Essay on An Ideal Student

An Ideal Student: A student has no specific definition. Anybody curious to know about new things can be called a student. But an ideal student has particular properties to study things.
He should have in his heart the never-dying curiosity to study new things. He should be regular and punctual in his work. He obeys his parents and teachers. Never laughs at the poor. He does not make fun of other students around.
An ideal student is very particular about his character and manners. He is truthful, honest and frank. He never goes in the company of the bad people around who drink and smoke. He never fights with anybody. He never hoots in the classroom, when the teacher is teaching.

An ideal student gets up early in the morning and takes some exercise before going for his bath. After it, he takes his breakfast and ready to go to school. He should reach the school at the right time.
Everybody should be an ideal student. He should work hard and respect his elders and love his youngers. Only an ideal student can make a nation strong.

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Essay on An Ideal Student
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