500+ One Word Substitution in English PDF download

Today I am going to share with you One Word Substitution in English PDF, hope helpful for you.

One word Substitution (Substitutes) may be defined as single words that are used in place of a group of words to denote a person, an object, a place, a state of mind a profession, etc. In common parlance, they are termed as single words used to make an expression brief and pertinent. Polonius in ‘Hamlet’, a play by Shakespeare, aptly remarks
“Therefore since brevity in the soul of wit.
The tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes I will be brief:”
As such the use of one-word substitutions tends to obviate the repetition of unnecessary words avoiding verbosity and ambiguity. Rambling style speaks of a rambling state of mind whereas brevity conveys telling effect.
Moreover, one-word substitution is indispensable while writing a precis of a given passage. A student is required not a exceed the limit of words. They come in handy in such a situation. Hence their significance cannot be gainsaid and students are advised to learn them very seriously.
A few of one word substitutes are given below for the benefit of a student.

One Word Substitution in English PDF

List of one word substitution start with word A

  1. Abattoir Place where animals are killed for food.
  2. Abbot – A man who is the head of a monastery or an abbey.
  3. Abbreviation – A shortened form of a word or phrase.
  4. AbdicationTo formally give up.
  5. Ablution – Ritual washing of the body.
  6. Abstruse – Hard to understand.
  7. Abundance – A quantity that is more than enough.
  8. Accentuate – Give more force or importance to.
  9. Accomplice – Helper in a wrong deed or crime.
  10. Acronym – Word formed from initial letters of a name.
  11. Addendum – Thing to be added at the end of a book, etc.
  12. Advertisement – A public notice offering or asking for goods, services, etc.
  13. Afforestation – The act of forestation by planting many trees.
  14. Agenda – Items of business for consideration at a meeting.
  15. Aggressor – Someone who attacks first.
  16. Agnosticism – Doubtful about the existence of God.
  17. Alien – One who belongs to different country, race of group.
  18. Alimony – Allowance fixed after divorce to a wife.
  19. Allegory – Story in which ideas are symbolized as people.
  20. Alliteration – Commencement of adjacent words with
  21. Altruist – One who lives and works for the welfare others.
  22. Amateur– Lacking professional skill or expertise.
  23. Ambassador – A diplomatic representative of one country in
  24. Ambidextrous – Equally skillful with each hand.
  25. Ambiguous – Having more than one possible meaning
  26. Amnesia – Partial or total loss of memory.
  27. Amnesty – A general pardon of political offenders.
  28. Amphibian – Animals which live both on land and in water.
  29. Amphitheatre – A designated section of seats in any part of a
  30. Analgesia – The loss of ability to feel pain while still conscious.
  31. Anarchist – One who wishes to destroy all established government’s law and order.
  32. Anarchy – The absence of government in a country.
  33. Anecdote – Short amusing story about some real person or
  34. Anniversary – Yearly return of the date of an event.
  35. Annual – That which happens once in a year.
  36. Anomaly – Deviation or departure from common rule or standard or what is normal.
  37. Anonymous – A book or a work of art whose author is not
  38. Antagonist – One that opposes other.
  39. Antidote – A medicine to cure the effect of poison.
  40. Aphasia – Loss of ability to understand speech.
  41. Apostate – One who abandons his religious faith.
  42. Aquatic – Animals which live in water.
  43. Arbitrator/ Arbiter – Someone chosen to judge and decide a disputed issue.
  44. Aristocracy – A government by the nobles.
  45. Armistice – The cessation of warfare before a treaty is signed.
  46. Ascetic – One who practices self denial as a spiritual
  47. Assassination – Killing or murder for political reasons.
  48. Astrology – Science of the influence of the stars on affairs.
  49. Astronomy – Science of universe with sun, moon, stars, and planets.
  50. Atheist– A person who does not believe in the existence of God.
  51. Audience – An assembly of listeners.
  52. Autobiography – The life-history of a man written by himself.
  53. Autocracy – A government by one person.
  54. Avaricious – One who is greedy.

List of one word substitution begins with word B

  1. Bachelorhood – The state of being unmarried (of a man).
  2. Bankrupt/Insolvent – A person unable to pay his debts.
  3. Bay – A part of the sea/ lake enclosed by a wide curve of the shore.
  4. Beach – A stretch of sand/ stones along the edge of the sea/lake.
  5. Bellicose A person who is fond of fighting.
  6. Belligerent – Engaged in war/fight.
  7. Benefactor – One who gives financial help to a school, hospital, etc.
  8. Bibliophile – One who loves and collects books.
  9. Biennial – That which happens once in two years.
  10. Bigamy – The custom of having two wives or two husbands.
  11. Bigot – One who is filled with narrow and prejudiced opinion.
  12. Bilingual One who can speak two languages.
  13. Biography – The life-history of a man written by someone else.
  14. Biped – Animal with two-feet.
  15. Blaspheme – Speaking irreverently about God or sacred things.
  16. Bliss – Perfect happiness.
  17. Bohemian – One who does not follow the usual norms of social life.
  18. Bookworm/Bibliophilic – One who is interested in reading books and nothing else.
  19. Boorish – Person who is rough and ill-mannered.
  20. Botany – The science of vegetable life.
  21. Brittle – A thing which can be easily broken.
  22. Bureaucracy – A government by the officials.

List of one word substitution start with word C

  1. Cabaret – A series of cabre dance/ acts at a night club.
  2. Cabby, Cabdriver – The driver of a taxi cab.
  3. Cacophony – sound.
  4. Cajole – Persuade by flattery.
  5. CalligraphyArt of beautiful handwriting.
  6. Cannibal – The man who can eat human flesh.
  7. Cannibal – An understand place where people are buried/ a complex set of interrelated things.
  8. Capsize – Overturn in water.
  9. Carnage – Killing of large numbers of people.
  10. Carnival – Public merrymaking and feasting.
  11. Cartographer – A person who draws maps and charts.
  12. Cartography – Art of map-making.
  13. Catalogue – List of books and other articles.
  14. Celibate – One who has taken a vow not to have sex.
  15. Cemetery – The place for corpses to be buried.
  16. Centenary – Hundredth anniversary.
  17. Chronological – According to sequence of time.
  18. Circumlocution – A roundabout way of expression.
  19. Cloakroom – The place for luggage at a railway station.
  20. Coerce Compel to a course of action.
  21. Cognate – Having the same source or origin.
  22. Colleagues – Persons working in the same department.
  23. Collusion – Secret agreement for a fraudulent purpose.
  24. Conflagration – Huge destructive fire.
  25. Congregation – Gathering of worshippers.
  26. Congruent – Identical in all respect.
  27. Connoisseur – One who is well-versed in any subject/ art.
  28. ConscriptionCompulsory enlistment for military or other services.
  29. Contagious – Which spreads by physical touch or contact.
  30. Contemporary – Of the same time.
  31. Contiguous – Two countries or States touching a common boundary.
  32. Contrite – Showing deep sorrow for wrongdoing.
  33. Convalescence – The period of gradual recovery of health after illness.
  34. Conventicle – Secret and illegal religious meeting.
  35. Coquette – A seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men.
  36. Coronation – Ceremony of crowning a king.
  37. Cosmopolitan – A person who regards the whole world as his country.
  38. Credulous – One who is simple and easily believes whatever is told.
  39. Crematory The place for corpses to be burnt.
  40. Cripple – Someone who is unable to walk normally because of an injury or disability to the legs or back.
  41. Curfew – An order that certain activities/movements are prohibited.
  42. Cynosure Centre of attraction.

List of one word substitution start with word D

  1. Deist – One who believes in the existence of God.
  2. Demagogue Political leader who delivers sentimental
  3. Democracy – A government by the people, of the people, and for the people.
  4. Denizen – A person, an animal or a plant that lives, grows or is often found in a particular place.
  5. Depraved – Morally bad or evil.
  6. Deprecate – Express earnest disapproval of.
  7. Dermatology – The medical study of the skin and its diseases.
  8. Despondency Loss of complete hope.
  9. Destitution – Lacking basic necessities of life.
  10. Detrimental – Causing harm or damage.
  11. Dexterous – Skilful at handling things.
  12. Diatribe – Bitter and violent attack in words or writing.
  13. Dictatorship – Government carried on by an absolute ruler.
  14. Diplomacy – The skill and policy of a country’s statesmen and politicians/ skill in dealing with people.
  15. Discrepancy – Difference between two things that should be the same.
  16. DissimulateTo hide or disguise.
  17. Diurnal – Of the daytime.
  18. Draper – A shopkeeper selling cloth and clothing.
  19. Draw – The result of the match where neither party wins.
  20. Dwarf – A person, plant or animal who/which is below the usual size.
  21. Dynasty – Succession of rulers belonging to one family.

One word substitution start with word E

  1. Eavesdropper – One who witnesses secretly to private
  2. Economical – One who is careful in the use of money/ fuel etc.
  3. Edible – That which is fit to be eaten.
  4. Effeminate – A man .3who is womanish in his habits.
  5. Egalitarianism – Belief that all people are equal and have the same rights and opportunities.
  6. Egoist – A lover of one’s ownself/supercilious.
  7. Eligible – Fit to be chosen; qualified.
  8. Emergency – A sudden serious situation requiring immediate
  9. Emeritus – One who is honourably discharged from service.
  10. Emigrant – A person who goes to another country to live.
  11. Emissary – A person sent on a mission (usually official).
  12. Epicure – Person fond of delicious food.
  13. Epidemic – Disease affecting many people at the same place and time.
  14. Epilogue – A speech or a poem recited at the end a play.
  15. Episode – Part of story (especially T.V. or Radio show story).
  16. Episodic – Happening only some times and irregularly.
  17. Epistle – A letter.
  18. EpitaphWords which are inscribed on the grave.
  19. Epithet – Adjective added to a person’s name nusually to criticise or praise him.
  20. Epitome A perfect example.
  21. Epitomize – To be a perfect example.
  22. Equanimity – Calmness of mind and temper.
  23. Erotica – Books, pictures, etc. intended to arouse sexual
  24. Erudite – A learned or scholarly person.
  25. Espionage – Practice of spying.
  26. Eternal – Existing for ever — without any beginning or end.
  27. Etymology – The science which deals with derivation of words.
  28. Euphemism – Bombastic style of writing.
  29. Euphonious – Sounding pleasant.
  30. Euphoria – A strong feeling of happiness.
  31. Evanescent – Of a very short duration or period/ Ephemeral/Transient
  32. Explicable – That which can be explained.
  33. Extempore – A speech delivered without any preparation.
  34. Extravaganza – Public activity which takes place in a very elaborate, colourful and expensive way.

One word substitution start with word F

  1. Fallacy False or mistaken belief.
  2. Fanatic – One who is filled with excessive and mistaken
  3. Fastidious – One who is hard to please.
  4. Fatal or mortal – Resulting in death.
  5. Fatalist One who believes in destiny.
  6. Fauna Animals of a certain region.
  7. Feminist – One who works for the welfare of women.
  8. Fiasco Complete failure.
  9. Flagstaff – A long pole on which a flag is flown.
  10. Flora – All the plants of a particular area or period of time.
  11. Fluke – Stroke of good luck.
  12. Forgery – Counterfeiting of document.
  13. Fratricide – Killing/killer of one’s brother.
  14. Frenzy – A state of extreme excitement.
  15. Frostbite – Injury to the nose, fingers or toes, caused by extreme cold.

One word substitution start with word G

  1. Gallery – A room or building for showing works of art.
  2. Gamble – To play games of chance, etc. for money.
  3. Gastronomy – Science and art of preparing and appreciating good food.
  4. Genocide – Extermination of a race or community.
  5. Geology – The science of earth’s history and rocks.
  6. Germicide – A substance that kills germs.
  7. Glutton – One who eats too much.
  8. Gobble – Eat fast, noisly and greedily.
  9. Gratis/Gratuitous – Done or obtained without payment.
  10. Gregarious – Animals that live in flocks.
  11. Hallucinogen – A drug that causes one to hallucinate.
  12. Hedonism – Belief that the most important thing in the world is pleasure.
  13. Henchman – Faithful supporter.
  14. Herbivorous – Animals which feed on vegetation.
  15. Herculean – Having enormous strength or size.
  16. Heterogeneous – Things which contain elements of different
  17. Hexagon – A plane figure with six sides and angles.
  18. Holocaust – Large scale destruction by fire.
  19. Homicide – Murder or murderer of a man.
  20. Homogeneous – Things which contain elements of the same
  21. Honorary A post for which no salary is paid.
  22. Horticulture Art of growing vegetables, fruit, etc.
  23. Hospitable – Fond of entertaining guests.
  24. Hypochondria – Imaginary ailments.

One word substitution start with word I

  1. IconoclastOne who opposes established institutions or
  2. Idolatry – The worship of idols or images.
  3. Illegal – Contrary to law.
  4. Illegible Incapable of being read.
  5. Illicit – A trade or act prohibited by law.
  6. Illiterate – One who does not know reading and writing.
  7. Imaginary – Existing only in the mind.
  8. Immigrant – A person who comes to one country from another in order to settle there.
  9. Immune – Free from infection.
  10. Impalpable – Incapable of being perceived by touch.
  11. Impenetrable That which cannot be penetrated.
  12. Imperceptible – That which cannot be perceived by sense.
  13. Imperialism – Policy of extending a country’s empire and
  14. Impertinent – Not showing proper respect.
  15. Impiety – Lack of respect or religious reverence.
  16. Imponderable – That which cannot be guessed or calculated.
  17. Imposter – One who assumes a character or title not his own to deceive others.
  18. Impracticable – Incapable of being practised.
  19. Impregnable – Too strong to be overcome or defeated.
  20. Impregnable – That which cannot be taken by force of arms.
  21. Impresario – A manager or director of a ballet, a concert, a theatre or an opera company.
  22. Impromptu – Something said or done without preparation.
  23. Impudent – Rude and not respectful.
  24. Impunity – Freedom from punishment.
  25. Inaccessible – Incapable of being reached.
  26. Inadmissible – That which cannot be admitted or allowed.
  27. Inaudible – A sound that cannot be heard.
  28. Incendiary – Designed to cause fire/likely to cause violence.
  29. Incombustible – That which cannot be burnt.
  30. Incomparable – That which cannot be compared.
  31. IncorrigibleIncapable of being corrected.
  32. Incredible – Which can’t be believed.
  33. Incurable – Which cannot be cured.
  34. Indefatigable – Incapable of being tired.
  35. IndefensibleWhich cannot be defended.
  36. Indelible – Which cannot be erased or forgotten.
  37. Indemnity – Compensation for loss.
  38. Indestructible – That which cannot be destroyed.
  39. Indignant – Angry at injustice.
  40. Indispensable That without which one can’t do.
  41. Indivisible – That which cannot be divided.
  42. Ineligible – Not suitable to be elected or selected under the
  43. Inevitable – Incapable of being avoided.
  44. Inexcusable – That which cannot be excused.
  45. Inexplicable – Which cannot be explained.
  46. Inexplicit – Not definitely or clearly expressed.
  47. Inexpressible – That which cannot be expressed in words.
  48. Infallible – Never wrong.
  49. Infanticide – Killing of an infant.
  50. Infectious – A disease which spreads through air and water.
  51. Inflammable – Which catches fire easily.
  52. InimitableIncapable of being imitated.
  53. Insecticide – A substance that kills insects.
  54. Insolvent – A person who is unable to pay his debt.
  55. Insurrection – Rising in arms against an established
  56. Intercede – Plead to obtain a favour to save someone else.
  57. Intercept – To check or stop on way.
  58. Intrigue/conspire – Make or carry out secret planning.
  59. Introspection – Examination of self thought or feeling.
  60. Invincible – That which cannot be defeated.
  61. InvisibleThat which cannot be seen.
  62. Invulnerable – Incapable of being harmed.
  63. Irreconcilable – Impossible to find agreement between.
  64. Irrecoverable – That which cannot be recovered.349
  65. Irreparable – Incapable of being repaired.
  66. Irrevocable – That which cannot be altered.
  67. Itinerant – One who travels from place to place.

One word substitution start with word J

  1. Journal A newspaper or magazine that deals with a or professional activity.
  2. Juxtapose – Placing a thing beside another.

One word substitution start with word L

  1. Lagoon – Salt Water Lake separated from the sea by sand
  2. Lexicographer – A person who compiles a dictionary.
  3. Linguist – One who speaks many foreign languages.
  4. Logic – The science of reasoning.

One word substitution start with word M

  1. Maidenhood The state of being unmarried (of a girl).
  2. Mammals – Animals which give birth to babies and feed them with their milk.
  3. Manuscript – Matter written by hand.
  4. Mariticide – Killing of one’s husband.
  5. Martyr – One who dies for a noble cause.
  6. Masque – A play or a dramatic performance in verse, with music, dance and fine costumes.
  7. Massacre – Killing of large numbers of people.
  8. Materialist – A person for whom money is the most important.
  9. Matins – Morning prayer.
  10. Matricide Killing of one’s own mother.
  11. Matrimony – Marriage.
  12. Maxim – A short statement of a general truth.
  13. Memento – Something kept to remember place or event.
  14. Mercenary – One who acts only for money.
  15. Metamorphosis – Complete change in appearance.
  16. MeticulousVery particular about small details.
  17. Migration – Movement from one country to another.
  18. Misandrist – One who hates males.
  19. Misanthrope – A hater of mankind.
  20. Misogamist – Hater of marriage.
  21. Misogynist – A hater of womankind.
  22. Misologist – Hater of learning.
  23. Misoneist – Hater of new things.
  24. Missionary – A person sent to teach Christian religion
  25. Monastery – Place where monks live.
  26. Monogamy – The practice of keeping only one wife.
  27. Mortal – Subject to death.
  28. Mortuary – A place where dead bodies are kept before post-
  29. Mutilation – Cutting off body parts.

One word substitution start with word N

  1. Naïve Having natural simplicity of nature.
  2. Narcotics – A medicine that induces sleep.
  3. Naturalism – Adherence or attachment to what is natural.
  4. Neogamist – One who is recently married.
  5. Nepotism – Undue favour shown to one’s own relatives.
  6. Neurotic – Excessive sensitive, anxious or obsessive.
  7. Newfangled – Newly developed and unfamiliar.
  8. Nonentity – Person of no importance.
  9. Nonpareil – Person or thing which has no equal.
  10. Notorious – Having an evil reputation.
  11. Nuance – Subtle difference in colour, meaning etc.
  12. Numismatics – The study of coins.
  13. Nursery – The place where young plants are grown.

One word substitution start with word O

  1. Obscurantist – Person who is opposed to enlightment.
  2. Obsequies – Funeral rites.
  3. Obsolete – That which is no longer in use.
  4. Octagon – A plane figure with eight sides and angles.
  5. Oligarchy – A government by a small group of powerful
  6. Omniform – Having every form or shape.
  7. Omnigenous Comprising all kinds.
  8. Omnipotent – All-powerful (God).
  9. Omnipresent – Present everywhere (God).
  10. OmniscientKnowing everything (God).351
  11. Opaque – That which cannot be seen through.
  12. Optimist – A person who looks to the bright side of things.
  13. Orator – One who makes an eloquent public speech.
  14. Orchard A garden of fruits.
  15. Orphan – A child whose parents are dead.
  16. Ostracize – To turn out of society.
  17. Oviparous – Bearing eggs and not young ones.

One word substitution start with word P

  1. Pacifist – A person who believes in the total abolition of war.
  2. Pageant – Elaborate public spectacle.
  3. Palatable – Food or drink that has a pleasant taste.
  4. Panacea A remedy for all kinds of diseases.
  5. Pandemonium – A wild and noisy disorder.
  6. Panegyric – Piece of writing full of praise.
  7. Pantomime – Dramatic performance with dumb show.
  8. Paramour – Sexual partner or lover.
  9. Parasite – One who entirely depends on another.
  10. Parasol – A lady’s umbrella.
  11. Parricide – Killing of both the parents.
  12. Patricide – Killing of one’s own father.
  13. Patrimony – Inherited from father or male ancestor.
  14. Patriot – One who loves one’s country.
  15. PatronymicName derived from that of father or ancestor.
  16. Pauper – One who has no means of livelihood.
  17. Peculation – Use of public money for one’s own benefit.
  18. Pedantic – A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge and learning.
  19. Pedestrian – One who walks on foot.
  20. Peninsula – Area of land almost surrounded by sea.
  21. Pentagon – A plane figure with five sides and angles.
  22. Perceptible – That can be perceived by the senses.
  23. Peroration – Concluding part of a speech.
  24. Perseverance – Constant efforts to achieve something.
  25. Perspicacious – Quick in judging and understanding.
  26. Perversion – Change to something abnormal or unnatural.
  27. Pessimist – A person who looks at the dark side of things.
  28. Philanderer – A man who amuses himself by lovemaking.
  29. PhilanthropistA lover of mankind.
  30. Philatelist – Collector of stamps.
  31. Philistine – Person who is indifferent to art and literature.
  32. Philogynist – A lover of womankind.
  33. Philology – Science of study of language.
  34. Pilgrim – One who travels to a sacred place.
  35. PioneerOne who leads others in any field.
  36. Piquant – Pleasant or sharp to the taste/interesting.
  37. Placard/Poster – Written or printed notice pasted in public
  38. Plagiarism – The practice of borrowing words and ideas from other authors and using them as one’s own; literary theft.
  39. Platitude – Statement that is obviously true and hence dull or not stimulating.
  40. PlutocracyA government by a rich and powerful class.
  41. Polyandry – The custom of having more than two husbands at the same time.
  42. PolygamyThe custom of having more than two spouses at the same time.
  43. Polyglot -Person having command over many languages.
  44. Polygon – A figure with many angles or sides.
  45. Posthumous – Received after death.
  46. Postscript – Anything written in a letter after it is signed.
  47. Predicament – Difficult or dangerous situation.
  48. Prejudiced – Be biased against.
  49. Premonition – Forewarning of an impending danger.
  50. Prerogative – Absolute right.
  51. Prodigy – A child with unusual or remarkable talent.
  52. Prognostication – Act of forecasting by examining present 353
  53. Prologue – A speech or a poem recited at the beginning of a .
  54. Promiscuous – Having a lot of different sexual partners.
  55. Proponent – Person who proposes something.
  56. ProprietyState of being correct in behavior or moral.
  57. Protagonist – An important supporter of an idea or political /Chief actor or character in a story or drama.
  58. Protectorate – Country under the protection of a more powerful country.
  59. Prudent – Wise.
  60. Pseudonym – Name taken by an author instead of his real name
  61. Punctitious – Very careful to behave correctly.
  62. Pyrotechnic – Art of making fireworks.

One word substitution start with word Q

  1. Quadruped – Four footed-animal.

One word substitution start with word R

  1. Rebel – One who takes up arms against the government.
  2. Recapitulate – Repeat the main points.
  3. Recluse – One who lives alone and avoids company.
  4. Reconcile – Bring about harmony or agreement.
  5. Reconnaissance – Information gathering activity about enemy
  6. Red tapism – Too much official formality.
  7. Redundancy – When something is unnecessary because it is more than what is needed.
  8. Regicide – Killing of a king.
  9. Relegate/Demote – Reduce to a lower position.
  10. Reluctant – Unwilling
  11. Remission – Pardon or forgiveness for breaking religious laws.
  12. Rendezvous – Place fixed for meeting or assembling
  13. Renegade – Person who changes his religious belief/support to someone else or some other nation.
  14. Repartee – Witty and clever answers.
  15. Repercussion – Effect of some event, action or decision.
  16. Replica – Copy or reproduction of a work of art.
  17. Repository – Place where things are stored for safety.
  18. Republic A political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them.
  19. Requiem – Prayer for the dead.
  20. Restitution – Return of object stolen or lost.
  21. Retaliate Return the same sort of ill-treatment.
  22. Reticent/Taciturn Person who does not speak too much.
  23. Retrospective – An effect which has a reference to the past.
  24. Rumous/Hearsay – Unverified information.

One word substitution start with word S

  1. Sacrilege – Treating something holy without respect.
  2. Sarcasm – Bitter and ironical remark.
  3. Savage – Violent and uncivilized.
  4. Scapegoat – One who is blamed for the mistakes of others.
  5. Sceptic – One who is doubtful.
  6. Screech – Cry out in shrill voice.
  7. Scrimmage – Confused struggle or fight.
  8. Scurry – Move hurriedly with short steps.
  9. Sedition – Act or speech for inciting the public against the
  10. Senility – Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool.
  11. Siesta – Period of rest or sleep after lunch.
  12. Simultaneous – Occurring at the same time.
  13. Sinecure – An office for which high salary is paid for little or no work or responsibility.
  14. Smother – Kill by suffocation (especially by covering the face with something).
  15. Sojourn – Stay for a short time.
  16. Soliloquy – Speaking aloud while alone.
  17. Somnambulist – One who walks in sleep.
  18. Somniloquist – One who talks in sleep.
  19. Sonorous – Having a deep and pleasant sound.
  20. Sorocide – Killing of one’s own sister.
  21. Spendthrift – One who spends one’s money recklessly.
  22. Spinster – An unmarried woman.
  23. Spiritualist – A person who believes in spiritual things.
  24. Sporadic – Occurring irregularly.
  25. Stoic – A person who is indifferent to pleasure and pain.
  26. Strangulate – Kill by putting pressure on the throat/ to apply
  27. Subdue – To bring under control.
  28. Subjugate – To bring under control.
  29. Suicide – Taking of one’s own life.
  30. Supercilious – Thinking oneself superior to others.
  31. Sycophant – Person who tries to win a favour by flattering
  32. Synagogue – Place where Jews worship.

One word substitution start with word T

  1. Talkative/Garrulous – Person who is fond of talking.
  2. Tantrum – Fit of bad temper or anger.
  3. Teetotaller – One who abstains from alcoholic drinks.
  4. Theist – A person who believes in existence of God.
  5. Theocracy – A government by religious leaders.
  6. Thermometer – An instrument for measuring temperature.
  7. Traitor – One who betrays one’s country.
  8. Transgressor – One who violets a rule or law.
  9. Transmigration – The passage of soul after death from one body to the other.
  10. Transmogrification – Complete change in appearance or character (especially in a magical or surprising way).
  11. Transparent – That allows the passage of rays of light.
  12. Truant – One who stays away from school/work without
  13. Truism – A truth which is often repeated.
  14. Turncoat – Disloyal.

One word substitution start with word U

  1. Unanimous – Consent of all.
  2. Unavoidable – That which cannot be avoided.
  3. Unique – The only one of its type.
  4. Universal – Belonging to all parts of the world.
  5. Usurper – One who grabs somebody’s else property or title.
  6. Uxoricide – Killing of one’s wife.
  7. Uxorious/Henpecked – Foolishly fond of one’s wife.

One word substitution start with word V

  1. Vacuous – Suggesting absence of thought or intellect.
  2. Vendetta – Feud in which the relatives of the dead or injured take revenge.
  3. Verbatim – Repetition of a writing, word for word.
  4. Verbose – Using or containing more words than are necessary.
  5. Versatile – One who possesses many talents.
  6. Verso – Any left hand page of an open book.
  7. Vespers – Evening prayer in the church.
  8. Veteran – One who has grown old in or has long experience of (specially military) service or occupation.
  9. Vincible – That which can be conquered.
  10. Vindictive/Vengeful – Having or showing a desire for revenge.
  11. Virulent – Highly poisonous effect.
  12. Viviparous – Bearing living young ones and not eggs.
  13. Volte-face – Sudden change from one set of beliefs to other.
  14. Voluntary – Of one’s own free will.
  15. Voyage – Journey by water or sea.
  16. Vulnerable – That which can be easily damaged or hurt.

One word substitution start with word W

  1. Widow – A woman whose husband is dead.
  2. WidowerA man whose wife is dead.
  3. Wreathe – Flowers fastened in a circle.

One word substitution start with word Z

  1. Zealot – Person who shows great and uncompromising enthusiasm for religion, party, cause, etc.

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