The Sentence for class 7

Sentence Definition for class 7: When a group of words makes complete sense, it is called a sentence.

When a group of words conveys a specific message, which makes complete sense it forms a sentence. Every sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with punctuation (full stop, question mark, or exclamatory mark).

For example:

  1. The girls are playing.
  2. Amit is standing in front of the house.
  3. Cows are sitting under the tree.
  4. Books are on the table.
  5. Dad is parking the car.

A group of words, which makes sense but not complete sense, is called a phrase.

They are groups of words that make sense, but their sense is not complete. Let us understand this with help of examples given below:

  1. A shady tree
  2. Playing in park
  3. Finite number
  4. Old home
  5. Front of house

Jumbled sentence Exercise for class 7

Jumbled sentences are formed shuffled words. We need to put the shuffled words in sequence, in order to make complete sense of the sentence given below. Let’s solve some sentences.

Jumbled Sentence Worksheet with Solution

Arrange these jumbled words in a meaningful sentence.

  1. Drove/bike/he/hills/in/the
  2. Playing/Rohan/park/in/is
  3. Cooking/in/mom/kitchen/is
  4. Studying/friends/a/group/of
  5. Whatever/they/do/decide/they
  6. Train/here/comes/the
  7. Were/ill/they/yesterday
  8. Capital/Delhi/India/the/of/is
  9. Wow/high/is/how/this/building
  10. wallet/my/his/was/pocket/in

Solutions of worksheet 

  1. He drove the bike in hills
  2. Rohan is playing in the park
  3. Mom is cooking in the kitchen
  4. A group of friends is studying
  5. Whatever they decide they do
  6. They were ill yesterday
  7. Delhi is the capital of India
  8. Wow how highs this building
  9. My wallet was in his pocket

Fill in the blank worksheet for class 7

Here you have the sentence for class 7 worksheet. Write yes in front of the statements that make sense and no in front of those which doesn’t.

  1. Rita ill _____
  2. Gujrat is in India _____
  3. I do homework _____
  4. Pawan loves sweets _____
  5. Asia is a continent _____
  6. Tom lives in USA _____
  7. Dad watches _____
  8. Harry loves dogs _____
  9. Water boils _____
  10. Neha cooks _____


  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. No
  4. Yes
  5. Yes
  6. Yes
  7. No
  8. Yes
  9. No
  10. No

What are the 4 Types/Kinds of sentences for class 7?

As by the rules of English there are 4 types of sentences, those are:

  1. Declarative or Assertive sentence (a simple sentence)
  2. Questions or interrogative sentence (asks questions)
  3. Imperative or commands sentence (gives commands)
  4. Exclamatory sentence (indicates expressions)

Let us understand all the types of sentences one by one.

1. Declarative Or Assertive

Definition: A declarative statement is a simple sentence that expresses positive or negative actions or happenings.

NOTE-  an assertive statement ends with a full stop (.)

Understand with the following sentences:

  1. The sun rises in the east.
  2. The thief was not caught.
  3. North America is a continent.
  4. Rahul is having an exam tomorrow.
  5. Children are playing in the park.

There are two types of statements in assertive:

Affirmative (positive) or negative statements.

We can change affirmative (positive statement) statements into negative statements.

Affirmative statement

  • I am a college student.
  • Rohit was ill.
  • I and mom did the shopping.
  • Henry is a swimmer
  • Vanessa is shall help you
  • We can play guitar
  • Mom was angry
  • You should work hard
  • Pari is a singer
  • We are on a vacation

Negative statement

  • We are not rich
  • Pawan can’t play guitar
  • You shouldn’t work hard
  • Pari is not a singer
  • Vanessa shan’t help you
  • We are not on a vacation
  • Mom was not angry
  • Henry is not a swimmer
  • Rohit was not ill
  • I am not a college student

List of short abbreviation forms of negative verbs

  1. Am not – ain’t
  2. Was not – wasn’t
  3. Has not – hasn’t
  4. Had not – hadn’t
  5. Shall not – shan’t
  6. Cannot – can’t
  7. Should not – shouldn’t
  8. Are not – aren’t
  9. Were not – weren’t
  10. Have not – haven’t
  11. Do not – don’t
  12. Did not – didn’t
  13. Will not – won’t
  14. Could not – couldn’t

Affirmative & Negative Sentence Worksheet

Convert the following affirmative sentences into negative sentences:

  1. You should play at the park –
  2. Henry shall write an apology –
  3. Rahul can go to the party –
  4. You are ill –
  5. Ron does his homework –
  6. You did park the car –
  7. Priyanka will come early –
  8. I am going –
  9. Deep shall guide you –
  10. I am listening to songs –
  1. You shouldn’t play at the park
  2. Henry shan’t write an apology
  3. Rahul can’t go to the party
  4. You aren’t ill
  5. Ron doesn’t do his homework
  6. You didn’t park the car
  7. Priyanka won’t come early
  8. I am not going
  9. Deep shan’t guide you
  10. I am not listening to songs

2. Interrogative Sentence

Definition: These are simple sentences that ask questions or interrogate the statement.

Let’s understand some examples:

  1. Do you play basketball?
  2. What is your name?
  3. Are you fine?
  4. Want some cake?
  5. Where are you?

Simply, an interrogative sentence is a simple sentence that asks questions.

NOTE: Each interrogative statement ends with a question mark (?)

There are two types of Interrogative sentences:

2 two types of Interrogative sentences1. Yes/no questions

Answers to these kinds of questions are generally short either a yes/no.

Let’s look at some examples:

1. Am I doing it right?
Positive: Yes, you are doing it right
Negative: No, you are not doing it right

2. Are you ill?
Positive: Yes, I am ill
Negative: No, I am not ill

3. Can I dance?
Positive: Yes, you can dance
Negative: No, you cannot dance

Practice Exercise

Change an assertive sentence into an interrogative sentence:

  1. She was sleeping.
  2. He walks fast.
  3. I am right.
  4. He makes tea.
  5. You will go there.
  6. They played basketball.
  7. You are hungry.
  8. They must obey me.
  9. He is your brother.
  10. She can swim.
  1. Was she sleeping?
  2. Does he walk fast?
  3. Am I right?
  4. Does he make tea?
  5. Will you go there?
  6. Were they playing basketball?
  7. Are you hungry?
  8. Should they obey me?
  9. Is he your brother?
  10. Can she swim?
2. WH-type

They begin with question words like (what, when, who, where, how, how much etc.)

We use these words to get information. Yes/no is not asked in these types of sentences.

Let us understand by some examples:

  1. Where do you live?
  2. What is your name?
  3. How are you?
  4. How can I help you?
  5. When is your birthday?
  6. Whose skirt are you wearing?
  7. Where did you get these cookies from?
  8. How can I help you?
  9. How many children do you have?
  10. Where is your mother?

3. Imperative Sentences/Commands

Definition: A sentence that expresses advice, command, request, and the suggestion is called an imperative sentence.

Imperative Sentences examples:

  1. Never lie (advice)
  2. Beware! Dog in the house (warning)
  3. Complete your homework (command)
  4. Please help me (request)
  5. Go get me water (command)

NOTE: We can also end an imperative sentence with an exclamatory mark (!). Otherwise we end it with a full stop (.)

Imperative sentence Worksheet

Fill in the blanks with appropriate word

  1. _____ to bed early, Aryan
  2. _____ switch off the lights
  3. _____ be at the class as soon as you can
  4. _____ the job after she finishes school
  5. _____ to your room
  6. _____ park your car in front of the school, sir
  7. _____ your shirt
  8. _____ all the clothes
  9. _____ the salt please
  10. _____ to work hard in order to achieve success. 


  1. Go to
  2. Don’t/please
  3. Please
  4. Let her do
  5. Clean
  6. Don’t
  7. Button up
  8. Wash
  9. Pass
  10. You need

4. Exclamatory Sentence

Definition: The kind of sentences that express various feelings or emotions such as joy, sorrow, anger, excitement, etc.

Exclamatory Sentence examples:

  1. What a lovely day! (joy)
  2. Alas! I failed (sorrow)
  3. Wow! You are so beautiful (praise)
  4. Shut up! Eat your food (anger)
  5. You are beautiful! (praise)

Exclamatory sentence Worksheet – 1

Change these assertive sentence into exclamatory sentences:

  1. The weather is very fine
  2. The doll is so lovely
  3. My brother stood first
  4. You are pretty
  5. He looks very sad


  1. Wow! The weather is very fine.
  2. What a lovely doll!
  3. Alas! my brother stood first
  4. Wow! You are so pretty
  5. Alas! he looks very sad

Sentences Worksheet for class 7 (Mixed)

For the following sentences, write As for the assertive sentence, Im for imperative sentence, In for interrogative sentence, and Ex for exclamatory sentence.

  1. Were you absent yesterday?
  2. What a sweet voice!
  3. Mom is cooking in the kitchen.
  4. Bring me some ice from the fridge
  5. What are you doing these days?


  1. In
  2. Ex
  3. As
  4. Im
  5. In


Here are the kind of sentences we study. The exercises given above are examples of how you will get questions in your exam.

4 Types of sentence for class 7

Now we know the difference between a sentence and a phrase. There are 4 types of sentences- Assertive, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory. Above we discussed everything in detail.

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