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Hello, Children’s Today  We are going to Learn English Grammar Nouns For Class 8 and Types of nouns. and We’ll do the practice of Nouns by the Exercise/Worksheet of Nouns For Class 8.

Noun Definition for class 8: A noun is a set of words or a word used to name a person, a place, an idea, or a thing.

or noun can be determined as a word by which, a person, animal, place, thing, quality, etc.

Person – Peter, Riya, Ram.
Place – School, Home, City.
Animal – Lion, whale, Lizard.
Thing – Car, Phone, Books.
Ideas – Success, Pride, Bravery.

In English, we can say that all naming words are nouns.

5 Examples of Noun

  1. My name is Bunny.
  2. Riya likes to eat cake.
  3. We saw tigers in the Jim Corbet.
  4. Your books are on the table.
  5. Children are participating in video game competitions.  

In the above sentences, the bold words examples are the nouns.

Types/Kinds of Noun Exercise for Class 8

There are 4 Types of Noun for class 8:

  1. Common nouns 
  2. Proper nouns 
  3. Collective nouns
  4. Abstract nouns

1. Common Nouns

A common noun is a universal or a common name for a person, place, or thing in a class. Common nouns do not belong to any particular person, place, object, and animal where they don’t have specific names. Example: Singer, app, tree, laptop, city, dog, author, language, and so on.

Always write a common noun in the lowercase. It’s not expressed with a capital alphabet unless it either creates a sentence or appears in a heading. 

Examples of a common noun:

  1. I saw a few men going towards the hospital.
  2.  We are going to the city park.
  3. In which school did your brother study? 
  4. I read a new novel.
  5. My sister got admission to college.

In the previous sentences, the bold words are the common nouns

Common Noun Worksheet/Exercise for class 8

Underline the common lines in the Presented Sentences:

  1. Divya is a girl.
  2. My brother is a doctor.
  3. Many people recognize this theory.
  4. I will give you all information about the company project.
  5. I love rabbits but not more than you.
  6. Apart from maths, she also teaches language at home.
  7. I want my jacket because it’s too cold outside.
  8. She was only a talented woman here.
  9. I use to live in this country 3 years ago.
  10. Her father is a government officer in Delhi.


  1. Girl
  2. Brother 
  3. Theory
  4. Project
  5. Rabbits
  6. Language
  7. Jacket
  8. Woman
  9. Country
  10. Father

2. Proper Nouns

A proper noun is a name given to recognizes a particular person, thing, or place. The proper noun leads to a unique item. It is a noun that refers to a specific person or thing may also be referred to as a proper name. This could be the name of any country, state, person, company, a brand name like; Ferrari, Amazon, Tata etc.
When we use a correct noun within our written work, it’s important to make sure the right use of capital letters. One major thing to remember when adopting a proper noun is that the initial or first alphabet should always be a capital lets look at some samples of the proper noun: Mishu, Delhi, Africa, because we talking about a particular noun.

Examples of the proper noun for class 8:

  1. She always goes to the gym with Mary
  2. We can me at Mcdonalds
  3. Mr.Gautam is the head of the Finance Department in this company.
  4. I have watched Infinity War last weekend with my family. 
  5.  I get the train to Delhi.

In the above sentences, the bold highlight words are the proper nouns.

Proper Noun Exercise for class 8

One noun in each of the following sentences has been bold for you. Write “common noun” or “proper noun” in the given area:

  1. Vihaan played with his best friend in society park. ______
  2. How many books you have to buy for her. ________
  3. Sakshi’s birthday is in June. ________
  4. Lucy lives in the United States of America. _______
  5. Daniel got a job in another company. _________
  6. I saw Deadpool last weekend. _________
  7. He was passed out from the Cambridge University last year. ______
  8. Our new classmate is a good dancer. ______
  9. I used to go temple every Monday. _______
  10. My favorite dog is named Snoopy._______  


  1. Proper noun
  2. Comm0n noun
  3. Proper noun
  4. Pronoun noun
  5. Common noun
  6. Proper noun
  7. Proper noun
  8. Common noun
  9. Proper noun
  10. Common noun

3. Collective nouns

A collective noun is used to indicate a collection of particular things, people, animals, or it belongs to a group. Collective nouns always take singular verb forms. They are words use for single things that are made up of more than one animal, place, person, thing, or idea. Words like; bouquet, shoal, colony, crowd, etc. are collective nouns.

Examples of collective noun

  1. A Flock of goats/sheep/birds.
  2. nest of mice
  3. Fleet of boats
  4. A Pride of Peacocks/Lions.
  5. A Range of mountains.

In the above sentences, the bold highlight words are the collective nouns.

Collective Noun Exercise

Match to complete the sentences:

A Dazzle of monkeys
A range of players
A deck of lions
A fleet of stairs
A troop of mountains
A Pride of students
A class of ships
A Team of cards
A Flight of zebras
A swarm of frog
An army of bees



  1.  A Dazzle of Zebras
  2.  A Range of mountains
  3.  A Deck of cards
  4.  A Fleet of sheep
  5.  A Troop of monkey 
  6.  A Pride of lion
  7.  A Class of Students
  8.  A Team of Players
  9.  A Flight of Stairs
  10.  A Swarm of Bees
  11.  An Army of Frogs

4. Abstract nouns

An abstract noun is untouchable. An abstract noun represents something that might or might not be tangible, but either way, cannot be touched or viewed like listening, touching, observing, tasting, or smelling. The things that affect abstract nouns could also be touched and seen, but the abstract noun itself cannot. Common Abstract nouns include; loyalty, peace, love, hate, honesty, anger, etc.

Examples of abstract noun

  1. Emmy will defeat them.
  2. My grandfather lost faith in banks.
  3. All the students laughed at my idea.
  4. She is afraid to go on a trip with friends.
  5. They launched a campaign about covid issues to increase public awareness.


Identify the abstract noun in a respective sentence:

  1. The teacher gives punishment to all the seniors.
  2. Mr.Steven was well noted for his kindness.
  3. My father is chock-full of wisdom.
  4. Her mother sacrifices everything.
  5. My nature is to remain silent in front of elders.  
  6. Captain was awarded for his bravery.
  7. For girls, happiness is to buy new clothes.
  8. Jealousy made Peter angry.
  9. Bunny had a fear.
  10. Mansi is doing this all to get sympathy.


  1. Punishment
  2. Kindness
  3. Wisdom
  4. Sacrifices
  5. Silent
  6. Bravery
  7. Happiness
  8. Angry
  9. Fear
  10. Sympathy

Nouns For Class 8 Quiz 

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Nouns For Class 8

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