social Club

Example 22

You are Roshan/Ruchika, a press correspondent. You attended a function organised in honour of the freedom fighters of your city. Seeing an attitude of neglect meted out to them during all these years in spite of their sacrifices, you decided to write a report for creating awareness. Write the report in 10-125 words for your paper, suggesting ways to improve their condition.


Report by – ……………

New Delhi: 5th March . . .

I happened to attend a function yesterday. It was organised in honor of the freedom fighters of our city (Meerty). About a dozen freedom fighters, who were still alive attended the functions. About a dozen freedom fighters, who were still alive attended the function. About a hundred persons (children and elderly ones) claimed themselves to be the dependents of the freedom fighters. They brought to the knowledge of the political leaders, government officers and the huge gathering about the woeful neglect netted out to the freedom fighters during all those years. They highlighted that the sacrifices of their martyrs have not been recognized. The widows and orphans of the freedom fighters had never awarded any compensation or relief in any affair. Their children or grandchildren get no concession in schools and colleges. The crippled freedom fighters are treated in private hospitals at their own cost. The so-called political heads lack awareness about their sacrifices.

Example 23

You attend a meeting wherein a number of people spoke about the increasing crime-rate in India. You Pravesh/Parati, a reporter from Indian Express Delhi. Write a report to be published in about 100-125 words, expressing your views and suggestions.


Report by – ……………

New Delhi: 5th March . . .

A hectic meeting was arranged yesterday in the lawns of Ajmal Khan Park, New Delhi concerning the increasing crime rate in India. The meeting was organised by the high-ranking officials of the government as well as other honorable members form the society. Most of the speakers gave their views against the heinous crimes prevalent in society. Cases of terrorism, rape, robbery, chain-snatching, murder, and kidnapping were on the lips of everyone. It was voiced that these culprits go scot-free. These gory crimes had the upper hands of the educated and white collared people. Some of the speakers viewed the faulty system of education and the interference of the great politicians and bureaucrats, Some of them opined that the lack of unemployment had posed a great threat to our peace and spread social evils. Let us resolve and raise to do away with these petty but troublesome offenses.

Example 24

You are Anand/Anandi a Times of India’ correspondent. You attended the inaugural function of Tamilnad Hospital, Chennai. Mentioning the specialties of the hospital, the number of beds, all available facilities, etc., and details about the ceremony write a report in 100-125 words for your newspaper.


Report by – ……………

New Delhi: 5th March . . .

I, a staff correspondent with Times of India attended the inaugural function of Tamilnd Hospital, Chennai today. It was inaugurated by the Health Minister of Chennai. The inaugural function consisted of Lightening of the lamp, singing of Saraswati Vandana, cutting of the ribbon at the entrance of the hospital, welcome of chief guest and cultural programmes.

There is a provision of 500 beds. The hospital has a vast campus and various O.P.D.’s beside the departments of dental, Cardiothoracic and Neuron Science. The emergency ward will remain open for the public day and night. There are specialized doctors for the treatment of all the diseases. There are spacious and ventilated rooms for patients. The hospital is fully equipped with medicines and required machines. There is a large waiting hall.

Example 25

You are the Special Correspondent of ‘The Hindu’. You visited the remote township of Samastipur a few years ago and saw the farmers starving due to poor facilities for irrigation and lack of employment. Today the same place has made a mark on the map of our country, with their Agro-Forestry Project, as a result of the efforts of an N.G.O. community and the Government. Write a report in 100-125 words for your newspaper.


Report by – ……………

New Delhi: 5th March …

On 3rd March, ‘A Nutrition Food and Snacks Competition’ was organized by the students of Vaibhav Public School, Hastinapur in School auditorium. The competition was open to both the students as well as their parents. The competitions started at 10.00 a.m, sharp and it became encouraging from the very beginning. The participants had taken specific care in preparing their snacks having optimum food and protein values. The participants were explaining the components of nutrients used in the respective snacks. A variety of mouth-watering, easy to make, sandwiches, soups, low for beverages and salads, etc. use aesthetically displayed with complementing cutlery and serviette. The famous nutrition expert Dr. Shikha Sharma went around and interrogated the participants.  After the competition was over, Dr. Sharma addressed the students teachers and parents on ‘Healthy Eating and keeping the Body Fit.” She condemned the growing craze for fast food and cola drinks. The competition was raised by all and sundry.

Example 26

You are Abhinav/Aanchal, a student of Mukherjee Public School Delhi. You went on an educational tour to Chandigarh, Shimla, Amritsar and Wagha Border. You found your Trip extremely exciting and enriching. Write a factual description of the trip in 100-125 words.


We, a grip of thirty students went on an educational tour to Chandigarh, Shimla, Amritsar, and Wagha Border. There we visited all the prominent libraries, public school, and universities. We were escorted by our History Lecturer. It was a ten day’s tour. We hired a guide at every place. He showed us around the cities and all the historical and educational buildings. The trip was extremely exciting and enriching. We learned more from seeing the educational sights than from reading books. The tour was both recreates and informative. We also saw many temples, gurudwaras, mosques, and churches. We learned a great deal about different religions and cultures.

Example 27

You are Aslam/Nasreen Cultural Secretary of D.A.V. Public School, Aram Bagh. Last month you organised a historical tour to Jaipur in Rajasthan. On your return you wrote for school magazine describing the places visited, experience Gained, difficulty (if any) faced, etc. Write the report in 100-125 words.




New Delhi: 5th March . . .

The Cultural Society of our school organised a historical tour to Jaipur in Rajasthan. There were about forty students and four teachers. The group travelled by an A.C. Bus. A five star hotel was already booked. We halted there for the night. The next morning we started our journey towards the historical places. We visited the Hawa Mahal, Chaukhi Rani Ka Qila, Jal Mahal, Aamer ka places and the fresh air of the green surroundings. We gained a first-hand experience of the historical places and the fresh air of the green surroundings. We gained first-hand experience of the glory bus got punctured and we were delayed by two hours.


Cultural Secretary

Example 28

Your school organised an exhibition-cum-sale of the items prepared under Work Experience by your school for a local daily. There was an overwhelming response from the public. You are the Coordinator, S.U.P.W. activities, Nita School, Gurgaon.

Report writing examples



Co-ordinator S.U.P.W. Activities,                                                                                                    December 13. 20…

The school organized an exhibition-cu,-sale of the items prepared by the students under work experience. All the parents of the students visited the school. They showered overwhelming praise on the students and the concerned staff for their constructive work. The electrical gadgets like the irons, table lamps, switches, and switchboards were sold like hotcakes. There was also an appreciable sale of wooden items like stools and drawing boards. Children bought plastic items and clay toys. Women bought cosmetics prepared by the students. The chief guest rewarded the winners of various activities. The sale amount was deposited in the poor boy’s fund.

Example 29

The Green Club of your school celebrates ‘Van Mahotsava and Environment protection week’ involving students of your school. Eminent environmentalists, journalists, and celebrities were also invited. Write a report in 100-125 words on the activities performed for a local daily. You are Amrit/Amrita, Secretary of the Club.


Week in Dalmianagar

Dalminagar : 15th September, 20..                                                                                                              By………………….

The Green Club of B.M.B. Public School Dalminagar Celebrated ‘Van Mohotsava and Environment Protection week by organizing workshops and other environmentally friendly activities. All the students of the school participated in it. Eminent environmentalists, journalists, and celebrities were also invited. The workshop started on 5th September and the Hon’ble Minister for Education addressed the participants on the importance of celebrating such weeks. More than 100 schools participated in the celebration. They discussed tangible steps to protect the environment from being vitiated survival of human beings. In this respect, an exhibition was arranged for the public. IT had mottos, charts, posters, and written literature to enlighten the on-lookers about the importance of consisted of a pledge to grow and protect trees. The participants also decided to set up an Environmental Club in their respective schools.

Example 30

Recently your school held a Seminar on Conservation of Water as a part of World Water Day celebrations. As the School Pupil Leader of Maryland School, Gurgaon, write the report in 100-125 words for a local daily. Signs as Protham /Preeti.

Report writing examples


July 19th, 20….                                                                                                By Pritham /Preeti, School Pupil Leader

Recently our school held a seminar on Conservation of water as a part of Water Day Celebrations. Those who spoke I favor pointed out that water is an elixir to live. It helps in our proper growth and encounters against many fatal diseases. Due to global warming and the melting of glaciers, there can arise an acute shortage of water. Most f the water taps become dry during summer.

Therefore, it is obligatory on our part to save every single drop of water. It becomes our moral duty, not to wastewater but harvests even the rainwater. I Meghalaya streams are tapped and crops are watered by using bamboos. The rainwater should be collected in dams. It would meet our demand for water at hard times. It was suggested that the plantation drive should be launched to retain the groundwater. In a nutshell, water should be conserved by one and all.

Example 31

You witnessed a program performed by differently-abled persons on Zee TV You were very much impressed by their performances and were emotionally touched highlighting their talent, the reaction of the judges too. Their performance etc., prepare a report in 100-125 word for your school magazine. You are Gopal/Gopi, Student Editor of the magazine.

Report writing examples




I happened to witness a program of the differently-abled person on Zee TV last week. The disabled persons were blind, deaf, dumb, cripples, etc. The mute persons expressed their feelings through gestures (facial expressions)and body movement. The blind, deaf and lame persons show their declamation. I was deeply impressed by their performance and was emotionally touched. Their performance was far superior to those of the fully sound and able people. The judges praised their performances lavishly and called them real actors. All of them won prizes.


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