Letter On Request For The Price List Of Furniture

Letter on Request for the price list of furniture

You are the General Manager of M/s Usha Furnitures, Meera Bagh, New Delhi. Write a letter on behalf of the company to M/s Sahil Furnitures, Rampura, New Delhi requesting a discount and credit facilities. Invent relevant details.

Usha Furniture
Karol Bagh – New Delhi
March 15th, 20xx
Reference No. 151/DF/Delhi/2007
M/s Sahil Furnishers
Rampura, New Delhi

Sub: Request for the price list of furniture.

Dear Sir,

We know that your firm is the most prestigious in India about supplying the quality modern Furniture of all kinds. You have very fine goodwill. On the telephonic talk held with you on 14th March, we want to place an order in bulk quantity in case the quality is good and the business terms suit us.

You will appreciate that ours is a well-established firm having a good name in Northern India and Delhi. We deal in every kind of furniture both for the schools and the offices. We would be much obliged. If you please send us the price list of all kinds of furniture with credit facilities and the discount to be given since we have to supply the same to schools.

Please send us a copy of your latest catalog along with your terms and conditions of trade.

Awaiting for a line since the goos is to be supplied within a very short period to ten schools of NCT

Yours faithfully
B.P. Gupta
General Manager

Reply to the “Request for the price list of furniture”

Shail Furnishers
Rampura, New Delhi
25th March, 20xx
Ref No. 129/SF/Delhi/20…
The General Manager
Usha Furniture

Meera Bagh – New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

We thank you very much for your letter of dated 15th March, 200…. In which you have requested for the price list of our furniture. We are happy to inform you that you are keenly showing much interest in our products like stools, desks, tables, and chairs. We enclose the terms of trade that will fulfill all your requirements.

We have noted the point of your bulk purchase. Keeping in view the same, we are ready to supply you the quality items with a special discount of 10% for school and college items. It is also brought to your notice that no packing charges will be levied on the order exceeding Rs 10,000.

A credit facility of two weeks can be offered in case half of the amount is paid in advance.

We will be glad to do business with you and therefore await your worthy order at the earliest possible.

Yours faithfully
Ram Chawla
Sales Manager.

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