Message writing CBSE for class 6 Format, Examples, worksheet

In this article, you will learn how to write a notice, what is notice, Sample question, examples and more help you to understand the topic and score better in the exam.

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What is message writing?

Definition: A message is a communication or statement conveyed from one person or group to another.

 Message writing to friends, family members or people we know. These are meant to convey some important information in the briefest possible manner.

How to write a message?

Many a time, messages are based on telephonic conversations between two people in the absence of a third person for whom the message is noted.

Points, Tips remember while writing a message

  • Use brief salutation.
  • Write the date and time on the left-hand corner (top)
  • Clearly mention the names (from and to)
  • Be precise and brief.
  • Adhere to the word limit as given in question paper. (50 words)
  • Don’t add unnecessary information.
  • Receive your answers finally.

Message writing format

Message writing, for class 6

Message writing, Example for class 6

(This example is given below)

Sample message writing Solved Questions

Question 1

You are Anurag and you forgot to inform the mother about your best friend Nikhil’s birthday party. Now your mother is in the office and your phone is out of order. You want to leave a message for your mother and the keys of the house with your neighbuor. Write the message, on behalf of Anurag, also telling her that Nikhil’s father will drop you home at about 9 p.m.


15th July 20xx

5.00 p.m.


I forgot to inform you about my best friend Nikhil’s birthday party. I’m going to attend the party at Invitation Banquet. They are with Mrs. Rama. I’ll have my dinner there only. Nikhil’s father will drop me back home by 9.00 p.m.


Questions 2 (Message writing from a conversion)

Read the given telephonic conversation between Aman’s Mother, Abha, and Kunal:

Kunal: Hello! My I speak to Aman, please?

Abha: I,m sorry, he’s not at home. My I know who’s calling?

Kunal: I’m Kunal, his classmate. Who is there?

Abha: I’, Aman’s mother.

Kunal: Nameste aunty.

Abha: Namaste. How are you?

Kunal: I’m fine aunty. Could you please convey my message to him?

Abha: Sure, why not!

Kunal: Please inform him that the Science Exam has been postponed from 6th December to 8th December, Saturday.

Abha: Anything else?

Kunal: That’s all, thank you.

Abha: O.K. I’ll inform him.

As Aman has gone for his tuition classes and his mother has to leave for her kitty party, she leaves Kunal’s message for him. Write this message on behalf of Abha.


1st December 20xx

4.00 p.m.


Kunal rang up to inform that your science exam has been postponed from 6th December to 8th December, Saturday. I am going to my kitty party. The keys are with Rama Aunty. The food is lying in the fridge. Please take it out and heat it. See you at 8.00 p.m. in the evening.


Message writing, questions, sample, exercise for class 6

Workheet, Exercise, Practice, worksheet for message writing

Exercise 1 (Message writing form a conversation)

Read the following telephonic conversation between Pooja and Raman:

Pooja: May I speak to Neha?

Raman: Sorry, she’s not at home. May I know who’s calling?

Pooja: I’m Pooja, her friend.

Raman: Oh ! Hello Pooja Didi. Can I take some message for Neha?

Pooja: Yes! Actually, we had planned to go for a matinee show today, but as I could not manage to get the tickets, we’ll not be able to go. Instead, I’ve got tickets for tomorrow noon show. She can meet me outside Rachna Theatre at 11:45 a.m. tomorrow. Please convey this message to her.

Raman: Sure, Didi, anything else?

Pooja: No, that’s all. Thank You.

As Raman has to go for his tuition class, he leaves a message for his sister. Write the message on his behalf.

Exercise 2

Sunil was on his way to Singapore to spend holidays with his Aunt and Uncle. At the airport, just before his plane was due to depart, he remembers that it was his grandmother’s 75th birthday next week. He called up at home to tell his elder sister, Ankita, to take out the present, at home so Sunil left the message with his younger brother, Vishwas. As Vishwas write a message for Ankita.

Exercise 3

Sheila finds her friends Anus’s umbrella and water bottle in her lawn after she had left for her house. She rings up at Anjus’s place to inform her about it. The call is received by her brother, Nikhil. Nikhil has to leave for his college and as Anuj is not at home, he leaves a message for his sister. Write this message for Anuj.

Exercise 4

Read the given telephonic conversation between Neha and Vandana:

Naha: Hello! This is Neha calling. Can I speak to Pooja?

Vandana: Neha! Pooja is not at home. She has gone to the market. You can tell me. I’ll convey your message.

Neha: O.k. but it’s urgent. There is a shooting going on at Noida Film City, for which I have two passes. Sharukh Khan and Rani Mukherjee are featuring in it. Tell her to meet me at ISBT Metro Station at 11:30 a.m. sharp so that we can proceed for Noida and reach there by 12:30 p.m.

Vandana: Sure, I’ll tell her that.

Vandana has to leave for her work. So she leaves a message for Pooja. Write the message to her.

Exercise 5

Rishabh called his friends Pulkit to tell about the Semi-final T-20 match and invite him to go along with him. Pulkit was not at home and his sister Neelam took the message. As Neelam write the message for Pulkit.

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