Write a short Essay on Nuclear Explosion 100-300 words

As we know that we are living in the age of science. Science has discovered many things. Some of them are very useful for us but some may be dangerous.

Nuclear Bomb is one example that India is progressing in the field of science day by day. America, Russia, Britain, France, and China have become the superpower countries due to the atom bombs made by them. To make the nuclear bomb is destructible work but it can also be used constructively to get energy for different developmental purposes. In 1974, on full moon day, India did its 1st test of a nuclear bomb whose purpose was to draw energy for peaceful works.

For peace and for increasing the capacity of its force. India again tested five nuclear explosions in series at Pokhran on 11th and 13th May 1998. After this India found himself standing among the superpowers of the world. These tested were necessary for the safe maintenance of our boundaries. Instead of this, India favors the debarment mainly in the nuclear field. A lot of countries are accumulating nuclear and atom bombs with them that made India perform these tests. After these tests, India has acquired the third position in the world after America and Russia. After these tests, the policy of our country is that nuclear energy must be used for developmental purposes.

Essay on Nuclear Explosion

Essay on Nuclear Explosion PDF

Essay on Nuclear Explosion

Essay on Nuclear Explosion PDF (784 downloads ) .

Essay on Nuclear Explosion


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