Essay on A Wrestling Match

Playing games keep our body and mind healthy. There are many kinds of games.

Wrestling is a test of physical strength and skill. Wrestling matches are often organised for public entertainment. Drums are beaten and handbills are distributed for advertisement.

Last Sunday, a wrestling match was held at Ferozshah Kotla Grounds near Delhi Gate. It was a match between King Kong and Dara Singh. The time for the match was fixed at 4 p.m. The entry was by tickets of Rs. 100/- each. There was a great rush at the booking windows. I bought a ticket with great difficulty, entered the gate, and occupied a seat.

At exactly 4 p.m. both the wrestlers entered the ground. They were tall and strong. They smiled and shook hands with each other. The spectators gave them a loud clapping. Now the game started. First, they came to grips and pushed each other. Dara Singh pushed King Kong twice. King Kong caught Dara Singh by the leg and threw him down on the ground. But Dara Singh rose to his feet in a moment. He held King Kong by the neck and gave him a severe jerk. King Kong could not face it and soon fell flat on the ground. He was defeated. The spectators shouted and clapped with joy. People carried Dara Singh on their shoulders and cried ‘Hip Hip Hurrey’ for Dara Singh. It was really a great victory for Dara Singh to defeat King Kong of world fame.

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Essay on A Wrestling Match
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