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Hello, Children’s Today  We are going to Learn English Grammar Present Tense For Class 8. Present Tense Definition, Example, and Exercise and Types of present tense and We’ll do present tense practice by the Exercise/Worksheet of present tense for Class 8? Here we have given CBSE English Grammar present tense for class 8.

What do you mean by tenses?

Tense is the grammatical name, tenses are the various forms of the main verb. Tenses notify us when the subject did something and how the action took place or The tense of a verb is determine the time of an action, event.

In English, we divide tense broadly into three main parts-


Now we briefly study PRESENT TENSE 

Present tense applies to the current time in which the event in the sentence is taking place. A verb that relates to the present moment is assumed to be in the present tense. It can be applied to represent past and future actions.

Example of present tense for class 8

  1. I play football every day. (This is a current action.)
  2. am glad. (current state of being)
  3. John spoke excellent English. (past activity)
  4. I will prepare for the exam. (future activity.)

The present tense is divided into four main time slots.







The simple present tense is used to refer to things that happen always, some, often, or never. it is used to making statements about a person or to talk about facts. Simple tense is used to express the following:

⇒ A habitual action 
⇒ A future action that has a fixed schedule 
⇒ A general or universal truths 
⇒ A permanent situation 
⇒ Feeling/thought


(a) Active voice; subject + initial form of the verb.

(b) Passive voice: subject + be (is/am/are) + past participle.


In affirmative sentence= I, we, you, they, or plural noun, practice the initial form of the verb. With he, she, it, or singular noun, apply the first form + s or es. 

In negative sentencesI, we, you, they, or plural nouns are ensured by do not. He, she, it, or singular nouns are supported by does not. 

In Interrogative sentencesPlace ‘Do‘ or ‘Does‘ before the subject and the initial form of the verb next to the subject.

Example of simple present tense for class 8
  1. Nishtha loves to play indoor games. 
  2. We do not play chess together. 
  3. Does Vihan sing a song?
  4. I like to watch a cricket match on television. 
  5. He does not study social science on Wednesday.


Present continuous tense is utilized to introduce an activity that is continuous at that time. It leads to an activity that is going on at the time when a statement is made, or at the moment of declaiming. The Present Continuous Tense is usually applied with the terms- still, now, these days, at this time, nowadays, at the moment, at present. Present continuous tense is used to express the following;

⇒ An action strategy for the future
⇒ An activity that is performing on at the moment of speaking 
⇒ An activity that may/ may not be occurring at the moment of conversing.


(a) Active Voice : Subject + be (is/am/are) + verb + ing.

(b) Passive Voice : Subject + be (is/am/are) + being + past participle 


In Affirmative sentences = ‘is‘ with he, she, it or singular noun; ‘am‘ with ‘I‘ are ‘are‘ with we, they, you are a plural noun (subject + is/am/are + the first form of verb + ing)

In Negative sentences = ‘not‘ is placed between the helping verb and the principal verb. (Subject + is/am/are(not) + first form of verb + ing)

In Interrogative Sentences = the helping verb is placed before the subject (is/am/are + subject + first form of verb + ing?)

Examples of present continuous tense for class 8
  1. I am writing content on women’s equality. 
  2. Tara is not playing in the ground.
  3. I am going to Australia next Saturday.
  4. Sagar is trying to solve the mystery.
  5. Are they going outside? 


The present perfect tense is combining the past with the present. The present perfect tense is practiced with the terms; as yet, yet, so far, even, since, already, just now, just, presently, once, twice, etc. It leads to an activity that has been performed in the immediate past, and it is applied with the word ‘just‘. Present Perfect tense is applied to express the following;

⇒ An action that has been completed in the immediate past
⇒ An action that is expected but has not yet happened 
⇒ An action to indicate achievements 
⇒ An action that is related to the current time 


Active Voice : subject + has/have + past participle 

Passive Voice : subject + has/have + been + past participle 


In Affirmative Sentences = has, have, are to be used according to the subject. Use ‘has‘ with he, she, it, and singular nouns and have with I, we, you, they, and plural nouns

In Negative Sentences = placed not between the verb and helping verb.

In Interrogative sentences = the auxiliary verb (has/have) come before the subject.

Example of the present perfect tense for class 8
  1. I have not gone to the office today.
  2. She has visited the taj mahal.
  3. We have decided to go by bus.
  4. What have they decided about returning from Chennai?
  5.  He has just visited jodhpur. 


Present perfect continuous tense indicates an activity that occurs in the past and continues in the present, i.e., going on even now. This tense is utilized to represent an action or a state that began in the past, is in progress at the moment of speaking, and will extend into the future. We often use since and for with perfect continuous tenses. Since suggesting the point of the time at which action started. For suggesting the period of time for which an action is going on. 

Present perfect continuous tense is used to express the following; 

⇒ Action has just finished
⇒ The action began in the past and is continuing at the time of speaking


Subject + has/have + been + verb (‘ing’ form).


In Affirmative Sentences has been/have been being used according to the subject before the first form of the verb + ing  (subject + has/have + been + present participle)

In Negative Sentencesnot‘ is placed between has/have and beens (subject + has/have + not + been + present participle)

In Interrogative Sentenceshas‘ or ‘have‘ are placed before the subject and ‘been’ follows the subject (has/have + subject + been + preset participle?) or (Wh -question + has/have + subject + been + present participle?)

Example of present perfect continuous tense for class 8
  1. She has been studying for exams since the afternoon. 
  2. I have been playing badminton for one hour.
  3. Has she been sitting for one hour?
  4. They have not been playing with each other for three hours.
  5. Boris has been practicing the guitar. 

Worksheet of present tense for class 8

Complete the following sentence with the correct verbs.

  1. Neel ____ (lived/lives) in Mumbai.

  2. _____(Does/Do) she ____ (feeling/feel) better now.

  3. She ____ (learns/learn) cycling quickly.

  4. My cousin ____ (earned/earns) money from online business.

  5. Rahul need your ____ (supporting/support)

  6. ___ (Do/Did) you ___ (working/work) in this industry.

  7. ___ (Does/Do) you ___ (broke/break) this cup?

  8. It ___ (does not work/does not working) on my hair.

  9. She ___ (eating/eats) all the fruits.

  10. Shalu and Kapil ___ (likes/likes) to travel together.


  1. lives 
  2. Does, feel 
  3. learns 
  4. earns
  5. support
  6. do work 
  7. do break
  8. does not work
  9. eats
  10. like


If you want to download a pdf of present tense for class 8 click on the link given below.

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Present Tense for Class 8










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