Essay on Pollution for class 4, 5 (150 – 200) words

Essay on Pollution for class 4, 5 (150 – 200) words

Pollution is here, pollution is there, pollution is, everywhere. The pollution is very generous for the world. Pollution has become a burning topic in these days. It is threatening the existence of human beings. It is a curse of the developing countries. These countries have set up industries to make progress. But these industries cause pollution. Forests were cut down for raw material. The polluted air cannot be purified without trees.

Pollution is of many types, for example, Air pollution, Water Pollution, and Noise Pollution. The constantly growing up of the automobile sector has brought out a large number of vehicles on the Indian roads. But it is shameful that the people do not care about the problems their vehicles are creating. People do not get their vehicles checked frequently to make them free from pollution producing carbon particles. These particles are thinning the ozone layer in the sky. This layer protects us from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Similarly, factories also throw out a lot of smoke and make the air polluted. The industrial wastes are often thrown into the nearby canals or rivers. These wastes are commonly poisonous and kill many water animals.

Increasing pollution is giving birth to dangerous diseases. So it is high time that we should check pollution.

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