Subject-Verb Agreement For Class 8

Hello, In this blog we are going to learn the Subject-Verb Agreement for class 8. What is the Subject-Verb Agreement, Definition, Example, and Exercise For class 8? Here we have given CBSE English Grammar Subject-Verb Agreement for class 8.

Question-related to Subject-Verb Agreement

  1. What Is the Subject and verb in the Sentence?
  2. How to Classify the subject and verb in the Sentences?
  3. What is a Subject-Verb agreement?
  4. What are the basic rules of the Subject-Verb agreement?

Question: What is the subject?
Answer: A subject is a member of a sentence that carries the person or thing that is showing the activity or doing something in a sentence.

Question: What is a verb?
Answer: A verb is an action made in the subject or state of being in the sentence. The verb is one of the most significant parts of a sentence.
Example: (To recognize the subject ask here who is acting? and to know the verb what the subject is doing? )

Subject Verb Agreement for class 8 eamples

Question: What is Subject-verb agreement?
Answer: It refers to English grammar rules for using correct verbs according to singular or plural subjects in a sentence.

Subject-verb Agreement rules Class 8

Singular Subject ⇒  Singular Verb

Plural Subject ⇒ Plural Verb

  1. When a subject is singular, must have a singular verb
  2. When a subject is a plural, must have a plural verb

The subject in the sentence matches the verb. They must accept in two ways:

  1. In number: Singular vs. Plural
  2. In-person: First, Second, or Third Persons

Subject-Verb Agreement Examples

Here we have 15 best examples of Subject-verb Agreement Examples for class 8,  hope will help you to understand the concept behind Subject-verb agreement.

  1. The verb accords with the person of the subject. With first-person use ‘am‘ while with second person use ‘are‘ and with third-person singular use ‘is‘.
    Example: You are doing your project.
  2. The verb matches with the subject in number practice a singular verb with a singular subject.
    Example: They play football.
  3. When a sentence is made of two singular subjects combined by “and” the verb will be plural.
    Example:                   Examples Of Subject agreement for Class 8
  4. Subjects that are connected by ‘either/or, neither/nor‘ apply a singular verb.
    Example: Either my father or my mother is coming to the meeting
  5. The verb in a sentence holding ‘or‘ ‘either/or,  ‘neither/nor‘ coincides with the noun or pronoun resembling it.
    Example: Examples Of Subject agreement class 8
  6. When the subject is supported by terms such as along with‘, ‘besides‘, ‘as well as‘,  etc. The verb is practiced according to the initial subject of the sentence.
    Example: Aarvi, along with her sister, is going to school.
  7. When sentences commence with here‘, ‘there‘, the right subject usually supports the verb.
    Example: There is a famous mall in this city.’
  8. In sentences that include time intervals, distance, money, and weight as a unit take a singular verb.
    Example: 8 hours is needed to finish this project.
  9. Some nouns end with ‘s‘ and seem like a plural but are truly singular in meaning, use singular verbs. Such generally related nouns are: Economics, Wages, Politics, Physics, News.
    Example: Economics is hard to understand.
  10. Some nouns end with ‘s‘ and although they belong to a singular thing, they prefer a plural verb. Some such nouns are: Spectacles, Tweezers, Tongs, Trousers, Shorts, Scissors, Shoes, etc.
    Example: My spectacles are new.
  11. In sentences that express some imaginary wish request to the fact, the verb used is plural.
    Example: I wish I were a butterfly.
  12. Indefinite pronouns require singular verbs. Some indefinite pronouns are someone, anyone, anything, nothing, everything, something, each, every, muchno one, etc.
    Example: No one was willing to learn.
  13. Indefinite pronouns such as both, several, many, few take on a plural verb.
    Example: Several students are ready to help this cause.
  14. Titles of books, poems, movies, plays, and magazines take on a singular verb.
    Example: Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s children is a famous novel.
  15. If the collective noun functions as a whole the verb is singular, but if the collective noun performs not in unison the verb is plural. Collective nouns like team, army, class, committee, fleet, jury, staff, family, etc.
    Example: The staff has got a raise.

Subject-Verb Agreement Exercises for Class 8

20 questions on subject Verb Agreement for class 8
Choose the suitable form of the verb that accords with the subject:

  1. Everyone was/were present at the funeral service.
  2. Mumps is/are a sore disease.
  3. We ride/rode horses last Sunday.
  4. I have/has a clue to show to solve this question
  5. Has everyone/anybody seen my purse?
  6. I wish I was/were the Chairman.
  7. There are various fish/fishes in the fishbowl.
  8. Half of the girls was/were present in the hall
  9. More workman than one is/are not traceable.
  10. Neither Anil or/nor Sunil live/lives near the park.
  11. Either he or I is/am to represent the college.
  12. God save/saves our king.
  13. No woman and no man were/was allowed to enter without a mask.
  14. As pigeon other birds have/has wings to fly.
  15. The advice of his brother was/are indeed valuable.
  16. Both these boys is/are going to market.
  17. One month after another have/has passed.
  18. He ordered as if he is/were my elder brother.
  19. Most of the person/persons are reliable.
  20. his shoes is/are shining.


  1. was
  2. is
  3. rode
  4. have
  5. anybody
  6. were
  7. fish
  8. were
  9. is
  10. nor, lives
  11. am
  12. save
  13. was
  14. has
  15. was
  16. is
  17. has
  18. were
  19. persons
  20. are

Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz for Class 8

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What is a Subject Verb agreement


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