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Process Writing on The Process of Making a Cup of Tea 150-200 words

Sheetal’s younger sister Seema is leaving for the boarding school. (Process Writing on The Process of Making a Cup). She wants to know the method of preparing tea. Sheetal decides to explain the process to her. Write the process description in not more than 100 words


Making a cup of tea is a very simple process. When the family members are away it looks odd to prepare for the guest but one has to manage it. For preparing a tasty and flavored tea, certain points are to be kept in mind, Take water in a kettle according to the need for the quantity of tea. The kettle should be clean. Heat the water till it begins boiling. When the water had boiled off some time, put leaves of tea and some cardamom into it to get a tasty flavor. Of course, the number of tea leaves added will vary according to our taste whether we want to string, light or moderate tea. Takedown the kettle a poured tea in a teapot. Now boil mild and put it into a milk pot. Put some sugar in hot. If it’s a winter season, cover the teapot with a woolen cloth. Arrange all the things with cups on a table. The tea is ready to be enjoyed. None of the parties goes complete without this hot drink.


Process Writing on The Process of Making a Cup of Tea
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