Pronoun for Class 7

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What is a pronoun?

Definition of pronoun for class 7th: A pronoun is used as a noun in a sentence and a pronoun works similarly to nouns. For example, Neha was studying law, Neha was playing with friends, Neha was drinking coffee.

Here we can see, Neha is a noun (name). A pronoun does a similar thing, it is used in the place of a noun.

We can see repeated use of Neha, which either describes her qualities, what is she doing, or various activities performed by her. If we write, She is a great athlete, she loves to dance, she cooks delicious food.

We are using her a lot of times, which is a noun and indicates what she is doing.

Now we know what pronouns are. Let us discuss types of pronouns.

Types of Pronouns for Class 7th

There are several types of pronoun for class 7

  1. Personal pronouns
  2. Indefinite pronouns
  3. Interrogative pronouns
  4. Demonstrative pronouns
  5. Distributive pronouns
  6. Reciprocal pronouns
  7. Reflexive pronouns
  8. Emphatic pronouns

Explaining each pronoun with examples.

1. Personal Pronouns

Personal pronouns refer to a person, animal, place to thing.

There are 3 types of personal pronouns

  1. First-personI, me, we, us, ours, mine, when we are speaking about ourselves it is called the first person.
  2. Second personYou, yours, your, when the person is a listener, it is called the second person.
  3. Third-personThey, them, he, she, him, her, them, when we are talking about someone, it is called third-person.

For example

  1. I am going for a walk this Sunday.
  2. You are looking beautiful.
  3. She went to Paris last week.
  4. We are running late for the class.
  5. Please, ask them to maintain silence.

Exercise for Personal pronoun For Class 7

Underline the correct personal pronoun and write its type 

  1. Ria wants to talk to you.
  2. He didn’t sell his car.
  3. They didn’t go to the office.
  4. She went to the market.
  5. We were looking for some files.
  6. You need to mention yours truly at the end in a formal letter.
  7. Her dress is looking beautiful.
  8. Sameer asked if he could make calls.
  9. The dog was moving its tail.
  10. Anu didn’t visit today. Do you know where is she?


  1. You- second person
  2. he- third person
  3. They- third person
  4. She- third person
  5. We- first person
  6. You, yours- second person
  7. Her- third person
  8. He- the third person
  9. Its- third person
  10. She- third person

2. Indefinite Pronouns

Pronouns that don’t indicate a fixed number of people, persons, and things.

All, much, some, few, one, many, other, somebody, anybody, much, is all included in indefinite pronouns.

For example

  1. All of you, keep quiet.
  2. Some of us would like to have pizza.
  3. Does this belong to anybody?
  4. A few of them are missing.
  5. Buy as much ice cream as you wish.

Exercise for pronouns

Underline the correct pronoun in the given below sentences

  1. All of us are hungry.
  2. None of us had dinner tonight.
  3. Some were bought by my father.
  4. Did somebody call my name?
  5. Please don’t put more ketchup in our sandwich.
  6. This is the list of few things you need to buy for your show.
  7. Did anyone hear that voice?
  8. There are many people in the store.
  9. Few people left early.
  10. Some of us are staying late for work.


  1. All
  2. None
  3. Some
  4. Somebody
  5. More
  6. Few
  7. Anyone
  8. Many
  9. Few
  10. Some

3. Interrogative Pronouns

These are used to ask questions so it is called interrogative pronouns.

What, where, how, when, whose, which, whenever, why, whom are interrogative pronouns.

For example

  1. Which book are you reading?
  2. What is the cost of this shampoo?
  3. How many times do I need to explain it to you?
  4. When are you returning home?
  5. Whose pen is this?

Exercise for interrogative pronouns

Fill in the blanks with correct interrogative pronouns 

  1. ____ is your favorite color? (what, whose)
  2. _____ dress are you buying? (what, which)
  3. _____ cycle is that? ( what, whose)
  4. _____ has the team selected as their captain. ( whose, whom)
  5. _____ is your favorite comic? (which, whose)
  6. _____ is the Statue of liberty situated? (what, where)
  7. _____ did you invite me for dinner? ( whom, whose)
  8. _____ has mom cooked for snacks? ( what, when)
  9. _____ is your brother returning from Singapore? ( when, how)
  10. _____ are you feeling today? (what, how)


  1. What
  2. Which
  3. Whose
  4. Whom
  5. Which
  6. Where
  7. Whom
  8. What
  9. When
  10. How

4. Demonstrative Pronouns

It is used to refer to a particular name, place, animal, or thing.

This, that, these, those are all demonstrative pronoun

  1. This- singular something which is near
  2. That- singular something far away
  3. These- plural of something near
  4. Those- plural of something far away from us

For example

  1. This is my room.
  2. Those are beautiful lilies.
  3. These glasses belong to me.
  4. That was my notebook
  5. This pizza looks delicious

Exercise for demonstrative pronouns class 7th

Underline the correct demonstrative pronouns in the given sentences 

  1. This question I easy.
  2. Those are my books.
  3. That house is mine.
  4. These chocolates are delicious.
  5. Those are his shoes.
  6. That is a huge animal.
  7. These jeans don’t suit you.
  8. Those shops are open since morning.
  9. That house belongs to my best friend.
  10. This airplane had a fault in its engine.


  1. This
  2. Those
  3. That
  4. These
  5. Those
  6. That
  7. These
  8. Those
  9. That
  10. This

5. Distributive Pronoun

Pronouns that distribute any person, animal, or thing are called a distributive Pronoun

Each, any, none, some, every, neither, no other, either, or are all distributive Pronoun.

For example

  1. Each one of us is of victory.
  2. Any pastries left in the kitchen?
  3. We would like to have some wine.
  4. Neither of us studied for the test.
  5. Pizza or pasta, what would you like to have?

Exercise for distributive pronouns class 7th

Underline the correct pronouns in the following sentences

  1. Each one of us deserves respect
  2. Either her or he will need to finish the work soon.
  3. Pink or blue dress?
  4. Would you like to have some coffee?
  5. Do you see any finance-related books in the library?
  6. Each policeman has a gun
  7. No other person has the access to my bank account.
  8. Some of us are getting bored.
  9. Neither of us was invited to play.
  10. None of you finished the food.


  1. Each
  2. Either
  3. Or
  4. Some
  5. Any
  6. Each
  7. No other
  8. Some
  9. Neither
  10. None

6. Reciprocal Pronouns

Pronouns are made of two different pronouns and are used to show a relationship.

Each other, one other are reciprocal pronouns.

For example

  1. Neha and Rahul love each other.
  2. Britishers support one another in tough times.

7. Reflexive pronouns

When words like myself, ourself, himself, herself are used are called reflexive pronouns.

For example

  1. They enjoyed themselves at the party.
  2. The teacher praised himself.
  3. I myself did the work.
  4. She herself went.
  5. We ourselves overtimed.
  6. He himself did the sales

Exercise for pronouns class 7th

  1. Ron hurt himself during the cricket match.
  2. We blame ourselves for wrongdoing.
  3. I enjoyed myself at the party.
  4. The car hit itself to the tree.
  5. Pari is watching herself in a big mirror.
  6. They should not cheat themselves.
  7. The thief hid in the house.
  8. You must take care of yourself during illness.
  9. She prepared herself quickly for the concert.
  10. She cleaned the house herself


  1. Himself
  2. Ourselves
  3. Myself
  4. Itself
  5. Herself
  6. Themselves
  7. Himself
  8. Yourself
  9. Herself
  10. Herself

8. Emphasis Pronouns

A pronoun used to emphasize a noun is called an emphatic pronoun.

It is the same as reflexive pronouns, the only difference is, in Emphasis pronouns, we ask—– whom?

Ourself, herself, himself, themselves are all used in emphasis pronouns.

For example

  1. They themselves ain’t going to the party.
  2. She herself was not ready to shift to another country.
  3. We ourselves were leaving for work early today.
  4. He himself was ready to take the next job.
  5. Riya blamed herself for the mishappening.

Worksheet for pronouns class 7th

Underline the pronoun in the following sentences. 

  1. She met me at the restaurant.
  2. I forgot my purse at school.
  3. He lost the keys I gave him.
  4. Every point has been discussed.
  5. They have done their duty.
  6. He called his mother yesterday.
  7. She completed that task easily.
  8. She is buying that dress for herself.
  9. Do you know who am I?
  10. They love each other a lot.


  1. She- personal pronoun
  2. I – personal pronoun
  3. Him- personal pronoun
  4. Every- Distributive
  5. They, their – personal pronoun
  6. His- personal pronoun
  7. That- demonstrative pronoun
  8. Herself- reflexive pronoun
  9. Who- interrogative pronoun
  10. Each other- reciprocal pronoun


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