Verb Mood

Definition: Verb Mood is the mode or method by which a verb is used to express a particular action.

3 types of verb mood

There are three kinds of moods in English namely:

  1. Indicative Mood
  2. Imperative Mood
  3. Subjunctive Mood

Types of Verb mood

Indicative Mood

A verb (types of the verb with examples)  which is used to make a statement of fact, a question or a supposition is known as Indicative Mood.

  • Statements

Examples: We practice music daily.

Aristotle is a Greek Philosopher.

My sister likes Skating.

  • Questions

Examples: Have you posted the letter?

Are you angry with me?

Do you like me?

  • Supposition

Examples: If you are a graduate, you shall given the post.

If it rains, we shall stop the work.

If you ask me, I shall given it to you.

Imperative Mood

A verb (also read: Types of Verbals) which is used to express a command, an advise or an entreaty is known as an Imperative Mood.

  • Command

Examples: Get me a taxi!

Close the door!

Open the window!

  • Advice

Example: Be kind to the poor!

Be polite to the strangers.

Try to be honest.

  • An entreaty

Example: Could you type this letter?

May I park my car here?

Will you please open the window?

Note: Let is used for advice in first and third person.

Example: Let me help you.

Let us go there.

Let him speak.

Note: The subject ‘you’ is omitted in Imperative Mood.

Example: Post this letter. (you post this letter)

Subjunctive Mood

A verb which is used to express a wish, hope, desire, intention or resolution in noun clause in the present and immobility in the past is known as the Subjunctive Mood.

Forms of the Subjunctive Mood

Present Subjunctive

The Verb beOther Verbs
I beI like
We beWe like
You beYou like
He beHe likes
They beThey like

Past Subjunctive

The Verb BeOther Verbs
I wereI liked
We wereWe liked
You wereYou liked
He wereYou liked
They wereThey liked

The Present Subjunctive

It is used in traditional expressing a wish of hope.

Example: Long live the queen!

May God save the Country!

May haven help you!

  • In noun clauses expressing desire, intention and resolution.

Example: It is suggested that a flyover be built across the railway track.

We recommended that the manager be dismissed from service.

We proposed that a committee be appointed to look into the matter.

The Past Subjunctive

  • After the verb ‘wish’

Examples: She wishes she were a beauty queen.

We wish we were in Delhi.

I wish I stayed at home.

  • It is used after if to express improbability or unreality in the present.

Examples: If we went there, we could see her.

If I knew English, I could go to America.

If we had money, we could live in a large house.

  • After ‘as if’ and ‘as though’

Examples: He orders me as if I were his brother.

She talks as though she were a queen.

He spends as if he were a rich man.

  • After the phrase, it is time + past tense to indicate that it is already late.

Examples: It is time we went there.

It is time I wrote to her.

It is time they stopped work.

  • After the phrases would rather + subject to indicate preference.

Examples: I would rather you applied for the post.

I would rather you discontinued your studies.

She would rather he lived with his parents.

Verb Mood Exercise/Worksheet

Correct the following sentences (learn types of sentences):


Find the error in the sentence and correct them.

  1. If I have money, I would lend you.
  2. If Padma had asked me, I could give it her.
  3. It is time we realized the value of time.
  4. It is time she return home.
  5. It is time we leave the office.
  6. If I know her address, I would write to her.
  7. If they will help me, I shall be happy.
  8. She walks as if she is a qualified doctor.
  9. She talks as though she is a film star.
  10. I would rather you stop smoking.
  11. I would rather you give up your studies.
  12. If you are Agra, you could watch the Taj Mahal.
  13. I wish I see her again.

Verb Mood PDF

Verb Mood
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