Pronoun for Class 6

Definition: A Pronoun is a set of words that are used to address something instead of a noun, or it is defined as the alternatives or subcategory of the noun. It doesn’t look great to use nouns every time and everywhere that’s why the pronoun has been introduced to frame the sentences and provide them a perfect balance. E.g. He, She, They, We, etc.

Examples of Pronouns For Class 6:

  1. He is going to admire Ravi.
  2. She is a classical dancer.
  3. We are preparing for exams.
  4. I am learning new software technology.
  5. It is going to be a historic move.

Types of Pronouns For Class 6

Pronouns are classified into seven parts. Let us name each one of them and later on, we will further discuss each of them.

List of seven types of pronouns.

  1. Personal Pronouns
  2. Possessive Pronouns
  3. Demonstrative Pronouns
  4. Reflexive Pronouns
  5. Indefinite Pronouns
  6. Interrogative Pronouns
  7. Relative Pronouns

Let us discuss each one of them in detail and understand them to clear our concepts.

1. Personal Pronoun

A personal pronoun is a word that is used to address particular people, groups, or things, or we can say that it is a word used instead of the noun to refer particular person, place, group, or things. E.g. He, She, it, we, him, her, etc.

Examples of personal pronouns:

  1. He is going to join us at the party.
  2. Abhishek has helped me with the project.
  3. We both are in a team.
  4. You should participate in the debate competition.
  5. Experts had predicted that it will be raining today.
Worksheet/Exercises on personal pronoun for class 6.

Let us quickly revise the topic with a simple exercise. Identify the correct words of personal pronouns from the sentences.

  1. Where are you going to spend your holidays?
  2. It going to be late tonight.
  3. We should encourage her to take participate in a dance competition.
  4. I want to become an entrepreneur.
  5. Are you enjoying the party?

1. you, your
2. It
3. We, her
4. I
5. you

2. Possessive Pronoun

A possessive pronoun is a word that is used to show the things that belong to someone or to show the ownership of a particular thing. E.g. your, mine, his, hers, their, etc.

Examples of possessive pronouns:

  1. This book is mine.
  2. The construction building beside the school is ours.
  3. We should contribute to help their mother.
  4. I am going to Mumbai today but my flight is late.
  5. I know this coffee is yours.
Worksheet/Exercises on possessive pronoun for class 6.

Let us revise possessive pronouns through an interesting exercise. Find out the words of possessive pronoun from the sentences given below.

  1. I have prepared my project.
  2. The cat in my house is hers.
  3. The money in the drawer is yours.
  4. I am following a proper diet to increase my weight.
  5. This car is mine.

1. my
2. my, hers
3. yours
4. my
5. mine

3. Demonstrative Pronoun

A demonstrative pronoun is a word used to point out a particular thing or thing with respect to distance or time. They generally replace the nouns that are used to point out things. E.g. This, that, these, those.

Examples of Demonstrative pronoun:

  1. This work is assigned to Rohan.
  2. These apples are looking tasty.
  3. Those were the golden days when we were in school.
  4. Please bring that book for me.
  5. This mango is delicious.
Worksheet/Exercises on demonstrative pronoun for class 6.

Let us practice the questions on the demonstrative pronouns that will increase your understanding of pronouns.

  1. I like these types of places.
  2. Those boys were so funny and naughty as well.
  3. Is this car yours?
  4. You should keep yourself away from those who demotivate you.
  5. I appreciate those books that are fictitious.

1. These
2. Those
3. This
4. Those
5. Those, That

4. Reflexive Pronoun

reflexive pronoun is a word that refers to an object in a sentence when the subject and the object are one and the same. They are the words ending with ‘self‘ or ‘selves‘ in a sentence.

There are nine types of reflexive pronouns that are – myself, yourself, himself, herself, oneself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, and themselves.

Examples of reflexive pronouns:

  1. He should take care of himself.
  2. You should complete your homework by yourself.
  3. They realized their mistake by themselves.
  4. Rohan rewarded himself by eating dinner out.
  5. I locked myself inside the house.
Worksheet/Exercises on reflexive pronoun for class 6.

Mark out the correct reflexive pronoun from the sentences given below.

  1. He considered himself an engineer.
  2. Sita has recognized herself as a fashion designer.
  3. You should consider yourself an important part of an institution.
  4. You might hurt yourself with the knife.
  5. We have brought ourselves an ice cream to eat.

1. himself
2. herself
3. yourself
4. yourself
5. ourselves

5. Indefinite Pronouns

An indefinite pronoun is a word that is used to refer to any person or a thing that is not known or unspecific. E.g. Anybody, each, few, everything, anyone, etc.

Examples of indefinite pronouns:

  1. Anybody can participate in the contest.
  2. Everyone was enjoying the movie in the auditorium.
  3. Somebody, please help me.
  4. There are many things to explore in the world.
  5. There are several books that are best to learn the tactics to success in life.
Worksheet/Exercises on indefinite pronoun for class 6.

Find out the indefinite pronoun from the sentences given below.

  1. There are only a few candidates selected for the UPSC exam.
  2. Everybody can enjoy life.
  3. Everyone has the right to prove their identity in front of the world.
  4. There were many people in the hall but only a few of them were educated.
  5. None of them is the correct answer.

1. few
2. Everybody
3. Everyone
4. many, few
5. None

6. Interrogative Pronoun

An interrogative pronoun is a word that is used to ask questions or ask something that you are not aware of that.

There are five interrogative pronouns that are being used to ask questions like Who, whom, what, which, and whose.

Examples of interrogative pronouns:

  1. Who is driving your bike?
  2. What is the name of this beautiful place?
  3. Who wants to join us for a ride?
  4. Which is your favorite Chinese dish?
  5. Whom do you admire the most?
Worksheet/Exercises on interrogative pronoun for class 6.

Let us discuss what we have learned from the recent paragraph and answer some interesting questions on interrogative pronouns.

  1. What is your most preferable place to spend your holidays?
  2. Which is the best institute for MBA in India?
  3. Whom do you love the most?
  4. Who had lost their job recently?
  5. Whose pen is this?

1. What
2. Which
3. Whom
4. Who
5. Whose

7. Relative pronoun

A relative pronoun is a word that is used to connect a dependent clause with a pronoun or independent clause. E.g. that, which, whose, etc.

Examples of relative pronouns:

  1. He wants to convey that he is not fit for this role.
  2. I love the books that are the biography of successful citizens.
  3. It was Ravi who motivates me the most.
  4. There are many good websites for coding from which you can learn everything.
  5. Rita is going out with the boy who is in the Navy.
Worksheet/Exercises on relative pronoun for class 6.

Let us revise relative pronouns with this interactive exercise. Select the relative pronoun from the sentences given below.

  1. He admires that he has the capability to clear the exam.
  2. The girl whom I saw was Riya.
  3. It is the dog who bites me.
  4. Give me the laptop which is on the table.
  5. I don’t whose kit it was?


1. That
2. Whom
3. Who
4. Which
5. Whose

Pronoun Quiz for Class 6

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