Short Essay on Our National Flag

Every country has its own national flag. Every country is proud of its national flag. The people of the country pay the greatest respect to their national flag. They do not let it down. They would like to keep it up even at the cost of their own life. Our National Flag has three colours- Saffron, White and Green. It is also called the “Tricolour”.

The colours of our Flag are significant. He Saffron at the top calls upon us to be brave. The White in the middle tells us to be true and the Green at the bottom calls upon to be good. There is a blue Chakra on the white part. It stands for the “Dharmachakra” of Asoka, the Great.

The National Flag of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 22nd July 1947. It was presented at the midnight session of the Assembly on 14th August 1947. The use of the flag is unrestricted during the days of national rejoicings such as Independence day, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, etc. Normally it is flown on all important government buildings.

We are proud on our National Flag. It is a symbol of our freedom and unity. We should love and honour it.

Short Essay on Our National Flag

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Short Essay on Our National Falg
Short Essay on Our National Flag (79 downloads)

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