Prepositions for Class 7th,Types, Examples, Exercise, pdf

Prepositions for class 7th

The word preposition means to place in front. So we place prepositions in front of a noun or a pronoun. The other word that forms a relation between prepositions can be a noun, pronoun, or verb. let’s Discuss prepositions for class 7th.

Definition of the prepositions for class 7th   A word used to show the relation between a noun or a pronoun with some other word in the sentence is calledpreposition.

For example

  1. We sold the book in the market.
  2. He played with us.
  3. She lives in Delhi.
  4. The students were sitting on the chair.
  5. Soldiers jumped into the river.

From the above example, we can see, in, with, on, and into are some of the prepositions. Further, we will learn more.

Types of prepositions for Class 7th

Prepositions can be classified in various ways.

The most appropriate way is in time, place, and position.

  1. Prepositions of time
  2. Prepositions of place
  3. Prepositions of direction and movement

1. Prepositions of time

The prepositions of time include: on, in, at, by, until, during, for, between, since, before. 


We use on for:

  1. Specific dates and days
  2. Special day

For example

  1. Many shops do not open on Sunday.
  2. The wedding is on 6th March.
  3. We are having a holiday on Republic day.
  4. My birthday is on 5th June.
  5. Christmas is on 25th December.


We use in for:

  1. days/ months/ year/ season
  2. Parts of the day

For example

  1. Our company is trying to complete your order in 10 days.
  2. The new season of friends will start in April.
  3. She is having her wedding anniversary this month.
  4. I started the company in 2003.
  5. He always reads the newspaper in the morning.


We use at for:

  1. For nighttime.
  2. For weekend.
  3. To show a particular or exact time.

For example

  1. The stars shine at night.
  2. There was a loud noise which woke up us at midnight.
  3. I do not usually work at the weekend.
  4. The flight will take off at 12 midnight.
  5. According to google maps, we will reach our destination at 9 pm.


We use by:
To indicate a deadline.

For example

  1. I will be home by 6 pm.
  2. We need to return this package by Thursday.
  3. Please reach the cafè by evening.
  4. Send me the reports by Monday.
  5. They will return back by tomorrow.


We use until for:
We use until in the sense of how long something is going to last.

For example 

  1. She is on a holiday until Friday.
  2. I have waited for Radhi until 9 pm.
  3. I will not attend the meeting until you finish your work.
  4. Wait until the order comes.
  5. You need to attend the function until and unless it’s not an emergency.


We use for to indicate:
We use for the indicate the length of the action or how long the action lasts.

For example

  1. I have lived in this house for the last 5 years.
  2. Can I get something for you?
  3. We have been standing here for 2 hours.
  4. They have been watching tv for three hours.
  5. The client is waiting for you in the conference room.


We use during to indicate:

  1. Known period of time.
  2. Duration of action.

For example

  1. We were sitting during the assembly.
  2. Where were you during the ceremonies?
  3. I fell asleep during the movie.
  4. We met a lot of interesting people during our holiday.
  5. The function happened during the afternoon.


We use between to indicate the duration of two points of time.

For example

  1. What were you doing between 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm?
  2. My dog was sleeping between the two chairs.
  3. Sorry, I can not pick the call, I am stuck between a meeting.
  4. Distribute the chocolate between Ron and Harry.
  5. My brother was sleeping between me and my mother.


We use since to say when something happened and it is still continuing.

For example 

  1. England has not the world cup in football since 1996.

2. Prepositions of Place

These kinds of adjectives include- on, under, in, at, above, below, among, behind.


We use on to show:

  1. that something is physically touching, attached, or covering to something.
  2. a floor in a house.
  3. left or right.
  4. directions on roads.

For example

  1. That clock on the wall is not telling the correct time.
  2. Please keep the plates on the table.
  3. I can see a lizard on the wall.
  4. My apartment is on the third floor.
  5. Her office is on 67th avenue in New York.


We use in to show:

  1. That something is enclosed or surrounded.
  2. Position within the general area (towns, countries, continents, etc)

For example

  1. The pens are in the box.
  2. I left my wallet in the car.
  3. Your cat is in the garden.
  4. We are having a movie night in our house.
  5. I have a meeting in Germany.


We use at for:

  1. to show the exact position for a particular place.
  2. college/school/universities.
  3. with events.

For example 

  1. He is waiting for you at the bus stop.
  2. The school fete was organized at Tilak Nagar.
  3. I met Rohan at a party.
  4. She studies economics at university.
  5. When will you arrive at the office?


We use the above to indicate something higher than something else.

For example

  1. There is a bulb placed above the scenery.
  2. Planes fly above the water.
  3. The ship was above water.
  4. Place those above the shelf.
  5. We are above the ground.


We use under to indicate something is lower than something.

For example

  1. The river flows under the bridge.
  2. The dog is under the chair.
  3. The book is under the blanket.
  4. The ball is under the table.
  5. Hide under the bed.


We use among to indicate that there is something in the middle of something or surrounded by something.

For example

  1. The wolf was hiding among the trees.
  2. I searched among things for my driving license.
  3. He slept among his cousins.
  4. I distributed fruits among the children.
  5. The actors decided to go among the public.
In front of

We use in front of to indicate that someone or something is close to or in front of something or someone.

For example

  1. The band plays the music in front of the audience.
  2. The car was parked in front of the garage.
  3. Her office is in front of the cafe.
  4. The post office is in front of my house.
  5. Park your cycle in front of society.

3. Prepositions of direction and movements

These prepositions include: to, towards, along, through, across, onto, etc.


We use to:

  1. moment to aim for a specific destination.
  2. for a particular position

For example

  1. We are flying to Paris for our holidays.
  2. There is a door to your right.


We use through to indicate movement from end to end.

For example

  1. They could not pass the new sofa through the door.
  2. Water runs through the pipes.


We use into to indicate something is moving inside from outside.

For example 

  1. The dolphins jumped into the sea.
  2. The ball fell into the bucket of water.


We use the cross to indicate that something is going from one place to another.

For example

  1. He walked across the road.
  2. I drew a line across the page.


We use over to indicate a path of motion or something is over someone.

For example

  1. She held an umbrella over both of us.
  2. The plane flew over the clouds.


We use along to indicate something is moving with the line or from one point to another.

For example 

  1. She walked along the shore.
  2. There were many shops along the street.

Exercise for prepositions for class 7th

Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions given in the bracket.

  1. Let us go and sit ____ in the back seat of the hall. (in, on)
  2. Hine lives _____ Mumbai. (at, in)
  3. Some boxes are kept_____ the table. (at, on)
  4. We reach office _______ 9:00 am sharp. (at, on)
  5. He is sitting _______ his computer. (along, in front of)
  6. His brother fell _____ the mud. (into, on)
  7. I drive my car ______ through the tunnel almost every day. (through, under)
  8. He has lived in New York _______ 2013. (from, since)
  9. I waited for him ______ 9 pm. (on, until)
  10. These trees are lined up _____ the road. (from, along)


  1. On
  2. In
  3. On
  4. At
  5. In front of
  6. Into
  7. Through
  8. Since
  9. Until
  10. Along


If you want to download a pdf of prepositions for class 7th click on the link below.

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