Notice writing for class 10 CBSE Format, Examples, Questions

Notice writing for class 10 Format, Examples, Questions Hello Students, If you are searching for CBSE Notice writing for class 10 Format, Examples, Questions, English writing skills, How to write a notice in school, Feature of notice writing and more you are lucky because here we have all you need for class 10 to score better in the exam.

Go through the notice given below:


Example 1

Prominent International School

Model Town, Nagpur


23 October 2016


Our school cricket team is slated to play St. Peter’s School in a qualifier in the build-up to the inter-School Zonal Cricket Championship. The schedule of the match is as given below:

Day & Date: Tuesday, 24th October 2016

Time: 3.30 p.m.

Venue: School cricket ground

All the students along with the class teachers are requested to be present to watch the match and cheer for our school team.



Sport Club

Notice writing format class 10

How to write a notice in school

How to write a notice shown in paragraph 1 and here we have 3 examples to understand how to write a notice for more information read the complete article this article help you to understand topics and features of notice writing for class 10.

Topics on  Notice Writing for class 10

You must have observed that the above notice gives information about an upcoming event. A notice can, however, also give information about.

  • An event that has already taken place.
  •  Meetings, holidays, competitions, trips, examination results, etc.
  •  Birth, death, wedding, etc.
  •  A cultural event, for example, a concert, play, performance by a famous artist, blood donation camp, charity show, etc.

Feature of notice writing

If  you closely study the notice given above as an example, you would further observe that the following features constitute the essential characteristics of an ideal notice:

  • It gives specific information in a concise manner; it states only the relevant points.
  •  It is complete in terms of who has notified the information; the date on which the notice was released; and in specific cases, what needs to be done, etc.
  •  The language used is formal yet simple so that the intended message is clearly conveyed.
  • A notice has a standard format – as shown above – and it should be in a box/enclosure.
  •  The heading of the notice should always be written in capital letters. Sometimes, notices are given a catchy heading.

Question pertaining to notice writing

In other words, while writing a notice, the questions pertaining to why, when and where must be addressed, in addition to mentioning all other relevant details. For example, what details would you include, in case you are required to invite students to donate to a fund being released for poor children, who have been badly affected by floods? Apparently, including the following details in your notice would be of great help:

  • The purpose of conduction the fundraising exercise
  • Who the beneficiaries would be
  • The time and date(s) when the contributions can be made
  • How and what the students can donate
  • Who the contact person is
  • The signature and designation of the person issuing the notice
  • Any other relevant information


Angel’s Public School

Park Street, Kolkata


02 November 2016

Help the flood victims

In the wake of the recent floods, a large number of poor children living in the suburbs have been badly affected. So, our school is organising a fundraising exercise with a view to helping these children. All the students are requested to donate generously for this noble cause.

 All sorts of contributions are welcome, especially money, medicine, books, stationery, clothes, packaged food, etc. The respective class teachers may be contacted latest by the 15th November 2016, in this regard.


Head Girl

Here is an example of a notice that had been put up on the notice-board of a Residents’ Welfare Associations. It pertains to a blood donation camp which the RWA had Organised.


Residents’ Welfare Associations

Jasn Nagar, Hyderabad


16 August 2016


It is known fact that most city hospitals are faced with acute bool shortage. So, we are organising and a blood donation camp at St John’s Hospital, Jasn Nagar, on the 20th of August, 2016 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. All the residents in the age group of 18 to 60 years are requested to participate in this blood donation camp and, thus, help save lives.

B.R. Chopra


Having observed the examples, we can define a notice as a formal announcement meant to convey some message to the concerned persons

Notice Writing 11 Questions for class 10

Question 1

You are cultural secretary of your school. Write a notice in brief for your school notice-Board inviting interested students to appear for an audition on the 16th April for selection in the school theatre group.

Question 2

As the captain of the school football ground at 3.30 p.m. on the 17th of November.

Questions 3

The Principal of your school has invited a renowned educationist ‘Abc’ to conduct a workshop in your school on the 15th of January so that the students get to learn how to prepare well for examinations, Draft a notice for your school notice-board to call upon the students of classes VIII to X to attend the workshop. You the Head Girl/Boy of your school.

Questions 4

Your school is organising a five-day trip to Shimla for the students of class VIII. As the monitor of your class, write a notice to be put up on the class bulletin board inviting interested students to register their names latest by the 6th of May.

Questions 5

The Annual Sports Day of your school is coming up in a week’s time. As you are the sports secretary of your school, you are required to write a notice for your school notice board inviting students to give their names for various sports events to be held that day. 

Questions 6

The Students’ Union of your school has decided to organise a picnic on the forthcoming Sunday. As the organising secretary of the Students’ Union, draft a notice to inform and invite those who are interested to join the picnic to give their names latest by Saturday morning. 

Questions 7

Mr.XYZ, a renowned linguist, has been invited to deliver a lecture on ‘The Evolution of the English Language’ in your school on the forthcoming Saturday. Being the Head Girl/Boy of your school, you are asked to write a notice to inform the students of classes Vi – X about it and to request them to attend it.

Questions 8

As the principal of your school draft a notice, in not more than 50 words, informing the students that the day following the annual function to be held in the school will remain a holiday.

Questions 9

Final examination is around the corner and students are supposed to be busy with their studies. But they are seen whiling away their precious time here and there. Write a notice, informing the students that strict action will be taken against them if they are seen wasting their time in useless activities. You are the head boy/girl of your school. (Word limit:50)

Questions 10

You are the secretary of RWA of your locality. Some residents are seen parking their vehicles in front of the houses such activities; give the necessary details. (Word Limit:50)

Questions 11

Write a notice, asking students to contribute articles, poems, etc., for the school magazine ‘Rise and Shine’. Mention the last date of submission of the write-ups, along with an instruction to write neatly. You are the editor of the magazine. (Word limit:50)

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