Essay on Mrs. Indira Gandhi

Essay on Indira Gandhi: Mrs. Indira Gandhi was the beloved leader of the people of India. After her downfall 1977, the people has again placed the country in her hands in 1980. She was the first woman Prime Minister of India.

She was born on Nov. 19, 1917. She got her education at Allahabad, Oxford and Shanti Niketan. After it, she had been a member of the India National Congress. In 1959, she was elected President of N. Congress. It was only after the death of her father. That she became the Minister of Information and Broadcasting. After the untimely death of Sh. Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1966 she was elected Prime Minister of India. It was under her leadership in 1971, that India defeated Pakistan and broke its back forever. She nationalised all the major banks and abolished privy purses. These were two bold steps.

Now she had to face many challenges. The demand of ‘Khalistan’ made her restless. The whole of Punjab came in the grip of terrorism. These two things turned the Golden Temple into the fortress. The Akalis presented a great challenge to her. As a custodian of the country’s unity, she had to order the army to enter into the Golden Temple. It freed the temple complex of terrorists.

On the black Wednesday morning of 31st October 1984, she was shot dead at her residence by two if her own security guards named Beant Singh and Satwant Singh. The national mourned her death. In her death, the nation lost a worthy maker of India.

Indira Gandhi

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Essay on Mrs. Indira Gandhi
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Essay on Mrs. Indira Gandhi   

(Essay on Indira Gandhi)




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