Essay on Earthquake in Gujarat 2001

Essay on Earthquake in Gujarat 2001: On 26th January 2001, 8.45 am, when everyone was celebrating Republic Day, Gujarat was being hit by an earthquake. An earthquake which, destroyed everything within a few seconds.

This earthquake was measured at 6.9 on the Richter scale. Its-epicenter was found to be 20 km away from Bhuj in North-East. The Government’s aid reached the victims of Gujarat a little later. There was an immense loss of life and property. In Anjaar, Bhuj and Bhachau districts of Gujarat devastation was on a major scale. These cities changed into a complete picture of destruction. The military and paramilitary came to the rescue of people of Gujarat. Aids were provided in kind from all over the world. Even Pakistan was not left behind. An approximation was made in regard to loss, of life, and property. Nearly 30,000 to Lakh people died and there was a loss of Rs. 6000 Crore worth of personal property and Rs. 1000 crore worth of public property. It will take a lot of time to rebuild Gujarat. It is true that a furious nature is hard to tame.

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