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Process writing on Traveling in a bus

Traveling by bus is the cheapest mode of traveling but when one travels on an overcrowded bus, it becomes all the more troublesome. Write a description when you had to travel on an overcrowded bus. (Process writing on Traveling in a bus)

Traveling IN A BUS

Traveling on an overcrowded bus is an exciting experience. One has to wait for a long time at the bus stop before one is able to get a bus. One is really lucky if one gets into the bus without getting one’s shirt torn or pocket picked. The real ordeal beings after getting into the bys. Usually, the bus is already packed full. So, there is no question of getting a seat. One has to rely on one’s feet and bear with the jostling and elbowing of the other passengers. When the bus is about to reach one’s destination, one has to make one way, inch by inch, to the front door. The driver would not stop the bus unless he is informed in time. Then one has to hurry while getting down.  One never bus, one gets completely perspired and exhausted. There is no alternative but to travel on the bus.

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Process writing on Traveling in a bus
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