Verbs For Class 6

Definition of Verbs For Class 6: A verb is defined as the working or the action performed by the subject. In other words, it can be said that it is a word that expresses the state of being or the occurrence. Some common examples of the verb are – run, throw, sit, play, catch, etc.

Examples of verbs For Class 6:

  1. She ran from the school.
  2. Rashmi had eaten the food.
  3. Children have played cricket in the park.
  4. He has bought a new phone from the store.
  5. I wash my clothes weekly.
  6. Time changes all things.
  7. The police has arrested the thief at the hotel.
  8. I failed to catch the ball.
  9. The sun sets in the west.
  10. The singer sings many songs in our college.

Types of verbs for class 6

Verbs can be classified into two categories that are:

  1. Main Verbs
  2. Helping Verbs (Auxiliary verbs)

All verbs except 24 verbs (helping verbs and modals) fall into the category of main verbs. There is a flowchart of verbs below:

1.)Main Verbs

2.)Auxiliary verbs

i.) Helping verbs of tense   ii.)  Modals 
does, do, did, is, am, are, was, were, has have, had shall, should, will, would, may, might, can, could, must, ought to, need, dare, used to

Main verbs can further be classified into two types:

i.) Finite verbs 

ii.) Non-finite verbs 

Let us know more about the types of main verbs in detail.

i.) Finite verbs

A finite verb is a word in a sentence that has some connection or agreement with the subject and it is possible to predict the tense of a sentence from the verb then the verb is called a finite verb. They generally follow up with their subjects.

Examples of finite verbs:

  1. He is happy.
  2. John was searching for his phone.
  3. Ritu cooks breakfast.
  4. Rakhi prepared her project.
  5. She vanished all the files of her office.
  6. I was cleaning my room.
  7. He never brings his lunch in school.

Exercise/Worksheet on finite verbs for class 6

Let us take a look at the exercise-based finite verbs that will clear your approach for using finite verbs. Find out the finite verbs in the sentences given below.

  1. He sings a song.
  2. Nakul repaired the clock.
  3. Radhe painted the walls.
  4. The thief caught by the police.
  5. We had planned a trip of Manali.
  6. I get up early in the morning.
  7. I don’t want to waste the food.
  8. Shyam did not give me the chocolate.
  9. I offered him a job with a good salary.
  10. We had spent unforgettable time together.

1. Sings
2. Repaired
3. Painted
4. Caught
5. Had planned
6. Get up
7. Don’t want
8. Did not give
9. Offered
10. Had spent

ii.) Non-finite verbs

A non-finite verb is defined as the words that are not directly connected and agree with the subject or sometimes they don’t have a subject in the sentence and it is not easy to predict the tense of a sentence from the verb is called a non-finite verb.

Examples of the non-finite verb:

  1. It is dangerous to drive rashly on the road.
  2. Walking is a good habit to follow.
  3. Sleeping in the afternoon is not good for health.
  4. We are going swimming.
  5. I saw a moving bike.
  6. He will love it.
  7. Eating too much is not a good habit.

Exercise/Worksheet on non-finite verbs for class 6

Let us solve the worksheet to get a better understanding of non-finite verbs and it will definitely help you in building your concepts. Pick out the non-finite verbs in the sentences given below.

  1. I am ready to dance.
  2. Ranu saw a running train.
  3. Our guests arrived, we will be very busy.
  4. We want him to dance on the stage.
  5. She doesn’t like him to place the towel on the bed.
  6. Rohan was not good at gardening.
  7. It looks like he wants to fail the exam.
  8. I started my career by photographing birds in my garden.
  9. It is a competition to win the hearts of everyone.
  10. I showed her the best way to make a pizza.

1. To dance
2. Running
3. Arrived
4. To dance
5. To place
6. Gardening
7. To fail
8. Photographing
9. To win
10. To make

Verbs Exercises/Worksheet for class 6

Let us practice one more exercise/worksheet on verbs to strong our concepts and get the idea of the level of questions that are being asked in the exams. Find out the verbs in the sentences given below.

  1. Riya will get you a new pair of shoes on your birthday.
  2. He had to apologize to me.
  3. I don’t know how my money had to get stolen.
  4. Shivani got the mail last week about his new job.
  5. I am able to complete my project on time.
  6.  I am reading a novel that my mother had gifted me.
  7. The train had already left when I reached the station.
  8. If Rashmi comes then we shall go with her.
  9. The train has arrived at the station.
  10. They were swimming at the beach.

1. Get
2. Apologies for
3. Stolen
4. Got
5. Complete
6. Reading, gifted
7. Left, reached
8. Comes, go
9. Arrived
10. Swimming


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Verbs For Class 6



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