Write a Request Letter for the Supply of Lunch Packets

Question: Write a letter to the Manager, haldirams, Nagpur requesting him to supply 20 lunch packets for your excursion party which would be traveling by G.T. Express from Delhi to Chennai. Your train would reach Nagpur at 2.15 pm. Mention your coach number and the other relevant details. You are Pawan/Priya, Co-ordinator of the Excursion Party of Sriram Vidya Niketan, Delhi.


Sriram Vidya Niketan, Delhi
8th May, 20…

The Manager,
Haldirams, Nagpur (Maharashtra)

Subject: Request letter for supply of lunch packets

Dear Sir,

Our excursion party consisting of 20 members (students and teachers) has decided to travel by G.T. Express from Delhi to Chennai. Our train would reach Nagpur at 12-15 p.m. on 17th May 2010. Our A.C. coach number is G-5 and our seat numbers are from 1 to 20. All the students will be in the school. Uniform.

We shall have our lunch at Nagpur. Kindly arrange to supply 20 lunch packets as detailed under:-

  1. Rice: 20 plates
  2. Subzi: 20 plates
  3. Dal: 20 Plates
  4. Curd: 20 Plates
  5. Chapati: 120 Pcs

Salad and papers for 20 persons. The payment would be made on the spot in cash. Please book our order and make the supply in time. All the items should be fresh.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

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