Short Essay on ‘The Beggars’ in India

As we know India is a home of beggars. As compared to other countries, you will find so many beggars in india. The reason is that begging is a profession in India. Many of the beggars are beggars by birth. They do not like to change their profession. They make their living with ease. The beggar wears rags. They go about from place to place on their daily rounds. Some wear loose clothes. They cover their bodies with ashes. They have long matted hair. Some of them are really disabled. Some are crippled and blind. They deserve our help and sympathy.

They have many ways and means of begging. They may go about as a pretended sadhu. They keep the bowl in his hand and chants a few blessings. They deceive the ladies, They may sing some holy songs on his musical instrument. The children and women welcome such types of beggars. If they have a good voice, they earn a lot.

The beggar may sit just by the roadside. They may pretend to be deaf and blind. If they are actually blind, they may begin the name of blindness. Thus they raise the pity of people. In some cases, they may have a child or two who are clad in dirty rags. They cry and weep as if they were very hungry.

The people in India are religious minded. They think if they do good acts, God would be pleased with them.

The beggars are idlers. They cause a great loss of labor to the nation. Their manual labor could have been utilised in factories and mills. They would have produced useful work. The healthy beggars should not be given alms.

Essay on the beggars in India

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