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A noun is a word that is used to identify any particular matter or different classes like person, places, or things. Everything that we use to address something or to give the identification of the object by a word is known as noun. Some of the examples of the noun are Shyam, family, gold, city, TajMahal, etc.

Noun exercise for class 6

Underline the noun from sentences given below:

  1. Ram is playing.
  2. He is going to watch movie.
  3. She went for a picnic.
  4. Akshay Kumar is a versatile actor.
  5. Taj Mahal is very beautiful.
  6. Sonu and Robin are close friends.
  7. The dog barks.
  8. Diwali is my favourite festival.
  9. Amazon is a multinational company.
  10. I had visited to the Switzerland last month.


  1. Ram
  2. He
  3. She
  4. Akshay Kumar
  5. Taj Mahal
  6. Sonu, Robin
  7. Dog
  8. Diwali
  9. Amazon
  10. Switzerland

Now we discuss further more about noun:

Types of Nouns

5 types of noun for class 6: 

  1. Proper Noun
  2. Common Noun
  3. Collective Noun
  4. Material Noun
  5. Abstract Noun

Now we will analyse each of them in detail and try to understand them.

1. Proper Noun

It is a special type of noun that describes the identification of a particular person, place, or thing by its name specifically.

A proper noun always starts with a capital letter, it doesn’t matter where they lie in the sentence. For Examples: Mohan, Mumbai, Shyam, etc.

Examples of Proper noun for class 6:

  1. Ram is an intelligent boy.
  2. RedFort is situated in Delhi.
  3. Sonu has been playing since morning.
  4. BurjKhalifa is the highest building in the world.
  5. Kolkata is a city of joy.

Worksheet/Exercise on proper noun for class 6

Underline the proper noun from the sentences given below:

  1. I ordered the mobile from Flipkart.
  2. Australia is one of my favorite places.
  3. Ben is going to play in the garden.
  4. Elon Musk is an inspiring human being.
  5. She had decided to visit Bengaluru.
  6. Sachin Tendulkar is the god of cricket.
  7. My house is in Gwalior.
  8. He is currently for Google.
  9. I wanted to meet Riya.
  10. I live in India.


  1. Flipkart
  2. Australia
  3. Ben
  4. Elon Musk
  5. Bengaluru
  6. Sachin Tendulkar
  7. Gwalior
  8. Google
  9. Riya
  10. India

2. Common Noun

Common nouns are the words that are generally used in the sentence to address something with the non-specific approach for the person, place, and thing.

Usually, common nouns do not start with the capital letter until it is the first word of the sentence. For Examples: student, child, lion, women, etc.

Examples of Common noun for class 6:

  1. She is working with a multinational company.
  2. He is going to school.
  3. The Ganga is the holy river in India.
  4. Jaipur is known as the pink city.
  5. He represents India in the world cup.

Worksheet/Exercise on common noun for class 6

Underline the common noun from the sentences given below:

  1. Who is the President of India?
  2. I would like to buy a car.
  3. In which year India had won the World cup?
  4. A man is sitting on the bench.
  5. A women is cooking the food.
  6. You have finished the entire work this week.
  7. We were planning to watch the movie today.
  8. I watched a horror movie last night.
  9. The Wings of Fire is a great book to read.
  10. Suman is the best friend of Sona.


  1. President
  2. car
  3. year
  4. man
  5. women
  6. week
  7. today
  8. night
  9. book
  10. friend

3. Collective noun 

It is a word that is used to describe a group of people, animals, and things. A collective noun is a collection of any particular class of any entity. In most cases, collective nouns are singular nouns but represent the group of people, animals, and things. For Example: Gand, Family, the gang, etc.

Collective noun examples for class 6:

  1. A company decides that the employees will work in a team.
  2. I am the youngest in my family.
  3. A dance group from India has won the final.
  4. Are you missing your family?
  5. A gang of thieves was caught by the police.

Worksheet/Exercise on collective noun for class 6

Underline the collective noun from the sentences given below:

  1. Who is the head of your family?
  2. A group of birds is flying in the sky.
  3. Our school library has a bundle of books.
  4. A group of experts decides to submit the report every week.
  5. Ronnie has connections with the members of the gang.
  6. A crowd of people has decided to betray the politician.
  7. A regiment of soldiers completed their mission successfully.
  8. A team of good players encourages everyone in the team.
  9. Students are shouting in the class.
  10. A team of professionals had decided to oppose the policy of the company.


  1. family
  2. group of birds
  3. school, books
  4. group of experts
  5. members of the gang
  6. crowd of people
  7. regiment of people
  8. team of good players
  9. class
  10. team of professionals

4. Material noun

The material noun is a special type of noun that describes the matter, substance, or the things with which they are made up of, or the substance with which the thing is made. For Example: Gold, Silver, Iron. Aluminium, etc.

Examples of Material noun for class 6:

  1. Gold is very costly.
  2. Plastic is an insulator of electricity.
  3. The bat is made of wood.
  4. Diamond is a very precious metal.
  5. We eat food on the steel plate.

Exercise/worksheet on material noun for class 6:

Underline the material noun from the sentences given below:

  1. They need food for their habitat.
  2. Copper is used to making electrical wires.
  3. In this museum, all the statues are made of wax.
  4. Marbles are used to build the Taj Mahal.
  5. The Royal family uses silver plates to eat food.
  6. Water is essential to survive.
  7. Egg contains huge protein.
  8. Alcohol is dangerous for health.
  9. The quality of Dacron is very poor.
  10. The fragnance of this perfume is nice.


  1. food
  2. Copper
  3. wax
  4. Marbles
  5. silver, food
  6. Water
  7. Egg
  8. Alcohol
  9. Dacron
  10. perfume

5. Abstract Noun

It is a noun that refers to feelings, emotions, and an idea. Abstract nouns do not represents the physical objects, you can’t see or touch them. For Example: brotherhood, love, anger, etc.

Examples of Abstract noun for class 6:

  1. Honesty is the best policy.
  2. Don’t be angry.
  3. His brilliance stands him apart from others.
  4. We have won the match.
  5. He will be defeated by him.

Worksheet/Exercise on abstract noun for class 6

Underline the abstract noun from the sentences given below:

  1. He is faithful to others.
  2. Sonu has the ability to crack the UPSC exam.
  3. Everyone should have short as well as long-term goals.
  4. Ram has the fear of height.
  5. No pain no gain.
  6. Don’t be so emotional in front of others.
  7. Try to improve your skills.
  8. Sonu’s boss trusts him than anybody else.
  9. Ankit is afraid of dogs.
  10. How he is so calm?


  1. faithful
  2. ability
  3. goals
  4. fear
  5. pain, gain
  6. emotional
  7. skills
  8. trust
  9. afraid
  10. calm

Worksheet for class 6 on noun

Let us revise what we have learned till now through interesting miscellaneous exercises.

Miscellaneous Exercise – All types of noun Worksheet for class 6

Write the name of the noun that is colored in the sentences given below:

  1. I bought a gold ring for my sister.
  2. He inspired him by his work.
  3. The Parliament house is in Delhi.
  4. Mumbai is the finance capital of India.
  5. Kolkata is a beautiful city.
  6. He might not have worked for late at night.
  7. Laughter is the best medicine.
  8. Rusting iron is a type of corrosion.
  9. A company hires a group of employees for its project.
  10. They are going to Australia.
  11. A team of professionals has derived a solution for their organization.
  12. I think you are missing your mother.
  13. Can you please help Riya with her project?
  14. He has lost the battle.
  15. My family consists of five members.


  1. Material noun
  2. Abstract noun
  3. Proper noun
  4. Proper noun
  5. Common noun
  6. Common noun
  7. Abstract noun
  8. Material noun
  9. Collective noun
  10. Proper noun
  11. Collective noun
  12. Common noun
  13. Proper noun
  14. Abstract noun
  15. Common noun

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