Paragraph on a river in flood 200 to 250 words

There are heavy rains everywhere in India in the rainy season. The monsoons bring it. The rains were in tenants on the hills and mountains.

Most of the rivers in India are flooded in the rainy season. They overflow their banks and cause a heavy loss of life and property. There is water for miles around and communication breaks down.

Last year it rained heavily in July. The water level in the Jamuna rose rapidly and crossed the danger point. The river was in flood.

The water covered the surrounding area for miles together. The villages nearby were submerged. The water entered the house.  The streets were turned into canals. Fields were under knee-deep water. People were in great distress. They had no place of shelter. Some of them climbed on the roof of their houses. Mud houses collapsed. Trees were uprooted. Many cattle died.

The refugee camps were set up. The people came to the help of the homeless. Free food was given to the needy. Free medical aid was provided to the refugees. Tents were provided. The government gave some aid to the sufferers. It was a great natural calamity.

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Paragraph on a river in flood 200 to 250 words PDF

Paragraph on a river in flood
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