Process writing on how to ride a bicycle

You are Jay/Jays. Recently you learned to ride a bicycle. Attempt in 100-125 words factual description of the process of learning to ride a bicycle.


Take a cycle as per your height. Choose the place where you want to practice for riding a bicycle Take help of some elders. So that he can hold you from behind. Sit on the seat of the bicycle and put your feet on the pedals. Run the bicycle slowly-slowly and try to sit straight balancing the handle and cycle completely. While riding a bicycle, see ahead i.e. in front of you on the road to see the other passers-by. This way you will get way for yourself. Use the rare wheel brakes instead of the front wheel. Practice for the same for at least a wheel or 15 days. You will be a trained bicycler.

Short paragraph, Essay on How to ride a bicycle

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