Process writing on Grandmothers birthday anniversary

Your family celebrated the 80th birth anniversary of your grandmother with great enthusiasm. A lot of preparations were made on this occasion. Write a factual description of the celebrations in 100-125 words.


My grandmother was born in the year 1930. She has completed eighty of life. Our family celebrated her 80th birth anniversary last month with great pomp and show. Preparations for the celebration started a fortnight earlier. The house was whitewashed and decorated with charts and pictures. Invitation cards were got printed. All of our relatives, friends, and neighbors were cordially invited. A ‘Havan’ was performed in the morning. The ladies sangeet was organized in the afternoon. The cake was cut at night and candles were lit.

Everybody present prayed for the grandmother’s long life. Clothes, books, spectacles, sticks, and umbrellas were presented to the grandmother. The celebration was a roaring success.

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Short Paragraph Essay on Celebration of grandmothers birthday anniversary

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