500+ One Word Substitution in English PDF download

Today I am going to share with you One Word Substitution in English PDF, hope helpful for you.

One word Substitution (Substitutes) may be defined as single words that are used in place of a group of words to denote a person, an object, a place, a state of mind a profession, etc. In common parlance, they are termed as single words used to make an expression brief and pertinent. Polonius in ‘Hamlet’, a play by Shakespeare, aptly remarks
“Therefore since brevity in the soul of wit.
The tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes I will be brief:”
As such the use of one-word substitutions tends to obviate the repetition of unnecessary words avoiding verbosity and ambiguity. Rambling style speaks of a rambling state of mind whereas brevity conveys telling effect.
Moreover, one-word substitution is indispensable while writing a precis of a given passage. A student is required not a exceed the limit of words. They come in handy in such a situation. Hence their significance cannot be gainsaid and students are advised to learn them very seriously.
A few of one word substitutes are given below for the benefit of a student.

One Word Substitution in English PDF

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  1. All are selected and most important One-word substitution, enough for SSC students or competitive exams.
    If you get more information, then comment, I will try to do all the things here

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